40K LAST CHANCE: Going, Going…

8th Edition is coming and that means almost 70 products are going away FOREVER. Get em while you can…

It looks like GW is taking the time to get rid of all their existing codex, background books & painting guides in preparation for the big reboot.

Take a look at these:

Warhammer 40K Last Chance Page

These break down into the following categories:

  • Codices
  • Painting Guides
  • Campaign Books
  • Core Rulebooks
  • Fluff Background Books

I think the Fluff Background books like Imperial Knight Companion, Flyers of the Dark Millenium and the Apocrypha series are real deals as they are 100 fluff all the time, so nothing is lost.

Grab em while you can as some are already going out of stock…FOREVER.

~Which ones do you want the most?

  • Sonic tooth

    why get rid of the painting guides? always useful, no?

    • Lion El’ Jonson

      When they say 8th will change everything…they mean it.


      • Harry_Jamieson

        THREE thin coats!

        • Deacon Ix

          2 and a half!

      • ZeeLobby

        Their full paint line is going to neon! The kids love neon right?!?!

    • Krizzab

      new paints even! not really, same paints with different name and an increase in price..

    • Bryan Ruhe

      I imagine they’ll be part of the new “Battletomes” like what they did for the Kharadron book.

  • The_Illusionist

    The problem is, those codices are still ~$50 a piece. As pretty as they are, there is absolutely no way on this green Earth that I’m going to pay $50 for a book that’ll only be even remotely useful for only the next 2 months.

    (Yes; I know people will still be playing 7th ed after June, but frankly, not anything like enough to justify such a purchase)

    If ever GW ought to have a fire-sale I think that now is the time, but otherwise I’ll be on eBay if you need me…..

    • Jared Swenson

      You might not but someone like me who likes to collect some books for the fluff would get these. I have put off getting the farsight book for the longest time, and i am now going to need to pull the trigger on that to make sure i don’t miss the opportunity.

      • eLCee

        I did this until the went for the hardcover format and the tons auf codex addons, especially the price increase with the format change was to much. I bought 2 codices (?) during 7th ed. and with the rumors i didnt bother. Although i grabbed the Gathering Storm books because of the fluff. I might have done the same with warzone fenris, but when i looked for it one of the books was out of stock a while ago.

        Might grab a used copy if i find them for a reasonable price when the are “useless”-

    • Ragnar_Blackmane

      I have a solution for you: Wait until the new edition hits and then pick up the books you want afterwards, used for a pittance on ebay. Works every time after a new edition as everyone is trying to get rid of their now “useless” stuff for a few bucks.

    • Harry_Jamieson

      Yeah, check eBay. I noticed a few people selling off their codices after the announcement.

      I picked up a couple of new looking hardbacks for less than £10 each.

    • DJ860

      I think I remember hearing at some point in the past that GW aren’t legally allowed to have sales due to their status as a “manufacturer”, not a “retailer” or whatever. Might be wrong, but it does offer explanation for them never having a sale and why they always bundle things when they reduce prices.

      • Me

        Is that an EU/UK thing?

        • Shawn

          I’m guessing it’s a UK thing. More of having to do with UK business law. If you’re a retailer (store) you can sell your stuff at a discount) as a manufacture of goods (ie. building materials, concrete production, tires, etc.) you can’t sell at a discount to the public. Although, I am only speculating at this point, it does seem a reasonable conjecture.

    • Shawn

      I got an idea Illusionist, why don’t we follow GW’s lead and sell the 7th ed codices we have as a last chance sale. That way we’d be making money too.

  • karloss01

    Surprised they’re getting rid of the painting guides (and the fluff books) as those aren’t affected by the change in rules.

    • Emprah

      Yeah me too. I can understand taking down the SM painting guides, but that’s it

    • ZeeLobby

      Well, the Emperor is going to send everyone to live in bubbles so…

  • Emperor’s Champion

    getting rid of painting guides seems a bit fishy,

    • bobrunnicles

      Is that a Tau joke? 😉

      • PrehistoricUF0

        Nope, because an article about pre-painted miniatures from last week has made some hobbyists a little uneasy. Not that it would be hard to just strip or prime models and do them ourselves anyway.

        There’s like a 0% chance it’ll happen, but paranoia and conspiracy theories are what we wherever GW is concerned. 😀 😀

        • Xodis

          Its probably nothing since they can add color schemes to the Battletomes (like in AoS), and they can also add some instruction to the White Dwarfs and increase those monthly sales.

  • PrehistoricUF0

    LOL!!! I can’t believe how much money I blew on books in the last few years. Oh well, such is progress and change – and besides, just like with my Fantasy stuff, I can always freeze my armies in that ruleset, so long as my buddies are interested in that edition still.

    Still very interested in what they do with the game. Honestly, as long as the fluff stays on a logical course of progression I’ll be happy. AoS is a nightmare, the Old World was superior in every way and I’ll never acknowledge the new stuff personally.

  • JJ

    Buy Our books at full price… Don’t look at E-bay where people are dumping these books for 50% of retail!

    LOL GW corporate is always good for a laugh!

    • Charles Keeling

      You can get anything hobby related cheaper on eBay. Couple that with every company really hoping you will pay full price. I’m confused why this wrong? They have stock and are being very upfront about it. Would you of rather pulled a stunt where they quietly sold off stock and then announced a new edition, no take backs?

  • Shawn

    I’ve thought about getting a couple of the painting guides, since they are reasonably priced. However, all I have to do is go to Warhammer TV and there’s Duncan showing me how to paint everything I need. I have a hard bound Aprocrypha book, so that might be good to have a coffee table version that I don’t mind gettins scuffed up a bit.

    • DeadlyYellow

      Not a lick on the old conversions though. Deodorant stick land speeder anyone?

      • Shawn

        LoL. If GW posted the conversion, I just might make it, lol.