Six New Factions: Shadow War Armageddon Rules

Shadow Wars Armageddon is gettinga ton of factions including these 6 that are doing the rounds.. Take a look:

images via Miniwars 3-30-2017

Here we see just the basics of Kill Team members, with no skills, or equipment listed.  These factions don’t ship in the default box, so it is still unknown exactly how GW will be providing these.

Wow – Mimes get rules at long last.


The Eldar always get movement shenanigans…


Oh, you can mark your CSMs (sorry Cultists…)

Nobody wants to run into Immortals and Deathmarks in the underhive. The Reanimations Protocols don’t hurt either.


It may be just me, but Tyranid Alphas and Warriors seem REALLY beefy for this type of game.  I hope there are some smaller bug options as well.  

Again, these are some really tough dudes for a small skirmish game.


Previous Stats

We have already seen some other stats at GAMA including these:


Genestealer Cult standard gang members.


I can hardly wait for this game. It should be hitting the shelves very shortly.


If you buy 20 copies of the game you can build this. It is cool.


+1000 Internets to anyone who can take down Grey Knights using an old Necromunda Gang!

  • Wolfman UK

    Sounds about right, so if its a 1000 points (necromunda was a 1000 credits) for your kill team then you would get 4 marines. Not to op?

    • Aezeal

      Hmmm if I had more time to play I might even start harleys.. I like playing elite of elite units (and then suffer problems due to lack of bodies)

      • DJ860

        Part of the beauty of this kind of scale is that I think it causes these challenges, which feel very in touch with the fluff (to a point)

      • Ty Hayden

        This is why they are doing it. It is a good way to start tempting people into other armies. I just know at the end of the first campaign, I will probably expand into a whole new army…

        • Aezeal

          I’d be a whole new game for me since I’m only playing AoS. But I’m waiting.. since I think mordheim v2 is coming too.. and that would require less investment for what probably will be the same game (and I generally prefer fantasy anyway).

    • Serpent Steve

      This is correct. There is also a max size for certain “kill teams”. Grey Knights for example can only be 5 strong max in numbers whilst Genestealer Cults can be up to 15 strong.

  • Sleeplessknight

    If you’ve got the old Necromunda Underhive book, you could probably play the gangs from Necromunda against the kill teams from Shadow War Armageddon. You could say they’re members of the hive gang resistance or something like that.

    • memitchell

      Sure you could. Hive Gangs (and Genestealer Cults) were pro-Imperial (anti-Ork) counters in the original Battle for Armageddon boardgame. Oh, and don’t underestimate a mature House Gang. Of course, we’d have to see how the campaign works to know if the gang would mature.

  • Testar

    Yeah, Grey Knights sound totally like a Necromunda gang

    • memitchell

      It’s actually called a “Kill Team” in Shadow War.

      • And it’s happening on Armageddon, which is a war zone. 😉

  • Arthfael

    “Sections de …” that sounds like a very awkward translation to my French ears.

    • Sebastien Bazinet

      Glad to know I’m not alone. Also that Sections de Tyranid Warriors is pretty bad. Shouldn’t it be Guerriers Tyranides? Unless GW changed the way the french versions work

      • Arthfael

        I was lucky enough to get into the hobby at an age when I knew enough to realize trying to play 40k in French would only lead to continuous frustration. Most of the translations are so bad, better to just stick to English (a language I love anyway ^^ ).

        • Sebastien Bazinet

          Same here although I’m french canadian I game and watch movies almost exclusively in english.

      • Dan

        I do love the accent on Necrons. something about it just seems so unbelievably stereotypically French. Is it valid, is it GW being presumptuous? who knows!

  • Nick Silver

    Ok now im not interested at all. Grey Knight sections, Pffftt…

    • Maitre Lord Ironfist

      i see not why. It is sad that there are not the Necromunda Gangs but Fluffwise it makes sense too have a single 5 Guys Strikesquad. Thats a littlebit what Grey Knights do, they do not allways need the Full Force.

      also, the narrative behind a GreyKnight Killteam stumbling upon some Geanstealers, wich an Inquisitor mistook as Deamonworshippers, is a nice touch.

    • orionburn


  • Sam Nolton

    Any words on the specialists for Tyranids? Tyranid warriors ARE beefy but this game seems tailor-made for Lictors and Genestealers.

    • Wampasaurus

      I was really hoping for the exact thing. I saw that Tyranids were being included and was hoping to hear that Genestealers and Lictors (AND Deathleaper) were part of the Force Org. Seems like precisely the kind of game these units were designed for

      • Sam Nolton

        Exactly. Some of these choices seem a bit…phoned in. Necrons get Immortals? …Uh…last I checked, Flayed Ones were the sneaky type.

        • ZeeLobby

          “let’s see what’s not selling today Jim” – GW rules writer.

          • orionburn

            “Guys, no matter what we do the intrawebz will never be happy” – every GW employee ever


          • ZeeLobby

            Haha. You show me one person who would have been upset that with awesome new ganger models, Adeptus arbites, etc. and a whole independent side game, and I’ll show you a liar :P. I mean heck, they could have added 40K faction rules in White Dwarves. I mean this just falls in line with the Warhammer Quest expansion. It’s just more obvious here as they remove units that should be a part of such a story, and push ones that don’t make as much sense.

