Green Ronin’s Women Writer Talent Search Begins

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Green Ronin’s talent search to find the right (write) woman to work on their upcoming Tales of the Lost Citadel is officially underway…

A few weeks ago, Green Ronin announced that they’d be opening up submissions for a “talent search,” in which they’d be looking to find the next writer to work on the Lost Citadel. Now submissions are officially open, so if you’re a writer, a woman, and dark fantasy is your jam (or butter, or marmelade, look I don’t care what you put on your toast–it’s all warm bread toppings in the end), then head on over to the Submission Page and get your entry in.

Looking for more on the Lost Citadel? We’ve talked a little about the dark fantasy, shared-world fiction franchise before, or you can visit Green Ronin’s Lost Citadel section and check out what they’ve got so far, including a sample story set in that world, The Bone-Shaker’s Daughter.

This is just one part of the company’s overall diversity initiative, which leaves me curious as to what else they have planned. It’s nice to see a company pushing for a little more diveristy, new perspectives can broaden everyone’s horizons.

I’m sure we’ll hear more about it as bigger projects are announced. And given that they’ve just launched their Sentinels of Earth Prime Kickstarter, it looks like they’re ramping into the new year pretty handily. From what it sounds like, there are going to be more opportunities to work with Green Ronin on this (or other) projects in the near future, so we’ll be keeping our eyes out to let you know when those chances come around. In the meantime, get writing! Good luck out there to any of you giving this a shot.

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This is just one part of Green Ronin’s larger and ongoing diversity initiative. In this specific case, we’re interested in hearing from women-identified and non-binary individuals with a passion for dark fantasy. What we’d like to see are writing samples that illustrate a grasp of the elements typically involved in RPGs: rules design, world-building/setting write-ups, character profiles, and fiction vignettes, as well as writing that aims to hybridize these elements. Familiarity with the Lost Citadel property is not a requirement at this stage.

We will be accepting your submissions from today until May 15th and the winner will be announced to the public as part of our Lost Citadel Kickstarter on June 6th.

  • Submissions should be no longer than 3,000 total words.
  • Submissions should be sent with an introductory email that includes your name and contact information; during the evaluation stage we will be stripping the submissions of identifying information and assigning each a code number as part of a blind reading so they can be judged without regard to name, existing reputation (or lack thereof), or anything other than the quality of the work.
  • Submissions should be saved as a document file and sent as an email attachment to Don’t worry about heavy formatting, tone-appropriate font choices, or other stylistic flourishes.

While the setting is dark fantasy and its core expression will be in 5E, you are NOT required to adhere to those specifics in your submissions. We welcome submissions featuring mechanics from any edition, or those for our in-house system (AGE), or even those featuring other popular systems you feel might be dark fantasy-appropriate.

Keep in mind that this is not a math test disguised as a talent search. While submitting a well constructed Pathfinder stat block may be acceptable, it doesn’t go very far toward showcasing one’s talent and/or ability as a writer, only one’s ability to do math. Remember, the idea is to make a strong impression with your writing.

By submitting your work for evaluation, you represent that you are the sole author of the material being submitted, agree that Green Ronin and its agents have the right to read your submissions for the purposes of this search, and acknowledge that Green Ronin is under no obligation to use, buy, license, or adapt your talent search submission for any other use.

Good luck to any of you going for this!

  • Txabi Etxebarrieta

    “Shared world fiction franchise.”

    Aren’t most RPG settings that way, since the contributions usually come from a whole host of different writers? Or am I misunderstanding the term?

    • Jay Arr

      This one, as I understand it, is being designed as a shared world kind of like the Cthulhu Mythos is its own shared world. The Lost Citadel is a horror setting that’s been opened up to contributions of all kinds–stories, RPGs, music, whatever–with the idea that it’ll all grow.

      But as you say, most RPG settings are by their very nature shared-world.

      • Txabi Etxebarrieta

        Ah, I see what you’re saying. Thanks!

  • dave long island


  • Benandorf

    Imagine the outrage if only men were allowed to apply

    • Imagine two kids
      One boy has 9 candy bars, the other, a girl, has 0. You give a candy bar to the kid without one. The kid with 9 demands that he get’s fair chance to get the candy bar.

