Icons of the Realm: Epic Level Starter Kit

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Another batch of Icons of the Realm is coming out from Wizkids, this time it’s all about adventurers…

As Bonnie Tyler has rightly pointed out–we all need a hero. There are a ton of miniatures out there for monsters–there are some pretty sweet ones that you can get as part of the other entries in Wizkids’ other miniatures line: Monster Menagerie. But here’s something for the players–they’ve taken their prepainted heroes from the Icons of the Realms and shown how they’ve leveled up so far, and I believe they have plans to keep updating the minis as the adventure continues, which sounds like a cool concept.

I like the idea of having your miniature change to represent your character as they grow and accomplish great deeds–or, more accurately have great deeds happen to them. Also, this set has one of the best representations of game mechanics I’ve seen in a while (really, not since the Gelatinous Cube with the hollow base you can put over another mini)–their halfling thief comes in both normal:

…and stealth flavor

The whole line looks pretty fantastic. See for yourself…

via Wizkids

Icons of the Realms Epic Level Starter Kit$24.99 (June 2017)

The heroes have leveled up with all new equipment and effects to continue their epic level Dungeons & Dragons adventure in this latest fantasy miniatures series!

The D&D Icons of the Realms Miniatures Epic Level Starter follows the adventures of the six heroes from the Icons of the Realms Starter Set, including the alternate clear version of the Halfling Thief, as they level-up and advance on their mission.

Dungeons & Dragons comes alive on the tabletop with the D&D Icons of the Realms Miniatures Epic Level Starter which includes 7 new miniatures and a foldable 21 x 15 inch paper map for your next adventure.

Happy Adventuring!

  • Shawn

    They don’t look that bad at all. I especially like the dwarf. Unfortunately, rarely is there a miniature that accurately depicts your character unless you build a pc around a particular mini.

    • Evil Otto

      Or unless you use Hero Forge… but that’s expensive.

      • Shawn

        True enough. I’ve been to their sight several times. and they are expensive. However, you are getting a stylized personal mini.

        • Evil Otto

          Yep. I’ve used them a couple of times, and some in my gaming group have too. I’m pretty impressed, especially now that they print with material that doesn’t snap in half if you look at it the wrong way.

          • twincast

            Oh, do they now? Good. Haven’t really kept track of them since ordering a handful of minis a couple of years ago. With shipping spread across them the price wasn’t so bad. Hmm… I wonder whether that bow and arrow pose in their promo art is finally selectable.

          • twincast

            Nope, still no proper arrow. But you can mirror poses now; that is (and would’ve been) useful for sure.

          • Shawn

            That’s good news. I’m hoping they can get the gnoll down right. Not to keen on their anthopomorphic dog adventuerer.

  • twincast

    I didn’t even know they rereleased the Icons of the Realms starter set with a male wood elf druid replacing Drizzt. Well, I guess I’ll buy both that and this epic level version (with flashier poses and slightly changed color schemes) – solely for the potential occasion of one day playing (slightly houseruled) D&D5e with hypothetical children of mine. Before switching to 3e (technically slightly houseruled PF with elements from 3.5 and Arcana Evolved) a few years later. At a point in time when the current edition will quite possibly be 7e. XD