40K: New Terrain Kits For April & May

Shadow War: Armageddon’s excellent terrain is coming to a tabletop near you in April & May!

Games Workshop is ready to get that promethium pumping with 5 new terrain kits heading your way. How do we know? We got an early copy of Shadow War: Armageddon and we found this inside. The proof is in the pics:

We’ve got three kits coming in April:

  • Alchomite Stack
  • Ferratonic Furnace
  • Ferratonic Incinerator

And two additional kits coming in May:

  • Galvanic Magnavent
  • Promethium Forge

Keen-eyed readers may already recognize these “mini kits” from the terrain provided from Shadow War: Armageddon. We don’t have any news on pricing or release dates (yet) but we would expect to see these pop-up on GW’s website pretty soon.

Based on past pricing, we can extrapolate that Shadow War: Armageddon is still probably going to be the best value for getting your hands on these kits – but if you’re just looking for a single kit (or two) for a display or as a table piece then your patience will be rewarded.

On top of that, all these kits are modular and work/fit with each other based on what we’ve learned looking inside Shadow War: Armageddon. Personally, I’m just glad to see “Sid the Skull” in more kits.


Which kit are you looking forward to the most?

  • orionburn

    Wonder if these are strictly going to be terrain pieces only or if they’ll actually have special rules/benefits for use in 40k. Looks like a fair amount of those pieces are designed to work with the promethium relay pipes.

    Or give an entire platform the benefit of the plasma goodness from a Haemotrope Reactor. That would make for some fun shenanigans!

    • Shinnentai

      I guess I’m old-school, but special rules for terrain makes me sick up a little in my mouth.

      • trygon

        I totally agree. But scenario specific rules for some terrain (like Cities of Death) is acceptable and fun. But always special rules are… sickening.

      • Anggul

        So… terrain should never do anything but be an object to hide behind?

        • Shinnentai

          Block LOS, impair movement, provide cover, improve lines of fire through elevation, combinations of the above. That’s what makes terrain integral to the tactical aspect of a game.

          Of course the tactical considerations in 40k are so washed out at the moment that we need these BS special rule combos to pretend we’re being all clever and tactical. “Duh I puts muh shooty stuff next to the ammo dump for bonus shootin”.

          • ZeeLobby

            Second sentence hits it right on the mark.

          • zeno666


          • Anggul

            Or, you know, use it to enhance the immersion of the battle because this is a game about the dark future of the 41st millennium and not just blank meaningless pieces on a board.

          • ZeeLobby

            If you see terrain as blank meaningless peices I can only imagine you play with textbooks and coffee cans on the carpet.

          • Anggul

            That’s what I find strange. Some people put the time and effort into creating armies and terrain for this game… and then don’t actually care about the setting they’re building stuff from.

            If they’re only going to treat it purely as a tactical game and not a tale of war in the dark future of whatever sorry planet they’re fighting on, they ought as well just use blocks with numbers written on them.

          • ZeeLobby

            Yeah. I mean I just use my imgaination. No need to give every piece of terrain a special rule. I like battling through terrain as if it’s a real fight. Standing behind a gas pipe shouldn’t magically make my flamers torrent weapons.

          • Anggul

            Yeah, some of them are daft so I don’t use them. Others are cool, like Imperial edifices inspiring guardsmen to hold, or chaos altars being prayed to by chaos champions to grant them power.

          • ZeeLobby

            And that’s cool, especially if you can tie it to the mission, etc. We just did that before they started giving everything rules. Now it’s when I want to sit down and play a competitive game against a random person who wants to abuse the prometheum barrels is when it gets annoying…

          • Anggul

            For sure, in a competitive game only use special rules for terrain you’ve paid points for

          • ZeeLobby

            I’ve seen terrain you paid points for abused pretty badly (escape hatch or deepstriking fortresses for example). I’d rather just have them not add another “faction” to the competitive side of the game. They have enough issues balancing what’s there.

          • Anggul

            It’s no worse than abusing any other rules you’ve paid point for. The fact that it’s a stationary building instead of a unit is irrelevant.

          • ZeeLobby

            You completely missed the point that it’s another set of rules to balance for all factions that clearly is something that as of late GW has struggled with in 40K. The arguments for making the game more “cinematic” are just silly. It was very easy to do before. The sole reason for adding rules in this case is simply to increase sales, and we’ll, because until recently GW just didn’t really care if their rules were bad.

          • Lewismauler

            I completely disagree with you there. I absolutely love the fiction of the 40k universe. And I was an avid reader before I ever got into the hobby. I enjoy narrative campaigns a lot, but I also love a good tactically hard fought game against a very strategic opponent. It is more than just one type of game which is why there are so many ways to play and just because one person likes playing one way doesn’t mean another person way is wrong or even any less right. Just because someone doesn’t wish to play the same way as everyone else doesnt mean they shouldn’t be allowed to use the game rules or the models that were made for it. If that was the intention then all of our miniatures would come preassembled and painted. You can build them, paint them, play them however you please because the models are a hobby not a game. Now GW makes boxed games, those are very specific in how and what you can use to play them and a lot of them are made with models that require less hobbying because that’s not the focus.

          • Kinsman

            Actually, the idea of terrain hurting or killing superpowered beings (that includes super tough Orks or lithe Elves) pulls me out of the immersion. I can turn aside a power sword but that brick really had my number. Lol.

          • Anggul

            That’s dangerous terrain, not terrain-specific special rules.

