MaxMini: Xenohunters Shoulder Pads

Maxmini has just the thing for your xenos ass kicking army.

Xenohunters Shoulder Pads – 6.99€

In the distant depth of space lives an ancient tribe of mysterious warriors. Hunting down every alien and xenomorph they can find, these men are saviours of humanity and a true protection of mankind. In order to keep on thinking about constant alien threat and to memorize their fallen comrades, these xeno-hunters wear skin and skulls of defeated enemies as their armour. Never forgive and never forget, they keep on hunting aliens till there’s not a single one left…

Sculpted by Pawel “Kazube” Laskowski.

This kit contains 10 shoulder pads cast in high quality resin. Designed for regular hunters / space knights etc. (mind that due to xeno head they are quite bulky though). Supplied unpainted.

~ They mostly come at night…mostly.

  • irvinil

    I can’t figure out what it is and how to put theses things on miniatures???

    • Jordan Holt

      I think they are ‘space marine shoulder pads’ so will be curved on the inside to fit the top of the shoulder.

  • Vepr

    Great! Why don’t you just put her in charge?

    • irvinil

      I still do not understand. Why Maxmini did not provide any picture with this …thing… on the arm of a real miniature???