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8th Edition is on the way and the company released a surprising amount of information.  Here is our initial reactions.


We, in the States, woke up to a blast of news from Games Workshop.  8th Edition is on the way and the company released a surprising amount of information.  Here is our initial reactions and a little more explanation of what we think we know so far. Hear more reactions on twitter @warmaster_tpm and the huge amount of folks posting there this morning after the news hit.

Hey guys,

A brand new site debuted today for Warhammer 40,000.  We can see a break down of all the current and NEW factions.  I didn’t expect this to be so fleshed out this far in advance of the release.  You are gonna want to check this out.  Check out that Faction section for sure.

The full Warhammer 40k 8th FAQ, as we know it so far can be found here.  It is light on specifics but BIG on information and enthusiasm.


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FTN mostly focuses on Warhammer 40k, but again you will see in the first few episodes we take a severe deep dive into nerdom. These have been a blast to record and I hope they help pass the time for you.

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  • Red_Five_Standing_By

    What we know?

    It will either be terrible or amazing.

    • Xodis

      We also know that there will be a minimum of 3 BoLS articles about 8e everyday until launch.

      • Thomas

        Oh god… And it won’t stop there, we’ll have about 15 articles a day after release too.

        • Xodis

          We need our 3 “whats new” articles. Probably at least 2 on the “new meta”, Goatboys mandatory “How to break the game while stinking of cheese” articles. Quite a few “What I miss about 7e”, and a good handful of “Age of the Emperor is the worst edition because…” articles.

          • Thomas

            And Pimpcron trying to be funny with a “here’s why everyone but me is wrong” article. Emperor save us all.

          • Xodis

            Yeah, but at least his article will probably make fun of all the other articles, so its a win in my book lol.

          • Matthew Pomeroy

            Pimp(cronning) aint easy 😀

      • ZeeLobby

        Thank god they announced it. I was getting extremely tired of all the speculative articles they were putting out. “Is AoS the new 40K”, “Is Shadow Wars the new 40K”, “I spit on the ground and it was shaped like 4-0-K”, etc.

      • Shawn

        And 90% of it will be filler.

    • euansmith

      I would be happy with mediocre.

  • Thomas

    Looking forward to it! 7th is by far the worst iteration of this game I’ve ever played so the only way is up. And stuff like the command point system intrigues me a lot, since it seems to reward you for taking a normal force org over a bunch of formations.

    • SWISSchris

      They’ve got 14 different variations of a force organisation chart already announced ready to go at launch. I wonder how standard anything will seem?

      • Thomas

        True, but instead of getting crazy formation bonuses, you’ll just be getting units as they are, plus some command points to play about with. I dunno, it might turn out to suck but it seems like a much better way to reward thematic armies over throwing a bunch of OP formation bonuses at your dudes.

      • ZeeLobby

        Just wait til they introduce the new and improved formations on top of that!

        • Keith Wilson

          dont worry the codexs will have some sort of renamed formation … like an “army plan” or “army doctrine” that is essentially a formation with benefits .. just look at all the new AoS battletomes as an example

  • gordon ashacker
    • Lumanil


  • Karru

    So currently I am more than happy about the communications and the Q&A GW has done regarding 8th edition. The fact that they are willing to give out this many details about the game is great. Also telling people that there was proper testing done is amazing.

    Now then, to the good things from the Q&A:

    The biggest thing that poked my interest was the Command Point system and the 14 Force Organisation charts. I hope that the Command Points will be useful enough to be worth it, mostly because they seem to be the key to make sure broken alliances don’t happen. The 14 Force Orgs are the ones I am very excited about. I’d very much like to know how they really work.

    Also, aiming for 90 minute games at 1500pts sounds nice.

    Now to the bad things:

    Everything. Can. Hurt. Everyone. I was afraid of this for a long time. It is something I don’t like about AoS because it encourages more spamming. It is statistically better to take weapons with loads of shots with “average” to-hit/to-wound rolls than it is to take any “heavier” weapons that cause more wounds if they manage to hit something which is harder due to them having less attacks and/or chance to hit is lower.

    This might be an exaggeration by the devs of course. The reason why I am against this is due to the “counter balance” they are forced to do when it comes to survivability of different units, especially Vehicles and Monstrous Creatures. That is the bucket load of wounds they come with. I always disliked the idea of having a model with 16+ wounds because it was the only way to keep them useful for more than one turn.