          • Moonsaves

            Dangerous terrain – sharp rebar, falling debris, acid pools, poisonous fumes, the odd landmine… fairly sure it could kill someone pretty easy.

          • Prisoner 42

            You know you can just not use the extra rules its up to you and the person you play against. Besides there is a points value to bringing terrain that has special rules so if you don’t pay the points you don’t use the rules It’s just like purchasing an upgrade.

        • Kinsman

          Basically like real life. That fire hydrant isn’t trying to kill me or confusing me in any way. It’s just there. I avoid it or hide behind it, etc. Terrain is terrain.

          I see it in AoS as being more appropriate (cursed woods, etc) but not in 40k.

          • Anggul

            Which is why fire hydrants don’t have special rules, and if they did they wouldn’t hurt you.

            Things that would have applications in battle on the other hand, like shrines to the Emperor, altars to chaos, eldritch fonts of power, flows of caustic chemicals and so on, do have rules.

          • Moonsaves

            Fire hydrant’s a bad example. Shoot it to protect you against flame weaponry for a turn.

        • dave long island

          It should be something you place on the table like it’s no big deal, when in fact it’s the most beautiful terrain piece anyone has ever seen; rather like walking into a party with a hot blonde on your arm.

      • kingcobra668

        How is that old school? how are you even playing if thisI bothers you? The game has changed in every.regard since RT/2nd. Or does old school mean 5th edition to you?
        Just sounds like complaining for the sake of complaining.

        • Shinnentai

          I do like to play 2nd ed, sure. Other than that, I just play 7th without weird terrain rules – no problem.

          Just seems like every little box or walkway needs a special rule nowadays like it won’t sell without it.

          • ZeeLobby

            Lol. It’s just King cobra. If you complain it’s your own damn vault.

        • zeno666

          Are you complaining against someone else’s complaint?

          • ZeeLobby

            It’s what he does.

      • Shawn

        So evil chaos infested swamps, or trees that fight back are a no go for you? I’m just wondering. One of the things I liked about 6th edition was the unusual forests, etc.

    • Wampasaurus

      To be fair the weapons in the 40k universe would cause vast amounts of collateral damage and in this case we have several keywords to consider.
      1)Ferratonic- As in relation to Ferrous and likely derived from Ferrous Oxide aka Black Powder. So both the Ferratonic Furnace and Ferratonic Incinerator are likely loaded with combustibles.
      2) Galvanic definition from dictionary.com : “producing or caused by an electric current.” So these devices are full of electricity. Ever seen a power transformer or relay overload/get hit/ explode?
      3 Promethium- Well I think all of us interested in the 40k universe know that this is the term for many combustible fuels in the Imperium and beyond.
      In summary I think we can agree that rules should and can be included for those that enjoy adding dynamic layers of strategy to their tabletop experience. If you don’t like the rules don’t play with them. The idea is for everyone to have fun. If you and your opponent cannot agree on rules to play by find a new opponent!

      • Severius_Tolluck

        Ferrotonic probably actually relates more to say it has something to do with metal, as in Iron. Table of elements ferrum. Which ferrus metals derives. So basically forges…

  • Shinnentai

    Pricing for three of these kits is in the WD :

    Alchomite Stack: GBP30, EU40, USD50, CAN60, AUS84
    Ferratonic Furnace: (same as above)
    Galvanic Magnavent: GBP45, EU60, USD75, CAN90, AUS125

    Pre-orders were supposedly going up today, but looks like they’ve been pushed back.

    • ZeeLobby

      So it looks like shadow wars just for terrain is still the better deal?

      • Shinnentai

        Depending on availability!

        • ZeeLobby

          Eh. My local FLGS will get 10 and sell 2. Not too worried.

          • zeno666

            omg omg! Its probably limited! 😉

          • ZeeLobby

            Mine gets like crazy amounts of stuff though. So mine might be out of the norm. But they got like 30 betrayal at calth, and actually put it on clearance recently to sell stock

          • How much of a discount? I need me some more MkIV marines…

          • ZeeLobby

            35%, 45% for customer program. Not sure there’s much left now. I think someone snatched up a bunch to split with his group or resell.

          • Oh, nice! Do let me know if you find out if any are left; would be nice to have a means of getting it again for cheap!

          • ZeeLobby

            Will do. I’ll head in sometime this week. Could def ship to you.

        • Brettila

          Sold out in minutes.

  • Jason Wilson

    Really tough to get excited when the game was limited quantity and sold out in less than an hour. I’d love to know what the rest of us are supposed to do who were planning on running campaigns in our local stores.

  • Son_of_Corax_XIX

    It was fairly obvious these would come out on their own.

  • Henry Blake

    Yay another load of human terrain, come on GW xenos have to live somewhere too

    • Aura1

      Aren’t most of the xenos invading human dominated worlds? Pretty rare for any xeno only worlds left in 40K era.

      • kingcobra668

        Seriously. Most Eldar worlds have been inhabited by humans or daemons for 10000 years. Of course their will be human constructs on most worlds.

      • Karru

        This is my take on the situation as well. I do believe GW would do well to start doing a bit more “generic” terrain pieces like Hills and Rock formations, but when it comes to structures, human-made will be the most numerous.

  • piglette


  • Kinsman

    More Infinity terrain, woot!

  • Ruinous Potato

    You were too slow to buy our moderately overpriced specialist game? You like the plastic terrain that was included? Now you can buy it separately, for even less reasonable price!