          • orionburn

            Just giving you a hard time man. The game isn’t even out yet so who knows what other surprises we may see. I really wouldn’t be surprised that if it does well enough you end up seeing some specialist units from Forge World. Were the old Necro minis metal or plastic? Reason I ask is if they were metal I wonder if GW would do another one of those limited run deals of old minis like they did late last year.

          • ZeeLobby

            I know :(. I just set my dreams so high, haha. The old ones were metal (think most of their range was back then). It’s be cool to get them back as a limited run, but man, new sculpts with their crazy aesthetics would have been amazing. A mix of Harlequin/Dark Eldar level of wildness, but in human form.

            And yeah. Specialist games is both awesome, and crappy. I love that they’re redoing older games, and in plastic that looks great, but then the characters are in FW resin. My biggest fear is that new gangs will be released in FW resin and cost my soul. And I’d probably be all on board with the new Titan game, but again, the resin pricing will probably keep me away.

          • orionburn

            I get being disappointed. I’d be that way if they completely changed up BFG once that makes its comeback.

            Guess I’m just keeping my fingers crossed that we’ll see more partnerships like they’re doing with Blood Bowl. Most things in plastic with FW covering special things. My main hope for Titanicus is that FW will cover unique weapons that can be used with plastic kits or more “rare” titans. If 75% of the game is in plastic I’ll be happy. I’d be happier if they’d get a damned US distributor to cut down on costs for shipping/taxes. I’d order a LOT more if I weren’t paying an extra $30 every order for the add on costs.

          • Severius_Tolluck

            Some gangs were plastic though, at least the original goliath and orlock were.

          • ZeeLobby

            Ah. That’s true. Did they come in the starter? I can’t even remember, haha.

          • Yep, they were very much of the time and didn’t hold a torch to the metal minis.

          • Severius_Tolluck

            Yeah, they did!

          • deris87

            >You show me one person who would have been upset that with awesome new ganger models, Adeptus arbites, etc.

            Not upset exactly, but not especially interested. It also wouldn’t be a gateway product into their wider model lines and boxed sets. It’d be a big expense to make new product lines that are a riskier proposition.

          • ZeeLobby

            GW’s lack of balls recently has been a pretty sad thing to behold. God forbid they don’t turn the highest profit every quarter. I get what your saying, but at the same time I find it pretty funny, as my first introduction to 40K was Necromunda. And it got me to buy gangs AND 40K models in the end. I don’t see why anyone is going to buy much to support this game (outside of the awesome terrain). Most people already have the units, or they picked units that aren’t selling and are cheaply available on eBay.

            It’s hard to explain, but you can almost like FEEL their inability to take risks, and as a result their lack of investment or excitement in any side game. They don’t really need to make the best game ever, because they don’t lose much if they don’t. You can feel it as you play these newer games compared to the older ones.

          • deris87

            In that case though you’d think Flayed Ones woud be a shoe-in. I can’t recall the last time I saw them on the board. This devious strategy did get me to order a box of Wyches though. For the first time in years they’re not total dogsh*t at something.

          • ZeeLobby

            They’d avoid the flayed ones purely because they’re finecast. They’re really trying to phase those models out, just cause even if they were good, people hate buying them. I honestly wouldn’t be shocked if most finecast units weren’t really carried over to 8th edition.

        • Flayed Ones are still failcast and out of stock right now anyway. Maybe we will see they come back in plastic soon(ish) with SWA rules.

          • euansmith

            The Flayed Ones seem to be the Obliterators of the Necron Codex; in that they are a neat idea with some horrible minis.

          • I bet they could do something really creepy with them now.

        • Severius_Tolluck

          Or at least death marks! I would so use a deathmark. Course I just remembered, didn’t they make flayed ones like psychotic now? They are no longer so … stealthy.. so much as wake up conveniently and go ape.

    • Serpent Steve

      Genestealers are listed under the Cult (and with juicy manoeuvrability).

      I’m not sure about lictors tbh. Zoanthropes and Raveners are special operatives for ‘Nids so I would be surprised if Lictors were not invited to the party.

  • Jake Schneider

    Man at least if the leaked pictures were in German I could understand them. Every time I see French my mind sees a cartoon French guy beating Peter Griffin over the head screaming “BAGUETTE!”

  • Hamidreza Mohammadi Khabbazan

    some of the points are ridiculous though a grey knight justicar is 250pts and if you give him a psycannon and a hammer thats an extra 225pts. for a 1 wounded model in power armour.

    • I like that! Movie Marines.
      Inquisimunda 28 is a set of Warbands for Necromunda. They allow to hire Space Marines as a single awesome mercenary.

  • Maitre Lord Ironfist

    Ok had the book in Hand Yesterday.

    in it a Tables for: Cadians, Catchans, Steellegion – Goffz, evil Sunz – In short, Some Ork factions. After that. Sons of Guilliman (so no Ultramarines i guess), Salamanders and some other Chapters. Within the core book there are no Chaosgyus only Imperial Army, Orks, Space Marines – But more too come (look post above)

    There are 60 Pages (roundabout) of Rules, wich look interessting. A loot of Weapons and their Rules.

