Less Than a Week Left in the FAITH RPG KS

Faith: The Sci-Fi RPG is in the home stretch on its Kickstarter. Get in now to get a bundle of sci-fi goodness.

The Kickstarter for the Core Book and Miniatures for the FAITH RPG is entering it’s final week, and they are pulling out all of the stops. We’ve got a look at some of their minis (holy cow, that male human mini or that female corvo… even if you don’t like the game, these minis are bananas) for you. Want to know more about the game? We’ve included a link to their kickstarter page, but you can also take a look at some of the previews they were kind enough to share with BoLS.

Rules Preview

Core Book Excerpts

via Burning Games

We want to share with you a closer look at the miniatures that we are creating hand in hand with Big Child Creatives.

These line of miniatures depicts the four different species that you can play in FAITH, and are intended to be used in your gaming sessions.

Two of the minis are a bit special: much of the gameplay in FAITH takes place in zero gravity, as there is no means, within the game, to create artificial gravity. We wanted to honor that fact and include a couple of figures within 0G conditions.

Hopefully you will like them!

The campaign is fully funded and some great stretch goals have been unlocked!

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Happy Adventuring!

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    Really nice artwork.