Unboxing: Legion Warbeast Azrael

Azrael the new Legion Heavy Warbeast is out now – come take a look at this brutal new member of Everblight!

Kryssa has a new bonded Warbeast with Azrael. This is a great new model from Privateer Press and I got to take a close look at the kit in all it’s Nephilim glory:

Now, I typically avoid talking game play for factions I don’t play – but even I can see the potential damage this beast can output. If you bring Kryssa as your Warlock and bond Azrael to her (and why wouldn’t you) then Azrael gets Ashen Veil. That extra -2 to attack rolls effectively makes this model a def 14 in melee, nothing to scoff at. Plus, I’m sure there are some other dirty tricks legions players have to boost it’s defense even further. On top of that, it’s a Speed 6 flyer with a range 10 thrown weapon which happens to be Pow 17…With an average damage roll you’ll be able to put some damage on just about anything. Oh and it also has a 2″ melee range for it’s spear attack – if you miss judge a range when facing this model it might just sneak-up on you and stab something you care about…

This new kit for Azrael is a combination of both Resin and Metal. That means you’re going to want to use some standard super glue for assembly. The model will also require your typical clipping and cleaning before assembly. But once you get done with all that, take a moment to appreciate the detail on this model. I really liked the serpentine body on this model along with the little details on the spears and gauntlets. The head in particular was pretty imposing. I’m not sure why, maybe it’s just a person preference, but I really like the overall look of this model.

Azrael started shipping last week so it should be at your FLGS already. If you’re looking to add a quick moving warbeast to your Legion forces then keep your eyeless sight out for this new kit!


Azrael $59.99

A marriage of blighted blood and Nyss flesh, Azrael is the personal warbeast of Kryssa, Conviction of Everblight and manifests the greatest qualities of the nephilim. He possesses a cunning intellect and wields more power than most of his kin. A muscular, serpentine body and full, leathery wings propel Azrael through the sky, and his ash and flame scour the battlefield of all who would oppose the Legion of Everblight.


Azrael is the biggest and baddest nephilim to have ever been created by the shaping of dragonspawn…and he’s smart too!

  • petrow84

    You can hardly push his DEF above 14 in melee, Abby’s Forced Evolution, or getting a Harrier beside him to cause an additional -1 penalty for living models, but that’s all. He is also a nice model for Thagrosh’s revival, but if I were the enemy, I’d make sure I’ll remove from play the serpent beast.
    Plus, you do not always want enemies to miss him due to the It Burns special rule.

  • marxlives

    It is just a matter of time before Nephilim replace the entire blighted Nyss population. Speaking of elves, did you all notice the Nyss are living in Ios and Goreshade is no longer a undead! Guess he went to go kill all the remaining elf gods with a group of revenant and Scyrah killed one with a wave of her hand and brought Goreshade back to life for good measure.