Geekery: First Trailer – Cloak & Dagger

The classic duo is coming to small screens next year – get a first look here!

Tyrone “Ty” Johnson and Tandy Bowen first appeared in 1982 in an issue of Spectacular Spider-Man. Since then the two have teamed up with the X-Men, the Secret Avengers, and the Secret Defenders among others. The duo will be coming to ABC’s Freeform next year in a series that is decidedly made for a young adult audience. It looks like the series will pull in some ideas from The Runaways period of their history. Take a look…

The comic confronts a lot of real world themes – race, addiction, abuse – that if handled properly could make for a good series that challenges its audience. The showrunner is Joe Pokaski – who ran the first season of Netflix’s Daredevil – so it has a leg up on the ability to handle darker themes.

Olivia Holt plays Dagger and Aubrey Joseph plays Cloak. 

The series premiers next year on Freeform.

  • euansmith

    Fingers crossed that this will be a good series. Fingers, toes and tails crossed that Secret Warriors turns out to be a great series.

  • Purple-Stater

    Looks like it’s done very well, but I don’t see me watching it. Too much on the drama side for my tastes, but that’s just me, and I’m well out of that “young adult” target demographic.

  • Jon Ow

    Wait, was he always naked under that cloak?

  • piglette


  • Voivode Wingate

    Scoff, yeah this sort of egalitarian propaganda probably won’t sell well.

    • Brian Fox

      What does that even mean?

    • amaximus167


    • You get these are long running existing characters, right?