40K: Global Campaign Coming This Summer?

Games Workshop has dropped a BIG clue about this summer and what’s in store for the 40k players and fans.

In a recent post for the Warhammer Community, Games Workshop’s head of the Warhammer books and Boxed Games team, Pete Foley, was talking up Narrative Play and what it’s a blast for fans of the hobby. Most of the story was focused on how players participate in the Narrative, from creating their own custom scenarios to writing back story for their army and units. He even talked about a cool event happening this summer: Coalescence – A Global Age of Sigmar Narrative Event.

Contact a NEO collaborator for more info on how to participate.

But then Pete dropped some an pretty interesting tidbit for 40k players:

“As for Warhammer 40,000, there are some great narrative play opportunities coming this summer, but you will have to stay posted here on the Warhammer Community site and Facebook for more details on that. Needless to say, it’s going to involve war! I think I’m going to cast my lot with the Despoiler and finally watch the galaxy burn!”

Well now…that’s quite interesting! Last year Games Workshop ran a Global Event for Age of Sigmar: Season of War. It was a pretty massive event where players the world over were participating. GW even had weekly challenges/buffs for the participating factions. And after running such a massive event, hopefully Games Workshop has learned a few things from the experience. I’m sure what ever they do this year will only be better!

This year it’s starting to sound like Games Workshop has their eyes set on the events after the Gathering Storm. The stage is set for a pretty epic showdown between Guilliman and Abaddon’s forces. So if you’re a fan of 40k now is the perfect time to start prepping for war because it’s coming this summer!


Will you set out to defend the Imperium, aid Abaddon in it’s destruction, or will you sit back and watch the galaxy burn?

  • Simon

    What is that Chaos icon in the top left?

    • Fimir?

      I wish 😀

    • Grenville_Stickwood

      Which image are you referring to?

      • Grenville_Stickwood

        I see it now, no idea..

    • Plaguebearer? aren’t they one eyed?

    • Severius_Tolluck

      I had the same thought.. The skeletons also got a strange new icon too. Both of the ones on the left are certainly newer. Maybe those will be rebranding of armies. Nurgle may be an obvious choice as often shared assets at least on demon side of things.

    • Nathaniel Wright

      Looks like a new Death logo, assuming the Stormcast is Order, the skull on the lower left is Khorne guys, and Gork/Mork face on lower right.

      Of course, could be Death on Lower Left and maybe Tzeentch flamer guy on upper left.

    • nuggy

      Brimstone horror probably

  • bfmusashi

    I love that image of Abby. he always looks like he just realized his armor’s eating him.

  • stinkoman

    why is abaddon always depicted as the same size as Gulliman? I thought primarchs were larger? Abaddon should be no taller than a regular terminator, no? just curious, really.

    • Geronimo32509

      Abaddon has been infused with the power of all 4 Chaos gods. I don’t know how big he should really be, but I’m guessing he should be bigger than a regular terminator. Wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if he was the size of a Primarch, especially a weak one like Rowboat.

      Plus GW likes to sell big kits.

    • BClement

      Turns out that GW’s sense of scale is off. Carnifexes used to be the size of Leman Russ Tanks in the art. Now those are dwarfed by even larger bugs. Guardsmen are supposed to be tiny compared to Space Marines, but they are the same size model wise. And I don’t even think that the pic of Guilliman and Abaddon is official art either.

      It’s just art for the sake of art, following the “rule of cool” or something.

    • benn grimm

      He’s described as bigger than your average space marine in the HH books, quite a lot bigger.

  • ZeeLobby

    You’ll fight over 3 planets which the Imperials will win. And if they don’t they’ll throw out the results and cry fraud!

    • Shawn

      Well, GW won’t have to cry foul, if Chaos sucks as bad as everyone on the interwebs claim.

      • ZeeLobby

        I mean they won’t have to. That’s true. When 50% of players play SM it really doesn’t matter. Haha.

  • rhoadesd20

    Should we just pack that AoS narrative in now and give Order the victory, or do we want to be excited about who potentially gets 2nd between Chaos and Destruction? Hopefully Death players at least get cookies or something.