Shadow War: Armageddon Promo Cards

Games Workshop has yet another teaser for Shadow War: Armageddon – It’s all in the cards…

At the industry trade show GAMA Games Workshop was passing out these cards to retailers on the floor. We got sent a couple snap-shots via BoLS painter extraordinaire Gentleben.



On top of getting a better look at the stats for the Flash Git and the Deathwatch Veteran, we now know what some of the special rules will look like.

Crack Shot: When you roll an Injury roll for a shooting attack made by a Flash Git, you can re-roll the dice. Note that this only applies when making the initial Injury roll for the shooting attack. Injury rolls made during the recovery phase follow all the normal rules instead.

Xenos Hunter: When attacking Ork fighters with a Deathwatch Veteran in hand-to-hand combat, you score critical hits on rolls of 5 or 6 instead of 6.

There are lots of tidbits to be gathered from these special rules. We have reference to an Injury table, a recovery phase and critical hits as well. This is all starting to add up especially with the other rules previews we’ve seen.


Shadow War: Armageddon $130


Shadow War Armageddon coming in April!

  • What interests me is the small pieces of equipment like shank telescopic sight and silencer!

    Makes me really hopeful that this is much more than another version of kill team and will have some depth to build a team up over time.

  • memitchell

    That “gangers” start fully developed (stats, skills, and weapons), instead of as “Juves” or the like, raises the question of what the SW:A campaign will look like. It would not seem to be directly Necromunda’s campaign. Could it be more similar to Mordheim, with the equivalent of Heroes and Henchmen. Or a campaign-lite like Gangs of Commorragh?

    • Jimi Steele

      From the looks of the leaked GSC stuff, and now this, I’m willing to bet its a Mordheim-y approach, and these are the hero units, with limited slots, and the rest will be filled out with the vanilla units like neophytes or boyz.

    • 6Cobra

      Also some of the other races/squads don’t lend themselves to a juve-ganger development approach, like the Necron and Tyranid selections.

      I just hope it doesn’t preclude that type of development for unagmented human squad types. You know.. since people keep insisting that “you can directly import a Necromunda gang into thei game with ease!!” Not if I can’t recruit and grow juves, I can’t.

      • There’s a leaked pic of some gene stealer cult stats, there are a number of different unit types: Leader, Trooper, New Recruit & Specialist. So, I assume the New Recruits are the Juves.

        • deris87

          And that’s how Gangs of Commoragh worked as well. The Reavers and Hellions all have an experience level from 1-4 that effects their piloting skill and gives them special skills.

          • I’m not sure those titles are experience levels; in Necromunda they are unit types to help when building a gang. So ‘Leader’ is the same ‘Heavy’ is now ‘Specialist’, ‘Ganger’ is now ‘Trooper’ and ‘Juve’ is now ‘New Recruit’.

    • georgelabour

      Or could it be more like Inquisitor with a focus on narrative over balance?

      • It’s basically a formal inquisimunda release

        • georgelabour

          I’d buy that. At least until we get a new edition of the various 40k RPGs.

          • If it gets people at my FLGS playing necro rules, I just need to introduce them to the gang rules later and bobs your uncle, underhive wars. Im even gonna bring some of my terrain in for them to use, Hive Guys Grox Burgers and Fries included

          • I was thinking of a Hive Guys franchise, even xenos have to eat sometime. Reminds me of the kebab house queues in Newport 😀

          • Haha exactly

  • Foehammer7977

    What I’m thinking is that these more elite troops will be like the hired hands in Mordheim. They are fully developed, but expensive to hire for your kill team. Growing your team from basic troopers will be far cheaper, but will take time.

  • I presume that GW will either include these rules in SW:A or sell these cards as part of a larger deck.

    As more gets revealed / teased I am cautiously optimistic. I hope this game can rekindle my 40k fire…

  • Harkeal III Brennon