Shadow War Armageddon: Hunting the Hunters

The link between Shadow War and Necromunda is so strong, you can bring Spyrers and a whole lot more into your modern games!

GW themselves have noted that you should be able to roll up old school Necromunda Gangs and use them with the new 2017 Shadow Wars Armageddon system.  We’ve taken a look and indeed it looks like it should all work out just fine.

Both games use the same 1000 Credits/Guilder system to build your Killtream/Gang.  The stats are consistent as are the relative power levels of the weapons in both systems.

The new Shadow Wars Armageddon system is cleaner with an emphasis on speeding things along.

The old Necrmunda gameplay is slightly more complex, with a much more granular and evocative low tech campaign system.

Enter Outlanders

But the cool thing is that the default six Necromunda gangs aren’t the only thing that you should be able to bring over into the new game.

You can bring over the cool expansions from the Outlanders book. That means you could bring all those modern Armageddon Kill Teams into conflict with these guys:

Spyre Hunters – The arrogant nobles from the spire’s upper levels coming down to hunt the common folk in the underhive using thier exotic ultra high-tech hunting suits.

Scavvies – irradiated mutants from the darkest depths of the Underhive and the Sump. They have unreliable gear, can eat their own to stave off lean times but they DO bring the mutated muscle when they need to.

Redemptionists – Zealots from the depths of the hive. If you love religous fanatics, oversized chainsaws and fire – you really need to attend a monthly meeting with your new brothers and sisters.

Ratskins – Normally quiet natives completely at home in the dark depths of the hive, Ratskins will strike out agressively (and silently) when they feel the outside world is encroaching on their naturalistic way of life.

Then don’t forget about the standard houses:

  • Cawdor
  • Escher
  • Goliath
  • Van Saar
  • Orlock
  • Delaque

Some Assembly Required

Now will it just magically work – not quite.

But it’s nothing that any gamer worth his salt couldn’t fix in 10 minutes.  The Spyrers don’t hunt for Promethium Caches/Territories. They have an quota of fresh kills to acquire before they can ascend back into the heights of the spire – or die trying.

You will need to use the old Necromunda Equipment & Weapon charts for the old Necromunda gangs to feel correct, but they should transfer intact to the modern system.

It will be your choice for the other Necromunda gangs as to whether you want to use the simplified Armageddon Resupply phase, or revive the more detailed Trading Post mechanic.  It just depends on what level of detail and grittyness you’re looking for.

I think in the end a few minutes of modifying some charts is well worth it for the change to have things like Syprers vs Genestealer Cults, or Dark Eldar hunting Skavvies.

This is one gaming opportunity where you WANT to cross the streams.


Armageddons’s lean & mean campaign system. 

Necromunda’s grittier Trading Post

~Now get planning your next cross game encounters and have no fear. GW is running that factory as fast as they can to crank out more copies of the game – you’ll be able to grab one.

  • Kargrieg

    “GW is running the factory as fast as they can to crank out more copies…” Source? Or pure speculation?

    • Robin Wilson

      Pure speculation. GW have released no official statement since their (now deleted) Facebook post stating that it wasn’t coming back.

      Edit – taken directly from the website

      “This product will be released in stores on Saturday 8th April but is no longer available for pre-order here. Find your local store.

      Available while stocks last!”

      • Xodis

        They also had changed the website entry to read “Temporarily Unavailable” instead of “Out of Stock”

    • orionburn

      There is this. Doesn’t confirm more box sets, but says rules will be available soon and more factions.

  • taithays
    • orionburn

      Interesting. Yesterday it had changed from “No longer available” to “Temporarily Out of Stock” and now nothing shows. Personally I think they’d be foolish not to do at least one more run of this. Just makes me wonder what the turn around time is on something like this.

      • taithays

        It might be a way to tell people that they can get a copy in store instead of waiting to be able to order from their website.

  • Simon Chatterley

    Don’t bring Necromunda into this as well! People can’t get that either.

    • Maitre Lord Ironfist

      You can get it Online For Free 😉 GW gave it out, but a link i got stored does not work anymore, but i found a german one, so it should not be that hard

      • Simon Chatterley

        Yeah but I wanted the boxed Necromunda with all those sweet bulkheads and card floors.

        But it’s not available and BoLs are just being mean talking about it 😉 😉

        • JPMcMillen

          EBay. You can find various lots of the terrain. Heck, at the moment there’s this: which looks like more than one box worth of stuff.

