Geekery: First look at Netflix’s ‘Okja’

If you liked the world created in Snowpiercer, you’ll want to check this out.

Director Bong Joon Ho’s next project is a story about a girl named Mija and her battle to save her friend, Okja, from an evil corporation. Her friend happens to be a giant beastie the director describes as: “a very shy and introverted animal. It’s a unique animal that we’ve not seen before.” Take a look…

It definitely has the same separate but familiar universe feel to it that Snowpiercer has. The cast has some familiar faces, as well…

Tilda Swinton (Lucy Mirando) and Giancarlo Esposito (Frank Dawson)

Jake Gyllenhaal (Dr. Johnny Wilcox) on set

Lily Collins (Red)

Seo-Hyun Ahn (Mija)

If it’s not weird enough for you – Netflix released this ad yesterday that paints a very odd picture of the corporation Mija is up against. Not recommended for vegetarians or vegans…

Pigs. Dreaming pigs. Ok, then.


What do you make of all of this?

  • euansmith

    This looks promising. The Netflix model of production appears to have opened up a lot of space for odder than normal projects. Sense8 is back on again soon. I hope they can match the promise of the first series.

    When I say the close up of Mija and Okja, I thought it was advertising a remake of never ending story.

    • Shawn

      It may not be the Never Ending Story, but it has the same elements I think. I’d have preferred an idea of the beastie. I mean why not pick an ordinary animal? And something more of the plot, or what’s going on in the movie would be good. So far, the teaser trailer does not impress.

      • euansmith

        I’m assuming from the “infomercial” that Okja is going to be some sort of genetically enhanced pig.

        • Shawn

          LOL. That would be funny because, like Major Bacon for everyone!

  • NightLord_001

    as long as it’s better than Bill Nye

    • Shawn

      anything is better than Bill Nye