Golden Demon: New Categories Announced!

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Warhammer Fest brings with it the prestigious Golden Demon Classic, and this year there are some new categories…

This year’s Golden Demon Classic will feature some new categories for entrants, including Golden Demons for your Blood Bowl Team, Youngbloods Large Model, and the ‘Eavy Metal Paint Masters category.

via Warhammer Community

Games Workshop’s most prestigious hobby award returns this year at Warhammer Fest with Golden Demon Classic. Painters from around the world will compete with one another to earn a Golden Demon and claim the mighty Slayer Sword – our best of show.

Year on year, we receive truly jaw-dropping entries that amaze and inspire us across a broad range of categories. This year, however, we are introducing some brand new ones. 2017 will see Golden Demons for Blood Bowl Team, Youngbloods Large Model, and the ‘Eavy Metal Paint Masters category.

We caught up with Darren Latham, one of our Golden Demon judges for this year, to tell us about the new ‘Eavy Metal Paint Masters category:

‘It will be my 10th year judging Golden Demon, and it’s still a huge honour to do it. The buzz and atmosphere is always great, and to be surrounded by such high standards is fantastic.’

‘The ‘Eavy Metal Paint Masters category has been introduced with 1 focus in mind – pure painting. All competitors have an equal playing field and will be judged on their painting skills alone without the need for converting or sculpting. The category takes us back to the roots of the Golden Demon and allows hobbyists to really show us their skills.’

‘To that end, all entries into this category must be the same model, in this case – the plastic Eldar Farseer. This creates a base point for all. The Eldar Farseer is a painter’s delight that will allow people to really push themselves and go for it. There’s plenty of space for free-hand and detail to amaze us.’

‘When judging the entries, we will look for complimentary colour choices which contrast and pop to make it stand out. It’s also significant for the model to fit with the Eldar aesthetic and background, so plan out and research your entry thoroughly!’

Golden Demon Classic Full Category List

For more information about the Golden Demon, you can follow the link above. And you can follow this link for more information on Warhammer Fest.

“Models must fit the Eldar aesthetic…” so I guess start thinking about which paint colors seem the most smug…

  • dave long island

    I effin love that old timey pic with those old timey minis painted up by the ‘Eavy Metal team on the back of that modelling guide. Effin love it. Pics like that are why I got hooked on this finance destroying habit. I mean hobby.

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      • Hagwert

        Good for you lass…..but I fail to see what this has got to do with painting plastic toy soldiers !

  • Xodis

    “Models must fit the Eldar aesthetic…” so I guess start thinking about which paint colors seem the most smug…”

    The Eldar are not smug, if they were smug they wouldn’t try communicating with the un-evolved Mon-keigh.

    • Spoken like a true exodite: missing the point as usual.

      If you don’t talk to the mon-keigh, how will they know how much better than them you are?

      • Xodis

        Just because I talk does not mean they can comprehend. Have you ever tried explaining life to the insects of their world? The conversation is about the same.

  • Randy Randalman

    Sweet! Now bring Games Day/Warhammer Fest back to North America.

  • euansmith

    “And the winner in the Most Expensive Miniature Category is…”

  • Shawn

    How about a Beginner’s Challenge? Call it the Copper Demon Award, or Baby Gold Demon Award. Give some newbies a chance to show off their burgeoning painting skills, yeah?

  • nuggy

    wow, this is like two month old news at this time… This has got to be a new Bols record or something.