Kharadron Overlords, RuneWars, D&D, Warmachine & More

What an Easter weekend! Everything from GW’s latest army, to Privateer Press, Runewars’ launch and something every hobbyist should own…

Kharadron Overlords: Inside the Covers

We are kicking off our week of Khardron Overlords coverage on BoLS. Let’s take a look as what makes this book tick:

FFG: New Releases “Runewars, Arkham Horror & More”

Fantasy Flight Games has a ton of new stuff coming out this weekend and some more products launching next week – come see it all!

GW: New Releases April 15th “Pricing & Links”

The Kharadron Overlords have set sail and the first wave is up for Pre-Order!

Unboxing: Macromats Backdrop Set

Are you looking to up your miniature photography game? Tablewar has the perfect solution for you!

AoS: Top 5 Themed Forces for Kharadron Overlords

Like the Kharadron Overlords but want a slightly different theme? Check out our wacky ideas for them!

D&D: Dice, Camera, Action with Chris Perkins

Come adventure with this week’s live-play through of Storm King’s Thunder – Episode 43

Privateer Press: April New Releases

This month from Privateer Press: A Colossal new Cygnar Jack, and Khador’s Khommanders…


~That will catch you on the biggies from the weekend, now onto the new week!

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