GW: Rumor Engine “That’s No Miniature”

Games Workshop has another teaser and this one is full of the Xenos…

Who doesn’t enjoy a good teaser image from GW? Well this one is all Xenos all the time!

via Warhammer Community

“Wait… what? This doesn’t look like a miniature…”


Well now, this IS interesting! We have what is very clearly a Tau Tash’var Sept Rune, an Eldar Rune, and some type of fanged skull. The Eldar Rune that is used first appeared in Codex: Eldar (2nd Ed.) according to this site. Perhaps this is related to the new Xenos book that will be coming with 8th Edition.

What’s throwing me off is that cabling. What do you suppose that could be from? GW did mention new factions, what if this is Exodite related!? How cool would that be!


What say you, internet sleuths!? Let us know in the comments below!

  • Badtucker
    • NNextremNN

      I thought that this looked strangely elder and tau.

    • The rune stands for ‘Eldar’ in general.

  • Kritarion

    Codex: Xenos

    • Zingbaby

      Yeah it’s this.

  • Rajak

    Exodites?! Seriously?! They are a great conversion but have no place in proper 40K. They are a planet bound army that do not travel the stars and get embroiled into conflicts.

    • Foxdonut

      “planet bound army that do not travel the stars and get embroiled in conflict”
      Lol, what??! How do you think war works?

      Space Dudes: we have come to destroy you, exploit your resources, and marry your waifus.
      Amish: sorry bro, we dont have space ships.
      Space Dudes: Crap, to the next planet lads!

      • Rajak

        Agreed they are a defending force that see limited action. They are not movers or shakers of the galaxy. They want to just live a backwater life without all that technology getting in the way.

        • Munn

          So do a lot of the other planets that get munched.

        • Grimgor

          Just like lizarman were in Whfb then ?
          Just like dwarfs were in whfb then ?
          Just like Tallarn in 40k ?

          • Karru

            Lizardmen were the only faction you listed that doesn’t “actively” march to war with others.

            Dwarfs in WHFB totally march towards war constantly. Grudges need to be settled all across the Old World.

            Tallarn are part of the Imperial Guard, thus they are tied to their Military Command, which can order them to join a conflict somewhere.

            Exodites have always been said to be backwater and not interested in war at all. They fight against each other sometimes, but most of the time they live a very “peaceful” life. The only reason why people want to see them is the cool “space dinos” they have, but lore-wise they make no sense why they would be fighting Tau or Thousand Sons.

            Exodites are not known to leave their worlds. Eldar sometimes have Webway Gates to Exodite worlds, but Exodites themselves don’t travel outside their own worlds.

          • Muninwing

            dwarfs marched to war…

            and Lizardmen were underutilized

            but Tallarn forces are Guard — they go where they are told to go.

        • georgelabour

          The same could be said of the Knight Worlds who were set up as the human counter part to the Exodites.

          And judging from how many freeblades end up joining all those astartes chapters that are being led by an inquisitor…

        • Moonsaves

          “They are a defending force”
          You mean like Eldar Guardians?

        • kingcobra668

          Exodites have lots of tech still

      • Muninwing

        they are, by definition, a defensive army only, and only fight those who come to their planet.

        unlike everyone else.

        what’s more, unless they are on tactically advantageous planets, or ones with important resources, they will be left alone in favor of easier pickings. there are, after all, billions of planets. and the exodites fled to ones that were (at the time) out of the way.

        but with all the new rules changes, positioning doesn’t seem to matter as much anymore, so maybe that’s all moot too?

    • Sebastien Bazinet

      Could apply that same logic to Genestealer Cults

    • bfmusashi

      They have webway access on some worlds and the new united Eldar race would likely be reaching out to them. It’s not less limited than Tau.

    • georgelabour

      There’s never been anything in the fluff stating that they never get involved in conflicts outside of their respective planets.

      It’s also worth noting that GW did have an entire exodite range planned for Titan Legions as the eldar counterpart to the reintroduced Knights. Sadly it never saw the light of day aside from a ‘coming soon’ page in the back of a miniatures catalog.

      And since most of the extant fluff on them originated in the time leading up to that…….

    • kingcobra668

      Webways and defending their many planets.

    • knightsanguis

      They could be part of the Ynnari faction.

    • Jabberwokk

      Those who do not wield swords can still die by them.

    • The_Illusionist

      Exodites still have access to the webway. There’s nothing that stops them from walking from their own planet, to go and defend a Craftworld or an under-threat Crone World.

  • Talos2

    It’s just artwork, it could just be a random inconsequential picture on a page in a new book

  • karloss01

    It’s the front cover of the alliance book – Xenos.

    Tyranid exoskeleton in the forground.
    Nercon pipes beneath.
    Eldar glyphs (and tau) encircling the two.
    And the bottom right that seems to circle beneath the Eldar runes is the Tau’s language font.
    The Orks may have a skull centred on the cover.

    • Shawn

      Not a bad guess. I’d be interested to see if you’re correct.

    • ZeeLobby

      Damn, good guess.

      • karloss01

        Based it off the image they’re using of the half and half of imperial and chaos.

    • Heinz Fiction

      All my favorite armies in one book would be cool!

