40K RUMORS: Death Guard Schedule & Nurgle’s Future

Exactly when are the sons of Mortarion coming? Here’s the latest from the rumorsphere.

Remember these guys from Adepticon?

We are just getting into the Kharadron Overlords release window which will be several weeks.  Beyond that is the new edition of 40K somewhere in Q2.  So exactly where are the Death Guard, and when are they arriving.

Here’s a bit of news from a reader on Faeit: 4-17-2017

“Just wanted to give some heads up on the Deathguard. The news is that Deathguard is more likely a  
September-December release (i.e. end of the year)

Perhaps the Warhammer fest painting is a preview or they moved the release  
date recently – take of it what you will, but apparently typhus is also  
expected given kharn and ahriman (although I havent had an exactly  
definitive answer on that).

Summarise – End of the year expected date for deathguard and yes there will  
be the deathguard green paint along with it.”

Nurgle Thoughts

That is rather far out and I would be surprised if GW would release images of things over 6 months out even as a teaser.

Now they did also show off Shadespire which is said to be coming in the 2nd half of the year – so perhaps.

The Nurgle release might be modeled on the Thousand Sons release window of the last few months.  You will remember that we got both Burning of Prospero, and Wrath of Magnus in Q4, followed by Traitor Legions, then kicked off the year with Disciples of Tzeentch, moving some of the new Tzeentch minis over to Age of Sigmar.

So we could easily see GW continue the schedule, giving us 3 months of Nurgle for both systems in Q4-17 through Q1-18.

I could see it shaping up like this:


  • Mortarion
  • Plague Marines
  • Plague Terminators
  • Plague Cultists
  • Typhus


  • Great Unclean One
  • Beasts of Nurgle
  • Epidemius
  • Something else new and sticky…

The rest of the Nurgle Daemon range is solid and somewhat recent, such as Nurglings, Plague Drones, and Plague Bearers.  If I were GW and wanting to update some ancient metal/resin minis with all new sexy ones – I would put a bullseye on these three right here:

I’ll get out of this chair when you give me a new mini.

If Ahriman got TWO new minis I want some love too!

I’m so sad I’m not even in the Age of Sigmar mini section on GW’s site.

Seriously GW, I’m dying of envy for the new plastic Bloodthirster & Lord of Change – HELP!

~ What do you think GW should replace first to help Nurgle out?


  • Bradley Macduff

    i imagine it will be in a campaign of death guard v dark angels. while this sounds far fetched. the book: unforgiven starts with a dramatic battle of titans as the terminus est and the rock tee off. it wouldnt surprise me if they decided they would use this as a framework for a grudge match over a battle not completed. possibly resulting in a final cataclysmic battle between moratorion and the angel of darkness himself lion el’johnson

  • Harkeal III Brennon


    • Tom


  • memitchell

    Dammit! The CSM range that EVERY CSM’s player whines about is getting stuff I want! And, I don’t like CSM’s! I really like the Rubric Marines, but I don’t think I could paint them worth a darn, But, I could paint the Death Guard. Oh, heck yeah!

    OH, and GW, for Goshsakes, we’re on the clock here! It wont be long before the fallout from the nukes my President is determined to drop on North Korea causes an extinction level event. I’ve already penciled in Squat Overlords at the top of the painting list. After the last of my Genestealer Cult.

    • ZeeLobby

      Haha, is sad that I was like “man, I really shouldn’t play Khador after what Russia did to us :/ …”

  • Brad Parks

    If the window is that long, when are they finally going to get to Slaanesh or any other struggling army like Orks or Tyranid?

    • Alexis Muscat

      Slaanesh is soon!.. counting in Elven age ^^

      • Vicent Martín Bonet

        So this summer if some of the rumour pan out?

    • Statham

      ‘Nids got a lot of new toys in 2014, as I recall, it’s more the Codex that needs an update.

      • bobrunnicles

        Speaking as a Nid player this is fairly accurate lol.

        • Statham

          They were my first army coming back to the game in 2013. They’ve been shelved for a while now, but.. There’s not particularly anything wrong with the model selection; the new Warriors are gorgeous, the new big creatures (Exocrine, Maleceptor, Toxicrene) are nice, the new Guard updates look good and still hark back to the notion they’re based on Space Marine genetics, the Zoanthropes are awesome..

          The only really awful models the ‘Nids have are the Biovore and the Pyrovore. Basic infantry’s still solid.

          • Randy Randalman

            The Termagants and Hormagaunts are a third ed kit with loads of wasted sprue space and awful mold lines. The Lictor kit will also be moved to plastic. Other than that, they mostly need a codex update.

          • Statham

            Each to their own, I bought plenty of ‘Gaunts and they’re still better than some .The Lictor.. Yeah, could probably use a plastic kit with Deathleaper options, but.. They still don’t need an update as badly as some.

