HeroClix: Nuke and Porcupine join Avengers/Defenders War

This preview adds a  hyper violent villain and a reformed criminal turned Avenger!

Porcupine was forced to surrender his battle suit and join the Avengers when his life of crime didn’t pay. Nuke is a hyper aggressive super villain who has taken on Daredevil and Wolverine. Both of these characters are making their Heroclix debut with this set. Check them out…

Nuke has a point value of 70 and the standard speed, attack, defense, and damage symbols.  He also can shoot one target up to five squares away.  Nuke’s dial is six clicks deep and his power layout makes him a dangerous foe at range or up close.  Aside from his tattooed face, Nuke’s most notable characteristic is his consumption of medications that boost his aggression, calm him down, or keep him balanced.

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Porcupine doesn’t come with the notoriety of other villains, but he does have a low point value of 40 and a dial that’s five clicks deep. He also has the standard speed, attack, defense, and damage symbols.  His power set is geared towards close combat, and his two opening clicks of Plasticity make him a difficult foe to shake.  However, Porcupine’s main strength is in his battle suit, which lets him absorb some damage dealt to him via Toughness.

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  • Russell White

    Porcupine was never a member of the Avengers. Despite being a classic “goofy” marvel villian, He’s showing up in heroclix mainly due to his supporting cast status in Spider-Woman

    Fun fact, Nuke should have a “weapon X” keyword, as part of the “weapon plus” program (captain America was weapon one, Wolverine was weapon 10, I think Nuke was weapon 6)