Hordes’ Grymkin Launch Details & Products

HORDES’ latest faction is heading your way soon with a slew of launch products.

The Grymkin have been teased for several weeks and retailers are just getting word of exactly then they are hitting the shelves.



Look for Grymkin to arrive to retailers in July, hot on the heels of Lock & Load 2017. 

Here’s a set of some of the initial launch items:

Grymkin Army Box $199.00

1 50-point Grymkin army including: 1 Heretic, 1 Skin & Moans Heavy Warbeast, 1 Gorehound Light Warbeast, 1 Cage Rager Heavy Warbeast, 1 Hollowmen & Lantern Man Unit (11), 1 Piggybacks Unit, 1 Dread Rots Unit (10), 1 Lord Longfellow Solo, and 1 Witchwood Solo.

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Forces of HORDES: Grymkin $41.99 (HC) $31.99 (SC)

The Wicked Harvest provides everything WARMACHINE and HORDES players need to dive into the sinister background of the newest HORDES Faction. In addition to chilling background material on everything grymkin, the book also contains rules for two theme forces for the new army as well as new scenarios for players to use to experience the horror of the Wicked Harvest’s assault on the world of Caen.

Cast down to the hells of Urcaen by Menoth long ago, the Defiers and their grymkin armies have risen again to punish the wicked across all of Immoren. Freed by the Old Witch, Zevanna Agha, the Defiers now work toward their own ends. Each is a self-made godlike being who wields uncanny power to reap what is due from the corrupted denizens of Caen. The harvest of the damned will not end so long as the hearts of humankind remain tainted and debased.

Within these covers you will find a trove of evocative Grymkin lore and imagery that will prepare you to reap for the Defiers and harvest the sins of the wicked. Learn the shadowed history of the Grymkin and their dark masters, who dared to stand against the god Menoth. Tease out the truth of the horrific Grymkin warbeasts, formed from the Defiers’ own tormented nightmares, and acquire the secrets of the magical powers each Defier wields, known as Arcana, by which they reshape battlefields. Unleash the malevolent power of your Grymkin army upon your foes with two specialized theme forces, and take inspiration from a painting guide that will fuel your own maddened creativity as you summon your forces to reap the Wicked Harvest.


Skin Moans $34.99



Hollowmen with Lantern Men $49.99


Deathknell $84.99


The Child $34.99

Glimmer Imp $9.99

Katarina Rose $12.99

Cask Imp $11.99

More Grymkin Details

~Start saving up your pennies!

  • Donald Lindsey

    Probably the coolest stuff they’ve ever done…unfortunately the quality of casting and materials will almost certainly be on crappie par with all of their other stuff.

    • zeno666

      Could be worse, could be Finecast 😉

    • ZeeLobby

      While not my favorite, it could be worse. I’d still take it over metal or finecast. I’d probably take it over FW resin and some of the FFG plastic as well.

      • Donald Lindsey

        I’d take finecast over most of FFG stuff nowadays.

        • ZeeLobby

          Well you sir are a glutton for bubbles. I’ll take slightly less detailed and cleanup required pieces over giant missing holes anyday, haha. My DE grotesques already looked like they had been shot to death, which I guess is somewhat fitting.

          • Matthew Pomeroy

            they have been, rotten blighters

          • Shawn

            That’s surprising, considering I’ve gotten a lot of finecast stuff over the years and never had bubbles.

          • ZeeLobby

            and you are the luckiest man on earth, lol. People have said that it’s gotten better, but my friend opened a box yesterday and one whole arm was basically bubbled through. GW will send replacements (as does PP), but it’s disappointing to not have your new model that day.

          • Shawn

            True enough. I’ll be glad when everything goes to plastic, that’s for sure. In fact, LotD is out of stock, so I’m praying they go to plastic soon.

          • Mira Bella

            Yeah. That’s why they replaced it. Because it was just too good.

        • dave long island

          Hey now, let’s not say anything we can’t take back… lol

  • ZeeLobby

    Glimmer imp, you will be mine!

  • Coltcabunny

    So, any news on the EU availability of that Grymkin box? Or are we gonna be screwed over again?

    • Chaoschrist

      I suppose we could get it, if we’re willing to pay through the nose for it. Shipping and additional duty fees. But I guess in that case, yes, we’re screwed

  • Shawn

    As long as I’ve been playing warmahcine/hordes, I just feel that the Grymkin are out of place in Immoren. It is too much like gothic horror – D&D’s Red Masque and Ravenloft, and Malifaux. And, the faction has a level of creepiness and morbid melancholy that’s would be better suited in its own setting.

    • Huntard

      They’ve actually been part of the setting since it’s inception back before it was even a miniatures game.

      • Raven21001

        Yes and after their D&D setting never heard of again. Most people never even heard about the rpg so its basicly not news for the people that started playing at the end of mk1 when it was gone. I’ve personally never even seen the books back in the day. So for them this comes over as forced or not fitting.

        • JN7

          So, for people who have completely ignored the setting, the faction doesn’t fit. OK.

          • Raven21001

            Well no I am just pointing out it isn’t known for them so hencewise it doesn’t fit for them. In my opinion it doesn’t really fit either, even though I know the lore but it has been neglected to say the least. But I am happy its there for the people that wish to play it.

    • OldHat

      I am with you on this. Just not feeling this faction.

  • OldHat

    Really not digging this faction. Feels far out of character to me with the existing setting (no matter their inclusion in the RPG, that was ages ago). This feels very Malifaux and not at all Hordes.

    • Matthew Pomeroy

      it has a very malifaux feel, which is the rpg i will be getting some of these for 😀