      • MPoland

        White-knight harder, bro. That’ll show those evil misogynists.

        • MPoland uses ad hominem. It was not effective.

          • MPoland

            I’m aware you’re just whining, there’s no need to point it out.

            We’ll ignore the fact that your “argument” was “What if my fantastical scenario were real? What then?”

            Ryan C is exactly right. Women generally choose less well-paying careers, choose to have families, choose to work fewer hours and choose to work less hazardous jobs than men. All of this amounts to a smaller paycheck on the whole. What’s your solution to people bearing the consequences of their choices? Take options away from women? Force men to enter lower-paying careers? A giant tax on men to make up the difference? How will that work with a society that doesn’t recognize the fixed gender-binary? What if I don’t feel like paying such a tax and suddenly realize I was a woman all along and cash in?

          • Morgrim

            ‘Women choose to take less well-paying jobs than men’ is something of a myth; it’s been proven that when an industry changes from being majority-male to majority-female, the relative salary tends to drop too.

          • Matthew Pomeroy

            so throw in that old final fantasy thing 😀

      • Ryan C

        Except thats not how it is at all. Its a free market based on merit. The candy bars aren’t arbitrarily distributed based on discrimination.

        Those who succeed and get metaphorical candy bars are those who create the most valuable product in the free market.

        And I think the fact that the very pinnacle of modern fantasy/sci fi success is held by women suggests there is no gendered discrimination. (JK Rowling, Suzanne Collins, Stephanie Meyer, Veronica Roth)

        • euansmith

          However, the entire gaming industry, has been a traditionally male only club and this initiative is simply trying to redress the balance.

          The only other solution is we have another World War, send all of the male game designers off to fight, and then backfill their roles with women, only to discover that women are more than capable of fulfilling those traditionally male roles.

          • Ryan C

            No… you are showing a fundamental lack of understand of how a free market operates. The invisible hand automatically corrects for any arbitrary discrimination that is not based on merit.

            Think of it this way. If Company A discriminates against women and turns away extremely talented individuals simply based on gender and Company B does not Company B will have a severe competitive advantage over Company A.

            An example is the NBA. The NBA hires a disproportionate number of athletes of African descent. Why? Not because of their skin color. They hire them because they represent the athletes with the most skill and merit within the context of that market. If an NBA team decided to obstruct merit based hiring and circumvent it with diversity based hiring that team would quickly find itself at the bottom of the standings because it has hired a weaker pool of talent than it could have otherwise.

            I’m a manager at a software company and am frequently hiring programmers. Most of the time I don’t even bother looking at names while reading resumes. I even usually skip cover letters as they tend to punish ESL programmers who otherwise may have been the best candidate. I skip right to the technological section of the resume. I want to know what experience the individual has and what their skillset is like. Based on that 90% of individuals who get interviews are usually Asian men. But then again to be fair, the vast majority of resumes I receive are FROM Asian men.

            Then once in the interview the real testing starts. Throughout the interview we will ask a number of hard and soft questions but ultimately they are all designed to set the stage for a short series of technological questions designed to test the aptitude of the candidate within the context of the job they are being hired for. In all the interviews I’ve done I’ve only ever had a single female applicant successfully get through those questions. She, of course, got the job. Most of the time, however, female applicants fall flat in that test. (Though, again, to be fair many male applicants do as well)

            Our goal is to hire the BEST candidate at doing the job they are being hired for. If more competent men are applying for the job than competent women our workforce will skew male dominated.

            Any potential female employee faces the same challenge as potential male employees if she wants the job. Its simple. Be the best candidate for the job.

          • euansmith

            “The invisible hand automatically corrects for any arbitrary discrimination that is not based on merit.”

            Which is a lot easier to believe if you are white and male and you are applying for a job in which there isn’t an industry recognised qualification.

        • Morgrim

          When half your potential market is women and yet you’ve discovered your writing team lacks women and you’re struggling to understand half your market, it makes sense to selective hire someone that fills the gap. I’ve seen cosmetic companies specifically looking to hire men for the same reasons and people didn’t cry sexism for that.

    • Iconoc1ast


  • MPoland

    I wonder if they’re going to discriminate against trans-women?

  • hdarren

    This is literally sexism. Thanks for letting me know which studio to boycott now.