  • pokemastercube .

    on the following the tzeentch release, a heresy box with a plactic heresy era character?

  • J Mad

    It wouldnt have been tease if it were to be that far off.

    • Dan Brugman

      You mean like Shadespire? Which they teased a week or to earlier than the nurgle stuff and also isn’t scheduled til the end of the year, confirmed by GW….

      • JohnWayne

        The big difference is that ShadeSpire doesn’t invalidate an entire range of mini’s. seriously, who’s rushing out to buy ANYTHING Nurgle after that teaser? No one, because they’re all waiting for the new stuff. They’d be stupid to essentially put an 8 month hold on selling the old mini’s while everyone now waits for what they know is coming.

        • Randy Randalman

          No one was buying the old minis anyway because 40k is essentially in limbo while everyone awaits the new edition.

      • Vorropohaiah

        they’re also making it clear that shadespire is a long way off, whereas the nurgle stuff had little mention of a window, so I[‘d expect them sooner than Shadespire

  • 301stFeinminsterArmoured

    Nix Palanquins for Plague Drone mounts. Honestly, Poison and ID-spewing Cav is better than crowd-surfing Plague Marines.

    • Why not have the option for both?

      • 301stFeinminsterArmoured

        Because outside of the extra wounds, there’s no good reason to take it over any other Daemonic Mount. Doesn’t make you any faster, and forces you to take more expensive transports if you want to survive. And, outside of Character models, there’s no model for it.

        • It’s THE iconic Nurgle mode of transportation, it’s more important than a character on a plague drone

          • 301stFeinminsterArmoured

            LOL, iconic. A guy in armour on a giant fly is immediately more visually impactful than that same guy riding a tidal wave of little daemons. It does more to sell the whole “harbinger of despair” schtick that the Death Guard are billed as, at any rate.

          • I definitely disagree, the hordes of Nurgle pouring fourth in a literal tide, carrying the champion on top vs a lackluster forced cab unit

  • Chris Cook

    From a reader lol. Can’t believe that the release is end of the year. I have heard from multiple sources Nurgle is due for release in either May or June.

  • Borja Saiz Bustamante

    Ande after Nurgle, another Ultrasmurf update!! They need so much needed LOVE, you know…

    • Borja Saiz Bustamante

      … ir just a relese yo counter CSM new total.

  • Shane Cottrell

    Was in a GW store recently and the staff were adamant that Death guad will be a may/june release and they will launch around the same time as 8th edition and that the new starter box will be death guard and ultra marines! Dunno how accurate this is but I assumed they had been given a heads up from head office.

  • BaronVonYoloing

    I don’t understand why so many people here think it is a bad thing?

    I’d rather (if I played CSM) the new Nurgle stuff lands AFTER the new edition rather than just before it. At least they won’t suffer as Beastmen did in Fantasy being released meagre months before 8th ed.

    • Harkeal III Brennon

      Still I think they will be released before Warhammer fest. Remember that they said COMING SOON. September or December is not soon 🙂

  • TheWanderingJewels

    Honestly. Nurgle update after new edition release. would make more sense and engender good will

  • Dan Wilson

    Probably saving them until July what with seven being Nurgle’s sacred number.

  • Steve L Duelist

    Damn I was hoping for a summer release

  • stinkoman

    After 8th drops. makes sense.

  • Sonic tooth

    if i collected nurgle stuff id spray them with jokeshop fart spray after painting to get the full effect

  • piglette

    I think the Nurgle line has aged quite well actually.

    • Typhus is easily my favorite of the old character models from Chaos, but he’s out of scale and need an update

  • Xodis

    Was really hoping that nothing new for 40K came out prior to 8e, hope they dont expect the books to sell like hotcakes. Release just the AoS models (and ones that fit both 40K and AoS) then hold off until 8e for the 40K rules, I promise it will do better lol.

  • Randy Randalman

    There will also be a human cultist unit for AoS, like the Bloodreavers and Kairic Acolytes.

    • No way to be sure, Khorne didn’t get beastmen and Tzeentch didn’t get warrior or blight king/wrath monger equivalents

  • Chet Atkinson

    I was wondering if it’ll be Plague Marines versus the new Mark IX Space Marines in the 8th Ed box

  • Brettila

    Seems pretty clear that 8th isn’t coming until next year. Else, why post possible rule changes? They are testing still.

    • KingAceNumber1

      Incorrect. Release is June, the book is already in production. I know people who were part of the playtest that already have a copy (no, I don’t have access to it haha)

  • I’m actually glad if this is really coming later than expected, as I don’t have a model buying budget currently lol. That said…please GW do pestigors for AoS