HeroClix: Daredevil Joins Avengers/Defenders War

Three new additions this week: a dark take on Daredevil, and super villains Gladiator and Batroc!

Pre-release events for this new set are coming up soon. In the meantime, the Avengers/Defenders War set keeps getting more awesome…


Daredevil carries one trait, called Leader of the Hand. This trait allows Daredevil to use Stealth. Additionally, once per turn, Daredevil can be given a power action to place a #015 Hand Ninja from outside the game in a square of hindering terrain, within range and line of fire. And, if a friendly character with The Hand keyword was KO’d since your last turn, this is a free action instead of a power action.

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As a skilled costume and clothing designer, Melvin Potter turned to a life of crime and designed his own suit of armor and saw blade weapons, calling himself the Gladiator.  He was frequently foiled by Daredevil and had a run in or two with Iron Man before getting his life in order and reforming his criminal ways.  On the HeroClix map, he brings a healthy mix of close combat and range combat utilities along with the durability to last through a fight for his 60 points.

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At 40 points, Batroc is a close combat master, a martial artist of the highest caliber, and the leader of Batroc’s Brigade. As ‘ze lee-pair’, Batroc specializes in never being constrained on his movement, and that’s recognized on his dial by Improved Movement – Ignores Elevated Terrain, Ignores Hindering Terrain, and Ignores Characters.

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