Privateer Press: Trollblood and Cyriss Army Boxes Inbound

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Two new army boxes are on the horizon, one for Trollbloods and one for the Convergence of Cyriss. Take a look…

Privateer Press’ army boxes are a fantastic way to get into the game. They are ready-to-play armies that have been put together by the dev team with an eye towards new players (or at least players looking to break into a new army). Previous factions they’ve produced boxes for include Cygnar and the Retribution of Scyrah. These distill the various factions down into one or two things they tend to do really well and showcase some of the basic strategies you can find in the army.

The Retribution box, for instance, showed off Dawnlord Vyros’ skillset–you had a Phoenix and some Gryphons that could make good use of his spells, and some Dawnguard Sentinels to go around and flank everything when it gets to be feat time. So with that in mind, here’s a look at the newest army boxes on the horizon for Warmachine/Hordes: Trollbloods and the Convergence of Cyriss.

via Privateer Press

Trollbloods Army Box$179.99

The Trollbloods army is well known for its prowess at putting fist to face, relying on enhanced ARM values provided by the ubiquitous Krielstone Bearer and their own innate toughness to get into melee range of their foes. For this box, however, we wanted to present a different side of the Trollbloods, one that highlights the trollkins’ growing ranged game.

This box contains a complete 50-point army with the following Models:
-Captain Gunnbjorn Warlock
-Dire Troll Mauler Heavy Warbeast
-Dire Troll Bomber Heavy Warbeast
-Dozer and Smigg Heavy Warbeast
-Trollkin Highwaymen Unit (10)
-Krielstone Bearer and Scribes Unit (6)
-Braylen Wanderheart Solo

Convergence of Cyriss Army Box$154.99

With Convergence surging into the competitive scene as of late, this box offers many options for our clockwork compatriots. Iron Mother Directrix brings a very strong ranged game, and when backed up by the durability of Reciprocators, she can really hold down scenario zones. Her Tactical Supremacy spell allows Reciprocators to move quickly up the field, even when using their Shield Wall order. As the game grows longer, this can be moved back to herself to help her position safely against a large number of threats.

This box contains a complete 50-point army with the following Models:
-Iron Mother Directrix Warcaster
-Monitor Heavy Warjack
-Assimilator Heavy Warjack
-Modulator Heavy Warjack
-Corollary Light Warjack
-Mitigator Light Warjack
-Recriprocators Unit (5)
-Optifex Directive Unit (3)

Robots and Trolls and Trollbots… sounds like an 80’s Saturday Morning Cartoon…

  • euansmith

    I would feel more confident of ordering one of these if they included the material each mini is made from in the description. I’ve been disappointed before when buying Mantic stuff to find it coming in a variety of material. I’ve got a real aversion to metal minis.

    • Matthew Pomeroy

      they are usually just the models from the regular line tossed in. So far thats what I have gotten when I do these things. looking at that there is a mix of metal and plastic in both boxes.

    • ZeeLobby

      yeah, exactly the same as their individual boxes. none of them are being reprinted in any new material.

  • Oskar Drabikowski

    I dont know. I have painted trolls, but i think about grymkins.

  • Matthew Pomeroy

    I love convergence, but not so much on this particular force aesthetically. I am more of a Aurora, angels guy.