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International Tabletop Day may be over, but you can still celebrate with this compendium of one page dungeons…

International Tabletop Day was April 29th, and gamers gathered ’round the tables to play RPGs, board games, and in general there were some fantastic events going on at many an FLGS. But now that it’s over, the fun doesn’t have to end. You can still pick up a compendium of One Page Dungeons from the DMs Guild–and right now it’s pay what you want for a whole bundle of quick adventures.

If you’ve never played a One Page Dungeon–oh man, this is a fantastic opportunity to dive into a slightly lesser-known but delightful subgrenre of RPG adventure. One Page Dungeons are, as the name suggests, dungeons that take up only a single sheet of standard 11×7 paper (though sometimes they are presented landscape style).

Not what I meant when I said “Landscape style…”

On that one page, you’ll find everything you need to play through the dungeon, including monsters, traps, treasures, rules, and a map. This last part is often the most important, because what else is a dungeon without a solid layout? It might sound like you don’t have a lot of room–but I’ve seen some fairly full-length dungeons in these entries. You’d be surprised at how clever people get with limitations like these in place.

There’s even a yearly One Page Dunegon Contest (which is still ongoing, at least until tomorrow) that highlights the inventive creations you can get out of this format. Take a look at one of the winning entries from last year’s contest:

That’s not even half of what’s there. But it really makes you focus on the dungeon itself. You can see places where the dungeon inhabitants are hanging out, and there are hazards littered all around as the ice melts and slowly floods the dungeon.

Anyway, if you’ve never played one of these (or even if you have and enjoy them) this is the perfect time to dive in. And with the pay-what-you-want model, you can try it out for whatever price you feel is reasonable!

Visions of the Vault – One Page Dungeon Compendium

Visions of the Vault – One Page Dungeon Compendium

This compendium includes six ready to play one page adventures. Try one here for free!

Each modulue includes several adventure hooks, encounters, and custom loot!

Encounters scale to three tiers of play: Novice (lvl 1-2), Adept (lvl 3-5), and Expert (lvl 6-9)



Crypt of the Pale Vein

Den of Wolves

Sewers Beneath the City

Sunken Temple

Temple of the Lizard King

Tomb of the Serpent Lord

Happy Adventuring!

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