GW: Next Week’s Prices & Products CONFIRMED


LOOK! Up in the sky! It’s steampunk Dwarfs – in airships…and they’re well armed! Also, Horus Heresy.

It’s time to float over to the 8 Realms this week for the introduction of GW’s next stunning range for Age of Sigmar!  The Kharadron Overlords are coming – with some pissed off veterans of the Horus Heresy to keep them company on the store shelves.

Age of Sigmar

Battletome: Kharadron Overlords $40 (hardcover)

Kharadron Overlords: Arkanaut Frigate $80

Kharadron Overlords: Arkanaut Admiral $25

Kharadron Overlords: Arkanaut Company $45 (10 models)


Kharadron Overlords: Warscrolls $15




Black Library

Shattered Legions $30 (Hardback)

Driven almost to the brink of self-destruction at Isstvan V, the Iron Hands now seek vengeance for the murder of their primarch Ferrus Manus. Gathering survivors from the Raven Guard and the Salamanders aboard any vessels capable of warp travel, these Shattered Legions wage a new campaign of annihilation against the traitor forces across the galaxy – a campaign masterminded by legendary warleader Shadrak Meduson. This Horus Heresy anthology contains ten short stories by authors including Dan Abnett, Chris Wraight, John French and many more. Also, in the novella The Seventh Serpent, Graham McNeill revisits the ragtag crew of the starship Sisypheum as they are drawn into a war of subterfuge against the Alpha Legion.

Meduson by Dan Abnett
The Noose by David Annandale
The Keys of Hel by John French
Unforged & Unspoken by Guy Haley
Immortal Duty by Nick Kyme
The Either & The Seventh Serpent by Graham McNeill
Deeds Endure by Gav Thorpe
Grey Talon & The Hand Elect by Chris Wraight

Audio book narrated by Jonathan Keeble.

~Who’s picking up what?

  • crazytuco

    Alright GW, I dig the look of those dwarves, but I don’t feel like starting a whole new army. Could you please hurry up and release whatever you’re going to call the AoS-ified Mordheim? Thanks.

    • thereturnofsuppuppers

      Could always play Hinterlands

      • I second this. Just started a warband for Hinterlands myself and already have ideas for more, including a Kharadron warband. GW could do a lot worse than bringing the creator into the fold and making Hinterlands official, the same as they’ve done with Scroll Builder.

      • crazytuco

        I have heard exactly nothing about this, but after figuring out that the best search terms for google are “hinterlands skirmish” I’m off to read me some rules.

        • thereturnofsuppuppers

          Its a pretty nice version of kill team for AoS. Its solid enough to have quick games with a box or two of guys, while also open enough to add your own rules.

    • Randy Randalman

      It’s called Shadespire, and it isn’t going to be anything like Mordheim at all. It’s going to be an arena-style skirmish like X-Wing or Arena Rex. It is a VERY tight rules set designed solely for competitive play. Yes, a GW game with no other modes intended except competitive. They have been play-testing it for 18 months already, and it’s still got until the holidays before it comes out.

      • crazytuco

        I am aware of shadespire and was not referring to it.

    • euansmith

      I’m definitely going to pick up a box for “Counts As Scouts” in Armageddon.

    • dave long island

      Pretty sure it is going to be called AoS-ified Mordheim.

  • I’m tempted to use the Arkanauts in Shadow War as Squats…not sure which Kill Team to use them as or maybe I should just use the old 2nd ed stats…

    • caljenks

      hey you! i like the way you think! 🙂

      • BenTheMan

        Why not go even further and just play the Old Necromunda? ^^

        • I’d forgotten about the Squat miners…

          • BenTheMan

            See, Old Necromunda has it all. 😀

        • rtheom

          They found and burned all copies of the rules when they stopped supporting it. They also formatted any electronic devices with the rules saved on them. Did you forget about GW’s super secret “no going back” policy?

