BL: Teasers for July & Pre-Orders for May

Black Library has some new teasers for the next batch of novels in July, plus the Pre-Orders for May are available – come plan your summer reading!

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July Release Teasers

“The Primarchs series continues with a new Limited Edition, ‘Lorgar: Bearer of the Word’. Set on Colchis before the coming of the Emperor, this novel by Gav Thorpe delves into Lorgar’s past and his relationship with everyone’s favourite fanatical high priest, Kor Phaeron.”

“There’s a new Horus Heresy audio drama too, John French’s ‘Dark Compliance’.  The Mechanicum world of Accazzar-Beta defies Horus’s armies and refuses to turn traitor. How far will the Warmaster go to bring the tech-priests to heel? Pretty far, we’d bet.”

“Back in the 41st Millennium, John French also delves into the Inquisition and the dark days of the Horusian Wars, focusing on Inquisitor Covenant – a name that will be familiar to fans of the old Inquisitor game – as he hunts a traitorous member of his own order.”

“Fresh from his victory on Arkunasha, the young Commander Farsight leads a crusade to reclaim colonies lost to mankind’s Imperium. But stiff resistance will test him to his limits, and beyond.” ‘Farsight: Crisis of Faith.


May Pre-Orders

Vaults of Terra: The Carrion Throne (Limited Edition) $65

Inquisitor Crowl, who serves on Holy Terra itself, follows the trail of a conspiracy that leads him to the corridors of the Imperial Palace itself…

In the hellish sprawl of Imperial Terra, Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor Erasmus Crowl serves as a stalwart and vigilant protector, for even the Throneworld is not immune to the predations of its enemies. In the course of his Emperor-sworn duty, Crowl becomes embroiled in a dark conspiracy, one that leads all the way to the halls of the Imperial Palace. As he plunges deeper into the shadowy underbelly of the many palace districts, his investigation attracts the attention of hidden forces, and soon he and his acolyte Spinoza are being hunted – by heretics, xenos, servants of the Dark Powers, or perhaps even rival elements of the Inquisition itself. Soon they discover a terrible truth, one that if allowed to get out could undermine the very fabric of the Imperium itself.


Jain Zar: The Storm of Silence (Limited Edition) $65

Jain Zar, the first of the Howling Banshees, travels to Craftworld Ulthwé to help avert disaster – but Eldrad Ulthran opposes her plans. What path will guide the eldar towards victory: the way of the seer, or the way of war?

The eldar are an ancient race whose mode of war blends spirituality with a unique mastery of technology. In times of need, their entire race will rouse to war – led by terrifying, almost mythological figures – the phoenix lords, immortal beings embody the warrior nature of the eldar. A swift and deadly fighter, Jain Zar can harness the rage of her scream to slaughter any who dare oppose her.

When a burgeoning ork empire starts to pose a threat to the eldar peoples, Jain Zar travels to the craftworld Ulthwé to warn them of the danger. However, she finds her plans to divert disaster are opposed by one of the craftworld’s own seers, Eldrad. With so many futures possible, which path should the eldar walk to avert destruction of their craftworlds and put an end to the greenskin menace?

Written by Gav Thorpe


Be sure to pop over to the Black Library and see all the titles available coming this summer!



What are you looking forward to reading this summer? Start planning now!

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