    For me most importand: Progression. You got Juves (Recruts) wich can advance after 3 survived Games. After a game you pick 1 Guy (as far as i understood) and level him up. For this you role 2d6 – The role tells you what you can level up. Either Stats or Skills. Wich are in differend Categories. The poiont here is: every Faction got differend Categories. Like Catchan, thy can get Strenght Skill, Steel Legion can not. Just for an example. leaders got more Lists they can pick from.

    After game you eary “cash” (aka Points) and also more Points for objectives. It was something about Promethium Barrels. Wich you can sell for more Points. With the points you can buy Weapons.

    Ok, that was the core i was interessted in. We glanced over the Rules and they look fun.

    • I like the sound of the Ork clans…I will have to paint mine as Bloodaxes me thinks 😀

    • ZeeLobby

      Glad there is progression. Sounds interesting.

      • Maitre Lord Ironfist

        I looked some Reference Sheets up today. Injuries are like: Dead, Hatred agaisnt the specific Model for example. Fun Stuff, very narrativ. I Like it 🙂

    • If those are the actual rules, then they’ve butchered Necromunda in more ways than just the removal of the gangs.
      Territory control and post-game actions were super critical to the development of your gang AND lead to great, story-driven battles.
      Did one of your injured gangers get captured by the opponent? If so, he could kill him and strip his gear, ransom him back to you, or put him to work in his mines for extra between-game credits. Was it a very experienced/advance member of your gang? Why not set up a rescue mission to get him out?
      The injury tables also allowed for lost limbs, eyes, grotesque features and so forth. They could give you bonuses or setbacks.
      You also scavenged for gear that was extremely random. Oh look, you found a power fist for sale on the black market….but you can’t afford it. Guess you shouldn’t have spent all your credits on hiring new recruits.
      So much fun and opportunity ignored.

      • Maitre Lord Ironfist

        i see no Problem in adding these Rules into the Game. I agree, there is allways a step more you coul`ve made. But, even if not the best, this is atm all we got from them for now.

        But i see this more as a Core book wich you can build on. maybe if done right you can get new players for this. Just do a little Sandboxing with it.

  • I can see myself building a Kill Team for each faction. I am diggin the possibilities 😀

    I’d still like to see Tactical marines though…

    • Maitre Lord Ironfist

      Salamanders, Sons of Guilliman and some others are in the Core book. But i forgott to take a look at they Units. >.<

  • Sean Schoonmaker

    I must admit I was skeptical about this game, but Necromunda was good, and the wealth of factions may win me over.

  • ZeeLobby

    Yeah. I still see this as another one and done. I can’t imagine multi-year leagues springing up like their older games, but I guess this let’s them sell stock that’s not selling well, limiting what is available to each faction. That said I hope it gets big to the point where they actually create new content beyond terrain for it. Some special character operatives would be cool to see for each faction (Sly Marbo maybe?!?!). I at least see the terrain doing very well.

  • orionburn

    Has there been any word on when this is actually going to be released? I haven’t seen anything yet indicating when pre-orders are going to happen.

    • Pre-order tomorrow then released the following Sat. It’s in the WD.

      • orionburn

        Ah, thanks. I haven’t seen the latest WD.

  • euansmith

    Zut alors! Dans l’univers sombre et sombre du futur, tout se verra mieux en français.

    • orionburn


    • kloosterboer

      Ich bin nicht einverstanden. Deutsch ist viel bedrohlicher.

      • euansmith

        But French has a certain roccoco charm 😉

  • Xodis
  • Iconoc1ast

    Might do an Alpha legion gang….

  • Drew_Da_Destroya

    I appreciate that the Grey Knights don’t have recruits, just leaders, soldiers, and specialists. That feels very right.

  • Exarchs having the same armour as regular Avengers… hu.

    • Djbz

      They did that in the last Eldar codex.
      Instead of the improved save (for Banshees/Avengers/Hawks) all exarchs got +1 wound instead.
      I suppose it was to prevent the “tanking” of wounds with the improved save because of the silly wound allocation rules.

      • Oh yea, I keep forgetting about that one. Must be because I didn’t even play a single game in 7th yet…

  • hyena ghul

    From what i have gathered, rules for many factions will be realesed online, as PDFs and such.

  • Leevi Rasila

    But… What about the gangs? I wanted to play Cyberpunk hive fighting, not WH40K: Kill Team!?

    • Dan Wilson

      This. The GSC feels right, but the others…. Really I feel like the main box could/should have been GSC vs. ARBITES (perfect opportunity to release them), with the Gangers coming later.

  • EagleBach

    Anyone knows if you can use the Tempestus Scions as a regular trooper choice or do they only come in as spec ops for the Guards?

    • karloss01

      Only in the guard Special Ops.

  • James Arnoldi
  • James Arnoldi
  • James Arnoldi
  • Tjeu Pubben

    Hey guys, the full rules for the armies are out! the main pdf is on the website.

    On top of that I cut the pdf up into each army section. bit easier to read and scroll!