    • ILikeToColourRed

      either scouts or guard with less movement maybe

  • Any chance of getting these prices in pounds sterling at some point? Is it that difficult?

    • BenTheMan

      BolS is an US Website, so it’s kinda obvious they show the $ Tag.

      • Haighus

        Yeah, but it shouldn’t be very difficult for them to show the other prices too, seeing as they often get their info from a White Dwarf with lots of currencies listed.

        • orionburn

          But making that funny £ symbol is hard!

      • No reason they can’t do both. In fact, as an English-language website I can think of a number of reasons why it would be worth their while to list currencies for all English-speaking countries.

    • Nwttp

      About as difficult as you doing the conversion yourself

      • Haighus

        Seeing as they often get this from an early White Dwarf, which contains prices in all the major currencies GW trades in, and the fact that GW often doesn’t follow the exchange rate very well, it would generally be easier for BoLS to do it.

        • Aeonic

          They get there info from US retailers; the WD does not have these prices.

          • Haighus

            Fair enough in those cases, although I have seen at least one of these articles that post the White Dwarf at the bottom, or link to it.

          • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

            The £ prices have been on another certain rumour site for a while so they could just use google…

          • thereturnofsuppuppers

            That certain rumour site is years a head of bols in terms of quality.

      • danutzfreeman

        How many times are we gonna have this argument? GW has their own currency converter for their prices,just check the price on the US and UK website,you’ll see they don’t match.

      • Yep, as others have touched on the exchange rate is only one of the factors that contributes to the price difference, so it would be a rough guide at best. Hardly makes sense for me to waste my time with an inaccurate conversion when this semi-professional hobby news website could rustle up the actual figures relatively easily for the benefit of a large section of their audience.

        • Nwttp

          So they should waste their time because you can’t use Google? In other words it’s even easier than actually converting to pounds…

          • It wouldn’t be a waste of their time. It would be a simple way to appeal to a large section of their audience. Why are you being so combative about it anyway? What difference does it make to you if they add other currencies?

          • Nwttp

            I’m not being combative. Just seems like such a small thing for you to get prissy about.

      • euansmith

        GW doesn’t always do a straight conversion between currencies.

        • Ben_S

          I don’t pay too much attention to other currencies, but they do seem to have their own exchange rate. I generally work on $5 = £3. (Based on the price of a Codex.)

    • Samuel Harvey New


    • Xodis

      Do you go to websites based outside the US and demand US currency as well?

  • Randy Randalman

    One of the best looking factions in table top gaming existence.

    • euansmith

      What, has someone posted photos of minis from Dark Ages? 😉

  • Shinnentai

    UK prices from another site (apparently confirmed by multiple UK retailers) :

    Arkanaut Company £27.50

    Admiral £15

    Frigate £50

    Book £25

    Cards £10

    Makes me wonder how much the big airship will cost!

    • Jasko

      I think something like Alarielle is to be expected. She comes at £80/$130

      • Shinnentai

        Yeah – I suppose for a centre-piece model I can deal with that. I’ll only be getting one, and even then I’m going to wait until I paint up a frigate and arconaut company before I buy into the faction any further, so that’s likely a couple of months away at least!

      • orionburn

        That’s what I’ve been expecting compared to the other AoS models close to that size. The other airship doesn’t look all that much larger, but maybe it has more options on it. I’d love to see it come in closer to the $100 mark but guessing that won’t happen.

        • Jasko

          The closer to $100 the better 😉
          It is noticeably larger than the Frigate, but we will have to see. Nagash comes at $105, Bloodthirster and Lord of Change cost $115, a stardrake $140 even.

          • orionburn

            I support my FLGS as much as possible but on the bigger kits it’s hard not to turn to Ebay. You could likely get this for at least $20 cheaper (if not more) and for me save close to another $10 on taxes. I’m just wondering if the big airship is going to hit 1 week or 2 weeks from now. They still have the small ships to release along with the rest of the troops.

