Tabletop Spotlight: Talons of the Emperor

The Talons of the Emperor are here to strike at the enemies of the Imperium – check out what’s in the box!

Our friends at Dragon’s Lair Comics & Fantasy brought over a copy of the new limited run Talons of the Emperor. Take a look inside on today’s Tabletop Spotlight:

The Models

Let’s just get this out of the way up front – none of these models are “new” at this point. The Rhino and Land Raider are the same kits we’ve come to expect from Games Workshop. The Custodes, Sister of Silence, and Contemptor are all the same kits from Burning of Prospero as well. That said, the infantry included in the Talons of the Emperor box are still fantastic models.

The Custodes are super detailed and you’ve got a couple of different weapon options to play around with. However you build them, these Golden Warriors of the Emperor will bring the pain!


The Sisters are also another great kit on their own. No matter how you build them (with bolters, power swords, or flamers) they can be quite effective. But their real power comes from shutting folks down in the psychic phase. And now that they can also be purchased as a stand-alone box I wouldn’t be surprised if a unit or two started showing up in random lists as well…

The Rules

Also included in the box are two 24-page Codex books. The Codex Sisters of Silence and Codex Adeptus Custodes. As far as we have learned, this is the only way to get a physical copy of these two books. You can still get digital copies from Black Library in the future.

These books both feature a ton of background and lore on their respective “armies” which was nice. However, I hope you weren’t expecting a ton of in-depth army construction options. If you remember the first Imperial Knights codex…well, these books have more unit options than that one! They do have formations/detachments you can build so they will be “legal” forces on the tabletop as well.

Each of the books also has all the special rules, points, and armory for their respective faction. The art work inside isn’t too shabby either!

The Value

Typically, when we’re looking at a Tabletop Spotlight I don’t harp on the value of the product too much. But, because this is a Games Workshop item and all of these models are available on their own, I figured we could at least crunch some numbers at see the pricing difference:

Venerable Land Raider $74.25

Venerable Contemptor Dreadnought $60

Null-Maiden Rhino $37.25

Sisters of Silence Squad $40

Adeptus Custodes Custodian Guard $60

Total: $271.50

Savings: ~41% or $111.50

So, if you were looking to add a unit of Sisters of Silence, a unit of Custodians, and a Contemptor you really should consider just purchasing the box and (essentially) get a free Rhino and Land Raider with your purchase.

Overall, I think this is a pretty respectable value and a good offering from Games Workshop. If you have zero interest in using the models for your games then you probably weren’t going to purchase this box anyways. But, if you are wanting to start a “core” Custodes/SoS force then I think this is a pretty good deal for you! The Talons of the Emperor is currently listed as “available while stocks last.” So if you want it, you might want to act sooner rather than later.

Talons of the Emperor $160


So if they are out crusading then… who’s watching the Golden Throne?

  • orionburn

    I would have liked to have seen the Sisters packed with just the Rhino similar to what they did with some of the tactical boxes with a pod/rhino. I already have two land raiders that collect dust 95% of the time.

    It’s a great value for what you get. No question about that.

    • JPMcMillen

      If you divide the cost of each “half” of this box by the total cost of everything it comes with, including $8 for each codex, the Sisters are only 30% the total cost of the box ($48). Although that leaves the Custodes player paying $112 for their “half”, it’s still a bargain.

    • Lewismauler

      Repainted those raiders and put a squad of custodes in each one. The custodes rules for the land raider make it the vehicle it should have always been. It’s now BS 5, 5++, ignores crew shaken and stunned, may choose to make your opponent reroll on the damage chart which lessens your risk of explodes results.

  • Majere613

    To address something that came up a while ago, the Null Maiden Strike Force isn’t as broken as some people feared. The increase to the radius of Psychic Abomination only applies when each unit is ‘on the field’ so whilst you can theoretically get a 27″ bubble around each unit all you have to do is pop the Rhinos to make it shrink quickly.

    • Walter Vining

      its not the rhinos. its the sisters themselves. the best way to whittle it down is just shoot each unit down to just a few models to lower their foot print.

      • Majere613

        No, that’s not it at all. The issue that people had was that the Rhinos have Psychic Abomination, so a full Task Force of three units of Sisters+ Rhinos gives you six units with the rule, for a total +15″ increase to the radius, giving a 27″ bubble around each unit. What I’m pointing out is that the units have to be on the battlefield, so as soon as you take out a Rhino you knock 3″ off the bubble, and in practice all three squads are unlikely to be outside of their Rhinos at once anyway.

  • nurglitch

    I hope they make arming serfs in the future.

  • piglette