    But as I said, the comment might be exaggeration. It is possible that heavier vehicles might have greater armour saves to make sure that something like a Lasgun can’t even hurt them. They might even go for the Flames of War approach where, if the difference was big enough, you’d need to roll a 6 followed by a 6 to damage something. Because if they really go with the “6 will always cause a wound” then Guard and Tau armies will weep with joy. If you look at the monsters in AoS, you can notice that they lose their effectiveness rapidly once they get to the half way point. Your average Guard Infantry army can easily roll enough hits and wounds to multiple vehicles to make sure that happens.

    • Astmeister

      The question is: Why should a tank or an infantry unit get worse, when they are damaged and a monster should not?
      So I do not really see a problem on this part.

      • Karru

        That isn’t the issue. The issue is that since so many units can damage them it won’t be hard to make the vehicles and monsters extremely weak without much effort. It’s not a matter of vehicles needing to survive more than monsters, it’s a case of both should be able to survive against different types of fire well.

        Massed low strength but high volume shouldn’t be able to take down a heavy tank or a rampaging, heavily armoured monster. This is my take on it anyway.

        • Steven Hyche

          Even at almost dead monsters are still a very big threat. You are taking a snipit of a battle and theory crafting with it.

          Here is what happens in AoS when people make the mistake you are worrying about. The monster soaks up your alpha strike. The monster is till alive but a little less effective. Now the rest of your army gets to attack without reduced effectiveness. I hate the break it to you but tanks are going to be MORE resilent now not less. Tanks are crap in current 40k

    • Steven Hyche

      If Aos really rewarded spam that much why arent spam armies dominating the meta. Spamming isnt as effective as it seems on paper. Yes those weapons that do more damage are key to killing the tougher monsters in AoS. If spamming was really that powerful mortal wounds wouldnt be as feared.

      • Karru

        Actually, “spamming” is the meta. At least from what I’ve seen. Remember, spamming isn’t just taking one unit over and over again. From what I’ve seen, the usual is to stack as many benefits to certain unit(s) that have certain weapons which get very powerful from these buffs. They might get extra attacks or re-rolls, but the idea is to maximise it. So you are “spamming” attacks with certain weapon(s).

        Also, some armies “spam” mortal wounds. I remember seeing a Sigmarine army that consisted only of Tempestors, Concussors and Judicators. The basic idea was to just overwhelm the enemy with mortal wounds and tons of shooting. It rolled over quite a few armies like it was nothing. Something to point out as well, Monsters aren’t really that popular, outside the Beastclaw Raiders, from what I’ve seen. The problem with them is the fact that they are priced pretty high and don’t have good saves to back them up. It’s usually around 3+ at best and giving them even 5-6 wounds is enough to neutralise them as a real threat to anyone.

        Finally, the thing about this is that this isn’t AoS. I have pointed this out multiple times in the past. 40k is shooting focused and there is a lot more shooting on average than there is in AoS. I’d be glad to see them balance things out a bit regarding Shooting vs Melee, but as for now, shooting is the most dominant aspect of the game. The sheer volume of fire some armies can dish out is insane and that is the core of the issue when it comes to the “everything can wound everything” comment.

        Things like Autocannons aren’t rare in an Imperial Guard army, then you have Tau with their Strength 5 Pulse Rifles and powerful and spammable High Yield Missile Pods. All of these can currently dish out a lot of shots with pretty high strength. Imagine what would happen if vehicles and monsters were given around the same mediocre saves and mediocre toughness? They would just die out, because they would most likely be too expensive and too fragile to pay back their points. Meanwhile those “AT” weapons can hurt Infantry just the same.

        • Steven Hyche

          What you just said makes no sense and is not the definition of spam in a gaming sense…. an army having “only 3 types of units” and an army “having lots of support to bolster thr rank and file” is not spam. You just named a variety of tactics that seems like a healthy meta.

          Also monsters do just fine. For example 3 of the top 5 armies in thr LVO had monsters.

  • Commissar Molotov

    They went and turned vehicles into monsters. Congrats, 40K – you finally jumped the shark.

    • Mr.Custodes


      • Commissar Molotov

        Because a land raider isn’t a carnifex. It shouldn’t play like one at all.