Shadow Wars 1st Killteam – Alaitoc XOXO

We’re doing it, smacktalk and challenges have been issued. My Craftworld Eldar Killteam is ready for some Shadow Wars glory!

We are so excited about the return of Shadow Wars Armageddon that the gamer spirit has entered of all.  Everyone in the BoLS office is busily putting together our first Killteams and getting ready to start throwing down in the depths of Hive Acheron in the days ahead.

I’m gonna throw those Imperials right off the tippy top!


We even got our RPG writer to roll up a Killteam and he’s still kind of shaky on this whole “Grimdark thing” (we told him to do Tau)…

Of course when it came time to choose, I stayed true to my beloved Craftworld Eldar. Not just any Eldar of course, but my old-school Eldar.

Behold my new hotness ready to claim the underhive in the name of Alaitoc Craftworld.

Alaitoc XOXO

A collection of my favorite classics.

I’ve used the new “Aeldari” naming trick of just sticking an an “A” and an “I” around the original word to make it a new 2017 Eldar name!

Let’s go over the minis.

The Abossi : Dire Avenger Exarch – combat blade, aspect armor, shuriken pistol, diresword

The Atwinsi: Two Dire Avengers – each with combat blade, aspect armor, avenger catapult

Gramps: Guardian Defender – combat blade, mesh armor, shuriken catapult (old-school retro one!)

Lunchbox: Guardian Gunner – combat blade, mesh armor

Ole painless: Scatter laser platform (for Lunchbox)

995 credits!


So far there’s some Tau and Blood Angels lurking around this part of the hive. What me worry?!

~We’ve got to paint up some terrain and this weekend – IT”S ON! 


  • Dude163

    Best of luck fellow Eldar! Im painting up some harlequins for now

    • John Bower

      Snap, just doing a Voidweaver, then got 4 Skyweavers to do followed by 7 Harlequins and a Death Jester.

  • Arthfael

    Loved the names! Plus, RT goodness!

  • Kevin Maloney

    It sucks that you can’t use Rangers, though.

    • Chris B-Loq

      1. Write house rules using other snipers as a guide.
      2. Get your gaming buddies to help with points costs.
      3. Shoot mon-keigh in the face.

  • tom

    dont you need two gunners to get a platform?

  • Severius_Tolluck

    Great names! Love lunch box and Gramps! Best of Luck, I’ll be busting out some Escher, use em as guard and throw in my ol catachan girl grenade launcher. Maybe my female commissar as the boss!

  • Only downside is no inquisition rules yet, I’m super excited, haven’t decided which army to start with

  • orionburn

    Torn between using my Nids or picking up a box of Skitarii. I was really meh about this game for the longest time but I’m really looking forward to it now.

    • John Bower

      I just hope my LGS managed to get me a copy. I’ve got big plans for my 40k Campaign from reading about the promethium rules.