    • Jabberwokk


  • sniperjack

    Or Deathwatch. Mortifactors collect trinkets of their foes. Same for Deathwatch

  • Multigeneral

    It’s a Nocrotaudar Etherautarord!!!

  • paxter

    If gw do exodites I will use my life savings to get me a full army on day 1

    • Chad Wick

      You’re not going to find many 325 point games, zing!

  • Agent of Change

    Just a a wild guess, and off the beaten track… perhaps it’s exodites perhaps not, but what if we are getting Eldar members of the growing Tau Empire, either a craftworld or exodite world(s) in expanding Tau space? but that’s just an out there wishful thinking…

    it’s probably just teh cover to the Xenos Book

  • Shawn

    I haven’t been playing 40k all that long compared to some of you, but what basically amounts to elves riding dinosaurs seems very silly and smacks of old 1950’s sci-fi B-movies where the best special effects were stop-gap motion filming.

    • Dennis J. Pechavar

      I’ve been saying that about Thunderwolf Cav for a few years now. Also Santa Grimnar but GW hears these comments and takes them as a dare to make the silly go up a notch.

      • Shawn

        Sometimes it seems so yeah. Even with Harlequins I picture 18th century French Mimes with potions of speed dancing and spinning a ballet mime-ing you to death.

        • Dennis J. Pechavar

          Hahaha! I love Harlies but I hear you.

    • Andrew

      That it reminds you of those old movies is a bad thing?

      • Shawn

        In this case yeah. It just doesn’t make any sense, like those movies. Instead of cowboys riding dinosaurs it’s space elves. Still doesn’t make a lot of sense and seems rather silly. Although, if GW could come up with a reasonable explanation without relying on cliche’s as a reason for them, I’d be okay with it. Granted, I don’t know the Exodites all that well, but not knowing the background, yeah, very silly.

  • Mr.Fister

    Well I know this is said so many thimes – nobody wants to hear it any more but I believe and life taught me if sth. is reapeted often enough it comes true! Before you give us new factions plz. rework some of the existing armies. There was a huge demand for the last 4 SoB models you made, so give us a whole army of them: two infrantry and one vehicle box would be enough for the start. Then redo the CSM. They have some decent models but the HQ and the cult troops need some attention.

    • Andrew

      well, we got one cult troop, and we’re getting another very soon, so things are looking good for the other two gods.

  • Keith Wilson

    new Icon for XENOS … much like the aquila or chaos star

  • SilentPony

    Since when did a picture warrant an entire Rumor Engine?!

    • Xodis

      It never did, but thats what makes this one so enticing! lol

  • allheilstormcrow

    Archives of scholemance

  • Xodis

    I’m voting a Xenos book, that will eventually be broken down into separate BattleTombs later. Its pretty much the only explaination why a picture would be worth this type of hype.

  • Krzysztof Jasinski

    I’m right with Badtucker – i think we will get a good nexos teaser

    Good Nexos – it will be Tau + All Eldar + Exodites and other add-on minis to give more variety

    So It will be also Chaos codex

    And Horde Codex – Orks , Necrons, Tyranids ,
    I will be not suprised that last one will became some kind chaos next gods with some dark magic of script

  • georgelabour

    Like so many others I’m going to guess this is part of the cover for the upcoming ‘grand alliance: xenos’ book that’s supposedly coming on the first day of the new edition.

    Judging from the way it’s set up my guess this is som kind of doomsday clock.

    Or just a spinner wheel the high lords flick to decide which horrific alien terror they’ll try to stave off this year.

  • Jared McWilliams

    Skull looks tyranid like.

  • Ludwig Hesselbach

    There was a scene in the GW teaser trailer for the new edition that looked very much like this. That pointing bone/device I can swear was in the clip.

  • Simon

    Cabling could just be there because it’s a sci-if setting. Could also be for Necrons I suppose.

  • Socrates Kentaro Matsuura

    besides exodites, could it be a xenos hunting new race – like the predator? one that carries its kills around n stuff – nid skull, tau and eldar markings on their collar… like those fighter pilots that painted the flags of their victims on their planes….
    or just plain taudar becomes an official thing (ugh)

  • Jim Morr

    I do have a bad feeling about it. Aliens are a single side now. Eldar / Tau couple riding aTyranid beast controlled with necron technology…?

  • BurpinforDayz

    Exodites imo would be way too high fantasy and stupid in theme for my liking. Much too like another certain painfully average terrible game that begins with an A that has relatively awful fluff.

  • vash113

    Seriously if you look around the edge of the xenos symbols you can see the edges of an Inquisitorial I. This is almost certainly a sigil from the Deathwatch and with the blade visible hovering over a Tau sept symbol maybe it’s indicating a new boxed set, campaign expansion, or dual codex release, might even be teasing the Fires of Cyraxis, that much delayed Forge World Imperial Armor book.

  • Roman Himmelhan

    part of the inner box layout of an alien triumvirat? The imperial boxes had a circelish layout as well…

  • Chris Hateley

    It’s a space marine.

  • Karl Andre

    Its obviously kill Trophies of some sort so its either a Deathwatch Character or an Ordo Xenos Inquisitor