40th White Dwarf B-Day Mini – Party On!

Grombrindal is having quite a party for his 40th birthday. Check out his latest GW mini, coming this week:

Back in January GW dropped this on the community:

via White Dwarf (Facebook)

White Dwarf Turns 40

“Thanks for your comments on January’s issue, everyone. Keep them coming. But we’ve got something else we’d like your thoughts on, too…

Did you know that this year White Dwarf turns 40? That’s right – White Dwarf first appeared all the way back in 1977 and needless to say later in 2017 we’ll be celebrating. We’d like to hear from you about your thoughts, your favourites, your recollections on this milestone, and we’ll print the best of the responses in the anniversary issue later in the year.

Fast forward to this week when we saw the list of imminent GW releases with this mysterious item:

Grombindal: 40Years of White Dwarf $30

Luckily Zamerion was on the case and snapped this shot in what looks like a GW store:

Hello 40th Anniversary White Dwarf Mini. Booze, cake and presents – nicely done!

Past Grombrindals

While we’re in here, let’s look back at past White Dwarf minis and compare.



~Which one is your favorite?