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The Kharadron Overlords have set sail and the first wave is up for Pre-Order!

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Battletome: Kharadron Overlords $40

Prosper, or die.

Far above the highest mountain peaks, a new power has arisen. In secrecy they have grown strong, developing new technology and weapons of war. Guided by their Code, the Kharadron Overlords have sent forth their sky-fleets, commanding to return with riches, or not at all…

Battletome: Kharadron Overlords introduces a new duardin army into the worlds of Warhammer Age of Sigmar. A militaristic, mercantile society detached completely from the other branches of duardin that populate the Mortal Realms, they treat war and trade as much the same thing – a means to amass wealth; and they excel at both. More than anything, they seek aether-gold – this lighter-than-air element is their society’s lifeblood, holding their cities aloft, fueling their ships and powering their elaborate armour. Great sky-fleets of warships descend from dozens of sky-ports when a rich seam is discovered; the Kharadron Overlords will fight bitterly to accrue this vital substance, and the status it brings.

In the 144-page hardback Battletome: Kharadron Overlords, you’ll find:


– A detailed explanation of the Kharadron Overlords – how their floating cities, the sky-ports, are powered and populated, their motivations for acquiring aether-gold and their use of the Kharadron Code;
– Information on 6 of the most powerful and important sky-ports amongst the dozens – Barak-Mhornar, Barak-Zilfin, Barak-Thryng, Barak-Zon, Barak-Nar and Barak-Urbaz – explaining the differences in their attitudes toward life and the Code, with a map of locations;
– A timeline of Kharadron history – the exodus that formed them, the establishment of the unifying Kharadron Code and the discovery of aether-gold;
– Their economic system (complete with financial figures for the major sky-ports!), and the Guilds that keep this massive, vital chain of commerce moving;
– The core structure of a Kharadron sky-fleet: while each sky-port has its own quirks, each draws upon the same hierarchy when building a fleet;
– Uniform guides, heraldries and colour schemes for each of the 6 sky-ports detailed in the Battletome, with descriptions of the units and skyvessels each skyport fields.


– The Sky-Ports: each of the 6 named sky-ports in the Battletome have their own unique interpretation of the Kharadron Code, meaning their armies vary wildly in terms of play style – this includes unique Abilities and Artefacts of Power, and unique amendments to the included Warscroll Battalions:
– Barak-Nar armies are masters of science, and are adept at unbinding the spells of their enemies using aethermatics;
– Barak-Zilfin armies are the finest aeronautical sailors, whose units can move and dodge with unprecedented speed;
– Barak-Zon armies seek glory in valour, and rarely shy away from a fight, charging in and attacking with gusto;
– Barak-Urbaz armies are alchemical geniuses, with a higher capacity for artefacts of power;
– Barak-Mhornar armies are indefatigable opportunists, striking suddenly from unexpected quarters;
– Barak-Thryng armies hold unbreakable grudges, and will fight to the death until scores are settled;
– Allegiance Abilities, Command Traits and Battle Traits for armies who belong to sky-ports other than the 6 named in the book – combine Artycles, Amendments and Footnotes to assemble your own interpretation of the Kharadron Code;
– Artefacts of Power: Great Endrinworks to be assigned to any Kharadron Skyvessel with Aethermatic Weapons and Treasures of the Sky-Ports for Kharadron heroes;
– 5 Battleplans: fight battles that epitomise the Kharadron Overlords’ way of war, with unique rules for each;
– 5 Warscroll Battalions, providing extra rules and special tactics for collections of miniatures;
– 12 Warscrolls, containing the rules for your Kharadron Overlord miniatures;
– Pitched Battle profiles with points values for every miniature and Warscroll Battalion;
–        A guide to a Path to Glory campaign – create a warband to fight alongside a Hero, and gain favour throughout a series of battles, gaining followers, swelling the ranks and earning rewards, eventually cementing the warband’s place in history;
– Tips on building and deploying your force, with example armies featuring hints on deployment direct from the designers.

Painting & Modelling

– A guide to Citadel paints for the beginner, detailing how each paint type is applied and in what context;
– Detailed, stage-by-stage guides presenting the colours and techniques used to paint the armies of the 6 named sky-ports;
– Kharadron Features: this goes into that little bit more detail on certain aspects of Kharadron miniatures – the portholes, dome and optics, along with verdigris, a basic guide to markings, weathering and constructing scenic bases;
– Tips and tricks for streamlining and improving your hobby: sub-assemblies, kitbashing and painting artefacts.


