Kharadron Overlords: Formations & Unit Rules

We continue our week of Khardron Overlords coverage. Take a look at the formations and units from AoS’s newest faction.

Welcome to  Battletome: Kharadron Overlords, the latest GW Age of Sigmar book dedicated to Order.  We’ve seen dwarfs in various incarnations over the years – but NOTHING like these gold loving sky-pirates.

This books is a new style Battletome that is fully in line with recent post General’s Handbook  releases such as Blades of Khorne. That is, you get Allegiance Abilities, Artifacts, Gifts, Battle Traits, full faction Battalions, Warscrolls and last but not least, Pitched Battle points. Here’s a look at the table of contents:

With an all new faction, we get a heavy background section to introduce them, an small set of Battalions, and a larger set of Warscrolls for all the new models.

Overlords & Gold Basics

As you would expect with an all new faction, the book opens with a heavy dose of background on these short risk taking dwarves who will do anything to acquire more aether-gold. Here’s a set of basics on the Overlords and exactly why they value aether-gold so highly.

Welcome to the Sky-ports

What is aether-gold?


Units & Formations


The book contains 13 units and 5 battalions. Here’s the basics breakdown of the units:

Brokk Grundson – The boss of the faction. 12″ move, and 8 Wounds plus a solid mix of ranged and melee attacks. He can grant buffs to any Overlords within 18″ so he’s generically useful.

Arkanaut Admiral: See Below, your standard general.

Aetheric Navigator: These HEROes unbind spells, make your ships faster and debuff enemy flyers. Handy.

Aether-Khemist: These HEROes buff the weapon stats of nearby Overlords and can nerf enemy close combat abilities.

Endrinmaster: Flying mechanics. These HEROes are EXACTLY what Techmarines should be. Simple and useful rules.

Arkanaut Company: See Below, your standard foot troops.

Arkanaut Ironclad: The big bad SKYVESSEL, carrying up to 25 models and loaded to the brim with weapons. 18 Wounds and a 4+ save will keep it in the fight for a while.

Arkanaut Frigate: See Below, the medium SKYVESSEL.

Grundstock Gunhauler: The small SKYVESSEL, loaded to the brim with weapons, and can take hits for nearby SKYVESSELS. 10 Wounds and a 5+ save will see these go down in flames early, but at least they have no passengers to take with them…

Grundstock Thunderers:  Your heavy weapon foot troops. 5 nasty ranged weapons to choose from and one pesky mechanical bird to keep nearby enemies on their toes.

Endrinriggers: Floating cavalry unit similar to Endrinmaster. They have harpoon tricks to move faster than their 12″ standard move, and can fix nearby SKYVESSELS!

Skywardens: Similar to Engrinriggers, but no repair ability and additional skymines to blow away nearby foes.


We have the following three from GW as a quick taste.

The middleweight SKYVESSEL is the workhorse of the army.

Gotta love Glory-seekers. I love little rules like that.

Your general most of the time. A nice well rounded set of faction buffs and abilities for his ship.


You get 5 in the book. We’ll show you one to get you the the mood.

Grand Armada: See Below

Iron Sky Command: An Ironclad, Heroes and flying troops. These Overlords protect nearby HEROes.

Iron Sky Squadron: Frigates & Arkanuats. These Overlords are fast and better in assault.

Grundstok Escort Wing: All Grundstok units all the time. These folks get shooting benefits when they focus their fire.

Aetherstrike Force: Combo of Kharadron Overlords & flying Stormclad Eternals! The Stormclads light em up – the Overlords knock em down.

These guys are going to reach out and touch you – sooner than you think.


I want ma GOLD!

Match Play

Of course you get the full list of points for matched play. We will show off just the Battalions to give you a taste. You’ll need to pick up the book for everything else. AND YOU SHOULD!


Battletome: Kharadron Overlords $40

Prosper, or die.

Far above the highest mountain peaks, a new power has arisen. In secrecy they have grown strong, developing new technology and weapons of war. Guided by their Code, the Kharadron Overlords have sent forth their sky-fleets, commanding to return with riches, or not at all…

Battletome: Kharadron Overlords introduces a new duardin army into the worlds of Warhammer Age of Sigmar. A militaristic, mercantile society detached completely from the other branches of duardin that populate the Mortal Realms, they treat war and trade as much the same thing – a means to amass wealth; and they excel at both. More than anything, they seek aether-gold – this lighter-than-air element is their society’s lifeblood, holding their cities aloft, fueling their ships and powering their elaborate armour. Great sky-fleets of warships descend from dozens of sky-ports when a rich seam is discovered; the Kharadron Overlords will fight bitterly to accrue this vital substance, and the status it brings.