          • Jasko

            Good question, how did they usually do it with the centerpiece model in a three-week release? In the middle or as a grand finale? I did not pay enough attention, to be honest.

            I don’t even have a FLGS to support! I only ever went to official GW stores when I was younger and ordering online didn’t exist. I am going to take full advantage of GB still being in the EU and the weak pound and get the stuff online from England. Along with as anything else I still may need to finish up my WHFB armies for good.

          • orionburn

            I never paid attention either. I would think as a grand finale. If you buy that in week 2 you have no money left for week 3….lol.

          • Jasko

            Makes sense.

    • Ben_S

      I’m surprised, and pleased, that ten of these guys are cheaper than ten of the hammerer/longbeards.

      • Shinnentai

        I suspect the larger size of the arconauts and their special weapon options is balanced by the extra sprue space needed for the hammerer/longbeards dual-kit, but I also think we’re seeing the slightly less extortionate GW pricing of late compared to WFB pricing which got pretty insane.

      • Jasko

        Agreed. $80 for the Arkanaut Frigate is the same pricetag as the Celestant-Prime, which is definitely less material for your money.

  • Devourer

    Damn I would pick up the battletome if it was just softcover and half the price.

    • orionburn

      $40 I can live with as I was expecting it to be close to the $50 mark compared to some of the other ‘tomes. These guys will be my gateway into AoS when I can afford it…lol

    • The days of $20 army books from GW ended in roughly 1998.

      • Sz

        Ah those were the days though– back then I owned all the books. Not just most books, I’d buy all of them whether I was building the army or not. Nowadays? I have 2 books– that I bought grudgingly. It’s a losing battle, but I really wish GW would hire someonewith an economics background to find optimal price points. There is an edge (I suspect $30-$40) where you would get more money because sales outstrip profit margin.

        Yeah Yeah, purely anecdotal, and it’s all moot since were are heading to scrolls for both major product lines.

        • Based on quite a few online polls about pricing, it would seem the community’s average pricing point is $200. Thats the max they want to pay for the entire game… rules AND army combined.

          For a company with stockholders, that’s probably not sustainable though.

        • orionburn

          I’m one of those. If the dexes were around $20-25 I’d likely own at least 80% of them. Some armies I have absolutely zero interest in, but for others I’d read for the fluff. Getting into codex is a better gateway drug to doing another army than models alone.

      • Commissar Molotov

        That was also when my interest began to wane, coincidentally.

  • Keith Wilson

    30% markup after currency conversion makes me sad

    • Jasko

      It’s a big difference, sure is. But to be fair, the pound is very weak right now.

      • Shinnentai

        Yeah – looks like the relative prices between UK and US are at the previous 1.6 mark which was held for a few years.

        To be fair, GW do obviously have significant US overhead and distribution costs so it’s not like their US pricing can be directly tied to the USD/GBP exchange rate. They do also use outsourcing to China for things such as their terrain, so they’re losing out when importing that into UK to sell at GBP (especially as Chinese factories often prefer contracts in USD).

        More importantly, GW’s goods are priced at what the market can stand. If the frigate had been released at $80 two years ago it would have sold, just as it will sell when released at $80 now. US customers won’t stop buying it even in the knowledge that GW are making more profits due to the exchange rates.

        • Xodis

          I hear the outsourcing to China for terrain thing a lot, but I thought that was a single item or two and got shut down quickly when it wasn’t up to par. Can anyone confirm this?

  • Iron Father Stronos

    ‘Ard Back Battletome eh?

  • Commissar Molotov

    Oh, you poor Dwarves. What have they done to you? At least this time they gave you clothes.

    • Shinnentai

      They’ve given them airships. AIRSHIPS!


  • Rainthezangoose

    Its an English company based in the UK, and you have lots of British people (who keep asking for sterling) on the site. PUT PRICES IN STERLING AND EUROS PLEASE. It would take, what three seconds?