Arkanaut Company $45

When it comes to feet on the ground, the Arkanaut Companies form the Kharadron Overlords’ main fighting forces. Descending swiftly via a Frigate’s grav-ladders or suspension ropes, an Arkanaut Company can deploy rapidly into the fray.

This multi-part plastic kit contains the components necessary to assemble a 10-model Arkanaut Company. They have a variety of weapons available: each wields a privateer pistol and Arkanaut cutters, and up to 3 models can optionally take one each of a skypike, multi-barrelled aethermatic volley gun or light skyhook. Their Captain can take either a volley pistol or aetherflare pistol, and has the option to brandish an anchor!

The Company themselves are the main fighting troops of a Kharadron Overlords army, and thus haven’t yet accrued enough aether-gold to make their armour as ornate as that of their superiors. Still, they sport magnificent metal beards, and their sealed suits are replete with the valves and fittings needed to keep them alive.
This kit comprises 83 components, and is supplied with 10 Citadel 25mm Round bases.

Download the rules HERE.

Arkanaut Frigate $80

The Arkanaut Frigate represents centuries of refinement by the shipwrights of the Endrineers Guild. In its design, a balance was struck between speed, transport capacity and firepower to create a versatile craft that could serve as the mainstay for the airfleets. With its sleek hull and powerful buoyancy endrin, the Arkanaut Frigate is fast and powerful enough to escape the gravitational drag of a density hole, while retaining enough firepower to level a city should the need arise.

This multi-part plastic kit contains the components necessary to assemble an Arkanaut Frigate. Smaller than an Ironclad, larger than a Gunhauler, it dominates the skies by means of its dirigible and is covered in weaponry – a heavy skycannon or skyhook as a front-facing main weapon, with aethershot carbines, grudgesettler bombs, skymines and detonation drills attached to the hull, with belaying valves for ramming-speed assaults.

A huge ancestor figurehead glares balefully from the prow, and the duardin crew is appropriately detailed – a captain stands before the instruments and wheel, a navigator perches in the crow’s nest, sextant aloft and an endrinrigger wields an oil can and hammer, fervently replacing rivets and lubricating components to keep the Frigate skyward. Most of these details can be modelled on the frigate in different ways; there’s plenty of space on the side of the hull to name the ship. Paint it on in duardin runes for authenticity!

This kit comes as 88 components and includes a Citadel 120mm Oval base, with  a 50mm ball and socket flying stem.

Download the rules HERE.


Arkanaut Admiral $25


An Arkanaut Admiral is the leader of an airfleet. An Admiral does not have a ship of his own, as each ship has a Captain at the wheel, but will nominate one craft as his flagship. It takes success and tremendous profit for a duardin to catapult themselves into the upper echelons of the airfleets, and individuals that have done so are battle-scarred veterans that have seen countless wars, boarding actions and aerial bombardments.

This multi-part plastic kit contains the components necessary to assemble an Arkanaut Admiral. He leads Kharadron Overlords armies into battle by example, charging into the fray wielding a huge skalfhammer and volley pistol. His knowledge of the Kharadron Code is second to none, which proves a great advantage in a fight. His ornate armour is covered in pipes, valves and gadgets – years of service have meant many augmentations to make combat and leadership easier. The miniature stands atop a molten heap of industrial waste, adding detail to his base.

This model comes as 12 components, and is supplied with a Citadel 32mm Round base.

Download the rules HERE.

Warscroll Cards: Kharadron Overlords $15

The Horus Heresy Book 43: Shattered Legions (Hardback) $30

Driven almost to the brink of self-destruction at Isstvan V, the Iron Hands now seek vengeance for the murder of their primarch Ferrus Manus. Gathering survivors from the Raven Guard and the Salamanders aboard any vessels capable of warp travel, these Shattered Legions wage a new campaign of annihilation against the traitor forces across the galaxy – a campaign masterminded by legendary warleader Shadrak Meduson. This Horus Heresy anthology contains ten short stories by authors including Dan Abnett, Chris Wraight, John French and many more. Also, in the novella The Seventh Serpent, Graham McNeill revisits the ragtag crew of the starship Sisypheum as they are drawn into a war of subterfuge against the Alpha Legion.

