Shadow War Armageddon: Spec-Ops and Faction Rules

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Rules for the various factions are now available for Shadow War: Armageddon. Take a look…

That’s right, Necromundians, Games-Workshop released a whole bunch of faction rules for Shadow War: Armageddon, including the Skitarii, Genestealer Cults, Dark Eldar, and more. You’ll find everything you need, from units, to wargear, to everyone’s favorite, special operatives. You can head over to their website and snag the full .pdfs, but here’s a little of what you can expect for each faction.

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Craftworld Eldar Spec-Ops

Dark Eldar

Chaos Spec-Ops

Harlequin Spec Ops

Skitarii Spec-Ops


Grey Knights Spec-Ops

Necron Spec-Ops

Tau Spec-Ops

Tyranid Spec-Ops

Genestealer Cult Spec-Ops


Who’s got the best special operatives?

  • 6Cobra

    Absolutely mystifying to me how Lictors aren’t front and center for Tyranids in this game. No mattewr how you slice it – the fluff, the models’ sales.. I’m baffled..

    That said, I don’t have the book (because apparently GW only made about a dozen of them worldwide.) Also baffled, and pretty miffed – about that. So maybe Lictor rules for SW:A are in there..?

    • Yeah there are quite a few missing options. I assume its mostly down to what is currently in plastic and what isn’t.

      • Moonsaves

        They did include Steel Legion in the skills chart though, which is pretty cool.

        • It’s cool to hear the Ork Clans are back as I fancy a Bloodaxe force. I assume Snakebites can’t have cyber-boars 😀

          • Moonsaves

            No unique stuff for each faction, just the chart splays differently and they have access to different skill pools.

            The Runtherd is a specialist and I never thought GW could make him cool. He gets d6 grots when he’s deployed. If you fluff and he only rolls a 1, it’s a particularly mean grot that gets 2 attacks instead of 1. If I recall, the grots also scavenge some points for you if they survive.

    • memitchell

      Lictors don’t fit the them of a KILL TEAM. Neither do Imperial assassins. Or, any other independent actors. They may fit the secret fighting in a hive battle. But not really fighting centered on a single squad. Of course, GW could prove me wrong tomorrow.

      • Nathan Dowdell

        Those single models can get a showing – in theory – by borrowing one of the rules from the Harlequin Solitaire: they’re SpecOps models, but if you take one, then that’s the *only* model you take. In essence, you hire out one uber-specialist who goes on the mission instead of your Kill Team.

        • memitchell

          Great for a special scenario. Necro had a myriad of creative fan-created scenarios. Including some bug hunts. and some being hunted by bugs.

      • 6Cobra

        ..And Tyranids don’t fit the theme of a “kill team.” The entire concept of a small elite team on a spec-ops mission is jejune in the context of the Tyranid race.. with one exception. They do have a bio-organism evolved for exaclty that sort of limited, behind-the-lines mission to sow terror and cause disruption. That organism is called a “Lictor.”

        • memitchell

          Yes, and no. These aren’t all small elite teams. They are kind of standard squads. With, maybe a more elite “Special Operative.” Problem for Tyranids is their lesser types are specialized. Warriors are the most common type with both H2H and shooting options. Lictors don’t really bring anything different (without special rules, which would be cool). I think they could be awesome, too. I’m only offering a plausible reason why their exclusion is probably not all the mystifying.

          • 6Cobra

            I agree with you that squad specialization is the problem for Tyranids in a game like this, whether it’s “Kill Teams” which implies purpose-chosen units on a mission, or just squads mucking around by themselves. Tyranid units are fundamentally different that other races units. Tyranid Warriors don’t run around on their own playing hide-and-seek with prey organisms in a hive city, trying to blow up the radio transmitter or secure fuel tokens; that’s not what they’re designed to do as part of the swarm. The Tyranids have specially evolved infiltration organisms that do those kind of things. Lictors being, again, the prime example.

            I get the whole “plastic boxed squads” thing; I just disagree with it when it gut-punches the background fluff.

          • memitchell

            I agree. It’s cramming a 100 pounds of 40K into a 5 pound sack. On the other hand, I can build a kill team easily. I can’t do anything with 40K easily.

    • Sam Nolton

      I think GW literally just made it plastic kits only. BUT….they’re also super short sighted >.> because after the plastic zoanthrope/venomthrope kit I guarantee they’ll do a plastic lictor with the next codex.

      • JanePrice11

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    • Red_Five_Standing_By

      Everything on the list has a plastic kit. Lictors do not. Hence why they did not make the cut.

    • Heinz Fiction

      No Lictors because they aren’t available in plastic and they sell those armageddon teams as plastic deals I guess…

    • Foehammer7977

      Similar things for other armies though. No DE mandrakes. No eldar scorpions or warp spiders. No necron flayed ones. Many armies are missing their “stealthy” units.

      • Mr_Pickles

        I find it weird there are no rules for Necron Scarabs or Ripper Swarms….

    • TenDM

      Keep in mind Shadow War is modular. Next White Dwarf could easily have a new Tyranids rule set.

      In theory they can use Shadow War as an excuse to release plastics of older kits like this. This way they can release say, plastic Eldar Howling Banshees and Jain Zar, without having to do all the Aspect Shrines or Phoenix Lords.
      Litctors are in a similar boat. They might be the lucky ones next Codex and get a plastic kit, but until then they’re resin.

      I’m not getting my hopes up but Shadow War brings up a nice opportunity to give some attention to less practical kit upgrades.

  • Philip Estabrook

    What, no Ork spec ops?

    • 6Cobra

      Kinda like the Lictors… where the heck are the Bloodaxe Commandos? What makes it worse is I remember old Armageddon fluff about Bloodaxe Commandos fighting stripped-down human ventilation maintenance crewmen in the ventilation tunnels during one of the battles of Armageddon II.

      • Moonsaves

        I’m making a Kommando kill team now and just using the rules as they are. Works fine.

        • That’s my plan too. The skills and upgrades should add a great sense of character.

          • Moonsaves

            I’ll probably make some helmetless, fairly gearless gits to represent Yoofs, then swap them out for the more gritty, armed-to-the-teeth and helmeted guys when they become Boyz.

          • I was going make mine all helmetless like with an array of characterful heads. The Yoofs will be quite bare and I will gear up the Boyz and replace the Yoofs when they upgrade.

            The conversion possibilities in SWA is gunna be one of the best aspects as in regular 40k conversions can get lost in an army.

      • Red_Five_Standing_By

        Lictors don’t have plastic models.

    • Old zogwort

      Nope Bols is just ehm doing its best to be even sillier than GW. These and more rules have been free to download from GW’s site for 2 days now. Orks have spec ops but those rules are in the rulebook that no body got outside the retailer editions ; )

      • ZeeLobby

        It makes me feel like if we could launch a new site, without the mobile-breaking ads, and real articles, people would flock there.

  • Foehammer7977

    Looking at the lists I have a question. For CSM, are the spec operatives the only ones who get marks of chaos?

    None of the standard kill team members have the “Mark of Chaos” rule allowing them to take one.

    • Urza

      All non-cultists gain the ability to take a mark of chaos

    • Kiskatona

      The special rules are in the sidebar on the first page of the faction entry. CSMs get to choose a mark when you recruit them, but you can’t change it once you’ve chosen.

  • Benine09

    Sigh… sold out…