Mynock Squadron: FAQ Nerfs & Brazilian Championship

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X-Wing pilots, report in! We’re covering Brazilian System Open results and the FAQ Nerf effects.

Welcome to the Mynock Podcast LXIII

On this episode, Mynocks break down the results from each System Open, and the impact of the major FAQ nerfs can clearly be seen. Join us for this examination of the shifting meta, and of the top squads that look to dominate the new landscape. The Brazilian National Championship also provided interesting results. Dallas closes by explaining the format of the of the Coruscant Invitational, where System Open champions will clash at Star Wars Celebration.

[00:04:00] System Open Round Up: Mustafar
[00:23:00] Kashyyyk
[00:36:00] Yavin
[00:43:00] Lothal
[00:58:00] Endor
[01:00:00] Naboo
[01:16:00] Tatooine
[01:28:00] Hoth
[01:43:00] Brazillian Nationals
[01:55:00] What is even happening at Star Wars Celebration?

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Ryan Farmer
Dallas Parker
Dee Yun


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