          Also, if you don’t try to play in a GW store there’s tons of 3rd part terrain that is perfect for SWA or Necromunda. If you don’t mind MDF terrain, some of it’s quite affordable.

          • Simon Chatterley

            eBay? Please tell me more of this thing. Is it like a market I can walk around and buy things from vendors?

          • GnomesForge

            Didn’t you know? If you aren’t willing to pay 3x as much to have something delivered at a later date in possibly damaged condition with no reasonable customer service while collecting third party terrain from companies you never heard of in wood not plastic, you’re just not a true fan. Should have pre-order :^).

        • euansmith

          Sweet, sweet plastic bulkheads.

          • Dennis J. Pechavar

            I lucked out about ten years ago and happened on a guy selling about 50 of them. Life is good.

      • Ben_S

        Easy enough to find on Yaktribe.

  • Dalinair

    At least when the rulebook is released, copies of it will appear online for people to download and use

  • orionburn

    I can definitely see GW doing the made to order program for the old Necro models.

    • Maitre Lord Ironfist

      WOuld buy some for my SoB als Spacialists 😀

    • BigGrim

      Man, if they did that, Eschers, here I come!

    • TB0N3

      I would buy a metric f***ton of Arbites

  • Rainthezangoose

    So is SWA actually better then Necromunda? Cause honestly with the fact its so similar, and the new factions are free on GW’s page, it just sounds like you would be better using the new models and factions with the old Necromunda rules you can get online for free and the old terrain you already have.

    • ZeeLobby

      Honestly if it’s just a reprint of the old rules you might even be better off going with one of the community updated rulesets.

      • GnomesForge

        Yeah that’s pretty much the case for all Specialist games. Same with kill teams. HOR just do it better. If they were going to do anything but copy paste and then search and replace I’d be advocating official rules. Since it’s a copy pasta job as expected the fan rulesets have decades of play testing and exist for every specialist game.

        • Rainthezangoose

          Then in that case what community ruleset for necromunda would you recommend, any that works with the factions in SWA or at least would be compatible with the free rules on GW. Like the idea of not having to buy new models, so the gangers are out of my range.

    • I think from a purely rules point of view -the new game is better. It’s cleaned up and plays faster with some fiddly rules rewritten for clarity.

      However the new campaign system is designed as a lean structure to tie your games together. In Necromunda the campaign system was really a viable part of the game and you spent a decent amount of time with it.

      The new system is more about getting you playing more games within a loose serialized structure. The old system was much more detailed and took you into the Necromunda underhive.

      Apples and oranges really. The old system would be impossible to use with things like Tyranid kill-teams for example. The new game’s campaign has to support what the new game really is – a skirmish game version of 40K with all of it’s factions.

  • jkeown

    The War Store has a few left. Got mine.

  • memitchell

    Using Necromunda gangs in SW:A probably requires using Necromunda’s campaign system. Which is really very different in detail from SW:A’s campaign system. How they would mesh (or not) would require common sense). And, don’t be surprised if balance is sketchy. True that a starting Necro House gang is not all that amazing (honestly, the Genestealer Cult looks like a House Gang, minus Juves). The Outlander gangs can start off pretty mean (Redemptionists get tons of one-shot flamers). But, a mature Necro gang of any flavor is a thing of beauty and menace. Especially with no House Rule restraints. They will gain stat increases and skills at a much faster rate, and top out higher. Pit Slaves ALL armed with Plasma Pistols. and a badass Boss proved unstoppable in our last campaign. The one mitigating factor is good armor was rare in Necromunda.

    Oh, sorry for forgetting to express outrage and despair…

    • TenDM

      Yeah but it’s not official support so it doesn’t need to be perfectly compatible. They’re just saying that with a little work a dedicated Necromunda fan could make the gangs work.
      Personally I’d just go with a proxy solution.

  • mafiacheese

    They’ve now stated that, “We will be making the rules for this game are more widely available, very soon.”


  • Shawn Parker

    Talking to our rep it was clear that there are no known plans for a reprint as it was meant as a limited release of 5000. No plans yet as to releasing the rules in digital or print either. Lame to have a fun entry level game DOA.

  • talhoffer

    “The link between Shadow War and Necromunda is so strong, you can bring Spyrers and a whole lot more into your modern games!

    GW themselves have noted that you should be able to roll up old school Necromunda Gangs and use them with the new 2017 Shadow Wars Armageddon system. We’ve taken a look and indeed it looks like it should all work out just fine.”