Firestorm Armada: Deliverance Engines & V3

What are the Deliverance Engines – and when is FA v.3 showing up?  Get your answers here.

via Spartan Games:

When the events on and above Proteus Prime transpired no one, aside from some of the most ancient minds in the Aquan Sebrutan, could have predicted what the future would bring and the series of cataclysmic events which were about to unfold across the Firestorm Galaxy.

No one knows where the first machines arrived. Hundreds, or possibly even thousands of them, spread from Caymaas deep in Saurian Territory to Melthen in Relthozan space. They just appeared, and they sat there silently waiting.

The Aquans were the first to name them – Deliverance Engines – and attach their ownership to the Overseers, the long dead race reawakened above Proteus Prime. These large and foreboding machines seem impervious to scans and equally impervious to weaponry – none have responded to any communication protocols, despite a myriad of races trying.

The core races of the Galaxy want answers, fear of the unknown sweeping across their leaders. Science fleets, attack fleets and even religious fleets are seeking out the machines…each in a race to unlock their secrets…

More news for players:

For a while now we have discussed the idea of version 3.0 of Firestorm Armada. During 2016, we reset our development work and whilst this cost us time, and sadly led to friction in our online forum, the new process we have implemented has now allowed us to now accelerate Firestorm Armada 3.0 development. I am therefore hugely pleased to be able to announce that Firestorm Armada 3.0 will ship by no later than August 2017, along with a raft of new Firestorm Armada models.

As you have recently seen, we have released our first 7 blisters of new Marauder spaceship models for Firestorm Armada. This is an initiative led by Spartan Josh Linde, who manages our Vanguards Program. He is most keen that before we roll out Firestorm Armada 3.0 to you we will have created all models for which statistics have been already created. It is a great plan and we are working with Spartan Josh in the creation of any outstanding models along with giving the Marauder PDF [the older version of which is available from our downloads page] an update.

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  • erion

    Nice to see that somebody inside Spartan is trying to rein in their collective, systemic Shiny Object Syndrome when it comes to creating games and models for those games.

  • euansmith

    No one knows where these things come from or what they do; but someone thought to name them “Deliverance Engines”? Is that like Pizza Deliverance Engines, or Squeal Like A Pig Deliverance Engines?

    • ZeeLobby

      Let’s pray it’s the former and not the latter XD

    • Krizzab

      “the engine is communicating sir…” “sounds like a banjo sir.”…

      • euansmith

        “The message might have lost a little in the translation, Mr President, but I think the massive alien machine just said, “Yew godda maarty purrty maarth thur, boi.””