It’s the contents of the anthology Meduson collected together with Graham McNeill’s The Seventh Serpent to form the definitive collection of Shattered Legions fiction. See how Shadrak Meduson’s feud with Horus plays out and the lengths to which these hardy survivors will go to score victories over the traitors.

Meduson by Dan Abnett
The Noose by David Annandale
The Keys of Hel by John French
Unforged & Unspoken by Guy Haley
Immortal Duty by Nick Kyme
The Either & The Seventh Serpent by Graham McNeill
Deeds Endure by Gav Thorpe
Grey Talon & The Hand Elect by Chris Wraight


Kharadron Overlords New Releases $205


Looks like GW has another hit on their hands – who knew dwarf sky-pirates would be so cool!

  • memitchell

    When I buy more stuff, my beloved wife “glares balefully.”

    Well, she would if I wasn’t “fast and powerful enough to escape the gravitational drag of a density hole.”

    I know, right?

  • Donovan Palmer

    Wow if they could release a Demiurg (squats) faction in 40k along the same vein as these guys. (nomadic astroid miners who hunt space whales wit power harpoons) I would give GW all of my money.

    • dave long island

      Careful there. We’re hardcore here at BOLS. We’ll hold you to that. And we’ll know if you don’t give all of it. Oh yes, we’ll know… LOL 🙂

  • MechBattler

    That balloon frigate really stays up on that scrawny little stem? For some reason I see that breaking in about 10 seconds.

    • Randy Randalman

      It’s hollow and plastic, while the stem is solid and gets wider at the base. It’s also buried a good 1/2″ into the middle and “clicks” into place like a good phone charger.

      • MechBattler

        It just looks so flimsy compared to a standard flyer stem…

  • John Henry III

    5+ save on the frigate? Are you kidding me? The gunhauler was bad enough. This thing is going to get torn to shreds like wet tissue paper! Everything kills this thing easily, and its firepower…. what the hell GW? The ship has a pitiful firepower for its points cost, its going to die super fast and…. Jesus

    • Randy Randalman

      The Frigate isn’t a fighter ship. It isn’t the gun boat. It’s meant to transport a unit unscathed, and it also has 1000 abilities. Oh, and there are dozens of ways within the army to increase its save, it’s move, etc. If people are spending their own firepower worrying about a Frigate, they’re dying the buff bubbles of doom the rest of the army has access to.

      • John Henry III

        its 280 pts thats 14% of your army (2k game)…. for…. if we do the math the expected damage output at full health within 12″ will be 3.87 wounds to a liberator squad. (this is not counting their re roll ones on saves). so not even 2 liberators. 14% of your army shooting at full power will kill 20pts of guys 1%. At that point the enemy has no reason to ever shoot the frigate, its threat to the enemy is negligible.

        • YetAnotherFacelessMan

          From whence comes your 280 points? There’s no mention of points that I can see on the warscroll itself. I know there will be points values in the book, but it isn’t out yet. I thought it might be in the app, but they haven’t added them yet.

          Also, I think there’s a bit more to the game than just mathing out expected damage at 12″. Were it me, I’d Fire at just under 18″. Liberators move at 5″, so they’d be unable to get a charge off, even on a roll of double sixes. Then, you could either readjust range and shoot again, or (if you feel you’ve softened them enough) dump your Arkanaut Company out 3″, have them move their 4″ forward, and then fire everything from 12″ over them.

          So, if we’re just talking about a white room scenario, a single arkanaut frigate will eventually defeat an infinite amount of liberators because the liberators can’t catch it. If we’re talking about a more complicated scenario, it’s useful to know how much damage you can expect on average, but dice will surprise you.

          Maybe one of the other ships will be more to your taste as a dedicated gunboat.

          • John Henry III

            the 280pts was leaked elsewhere. FYI the gunhauler is 220 and the Ironclad is 440

          • YetAnotherFacelessMan

            Elsewhere, where else?

        • Yes thats what utility units do… they aren’t there to shred the enemy. They are there to provide utility.

          Its threat is its abilities and utilities.

  • piglette

    Those are funky!

  • Rainthezangoose

    One thing to be aware of that if it’s destroyed (the frigate) with a hero on board you have a 1/6 chance of said hero being instant deathed. Yikes. Don’t let that happen folks you know your tempting fate if you do.