In the 144-page hardback Battletome: Kharadron Overlords, you’ll find:


– A detailed explanation of the Kharadron Overlords – how their floating cities, the sky-ports, are powered and populated, their motivations for acquiring aether-gold and their use of the Kharadron Code;
– Information on 6 of the most powerful and important sky-ports amongst the dozens – Barak-Mhornar, Barak-Zilfin, Barak-Thryng, Barak-Zon, Barak-Nar and Barak-Urbaz – explaining the differences in their attitudes toward life and the Code, with a map of locations;
– A timeline of Kharadron history – the exodus that formed them, the establishment of the unifying Kharadron Code and the discovery of aether-gold;
– Their economic system (complete with financial figures for the major sky-ports!), and the Guilds that keep this massive, vital chain of commerce moving;
– The core structure of a Kharadron sky-fleet: while each sky-port has its own quirks, each draws upon the same hierarchy when building a fleet;
– Uniform guides, heraldries and colour schemes for each of the 6 sky-ports detailed in the Battletome, with descriptions of the units and skyvessels each skyport fields.


– The Sky-Ports: each of the 6 named sky-ports in the Battletome have their own unique interpretation of the Kharadron Code, meaning their armies vary wildly in terms of play style – this includes unique Abilities and Artefacts of Power, and unique amendments to the included Warscroll Battalions:
– Barak-Nar armies are masters of science, and are adept at unbinding the spells of their enemies using aethermatics;
– Barak-Zilfin armies are the finest aeronautical sailors, whose units can move and dodge with unprecedented speed;
– Barak-Zon armies seek glory in valour, and rarely shy away from a fight, charging in and attacking with gusto;
– Barak-Urbaz armies are alchemical geniuses, with a higher capacity for artefacts of power;
– Barak-Mhornar armies are indefatigable opportunists, striking suddenly from unexpected quarters;
– Barak-Thryng armies hold unbreakable grudges, and will fight to the death until scores are settled;
– Allegiance Abilities, Command Traits and Battle Traits for armies who belong to sky-ports other than the 6 named in the book – combine Artycles, Amendments and Footnotes to assemble your own interpretation of the Kharadron Code;
– Artefacts of Power: Great Endrinworks to be assigned to any Kharadron Skyvessel with Aethermatic Weapons and Treasures of the Sky-Ports for Kharadron heroes;
– 5 Battleplans: fight battles that epitomise the Kharadron Overlords’ way of war, with unique rules for each;
– 5 Warscroll Battalions, providing extra rules and special tactics for collections of miniatures;
– 12 Warscrolls, containing the rules for your Kharadron Overlord miniatures;
– Pitched Battle profiles with points values for every miniature and Warscroll Battalion;
–        A guide to a Path to Glory campaign – create a warband to fight alongside a Hero, and gain favour throughout a series of battles, gaining followers, swelling the ranks and earning rewards, eventually cementing the warband’s place in history;
– Tips on building and deploying your force, with example armies featuring hints on deployment direct from the designers.

Painting & Modelling

– A guide to Citadel paints for the beginner, detailing how each paint type is applied and in what context;
– Detailed, stage-by-stage guides presenting the colours and techniques used to paint the armies of the 6 named sky-ports;
– Kharadron Features: this goes into that little bit more detail on certain aspects of Kharadron miniatures – the portholes, dome and optics, along with verdigris, a basic guide to markings, weathering and constructing scenic bases;
– Tips and tricks for streamlining and improving your hobby: sub-assemblies, kitbashing and painting artefacts.

~We have much to cover all week – so check back soon!

  • euansmith

    I like the sound of the “Artycles, Amendments and Footnotes”; is this a bit like the old Design Your Own Space Marine Chapter Tactics from 4th Edition 40k.

    • I would love a write your own codex astartes. Where you choose amendments and discuss the historicity and legitimity of interpretations made over the millenia.

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    Okay, new idea for a theme build for an Arkanaut Ironclad.

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      Is it bad that on low volume I heard the chorus as “come drink with me tonight!”

  • Finn The Human

    Whats a stormclad?

    • euansmith

      It sounds like a Sigmarine Drop Ship.

      • Aetherstrike Force: Combo of Kharadron Overlords & flying Stormclad Eternals! The Stormclads light em up – the Overlords knock em down.

        • EnTyme

          Anyone else hearing Dragonforce in their head as they imagine that?

  • Hendrik Booraem VI

    So, this is the first codex for Age of Sigmar. The first of many? Making it just like WH40K long-term, with lots of books that each have bits of the rules in them that you’ll need in order to play?

    But the gripping hand is, the name is much more copyrightable…

    • There’s plenty of battletome already. You missed the train to complaint station.

    • Geko747

      You don’t need any of these to play a game of AoS, unless you’re using Khadron Overlords. Also they have released a fair few of these new Battletombs. Do you even know what you’re complaining about anymore?

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        No. No he does not.

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      What do you mean? They’ve been releasing battletomes for a couple years now. This is more like the fourteenth than the first.

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