Star Wars: Destiny – Red Villain Preview

The Spirit of Rebellion expansion for Star Wars: Destiny is coming soon –  and FFG has a preview of all the Villains of the Red variety!

via Fantasy Flight Games

The Characters

Director Krennic is one of the big-bads for this set. Getting to add a free Death Trooper die (see below) to your die pool for FREE each turn seems legit! That’s like a free 10 point character every turn…

The TIE Pilot card is a strange one – it’s good if you can get another ranged attacker out there. With 1/2 of it’s sides dedicated to a “support” type role, it doesn’t do damage on its own very well. However, it can protect your ranged attack die from getting removed…

FN-2199, I think, will be a popular card. He’s got an Elite option so you can get two die for 13 points. But really, it’s all about getting to scream “TRAITOR” at your opponent all game.

The Death Trooper is solid all-around ranged damage…and Ten Health to chew through. Not too shabby.

The Upgrades

The down side is that his card has two blanks. The upside is that you can re-roll it! Plus Redeploy allows you to move this from a defeated character to an undefeated one for free.

Sometimes you just need a good blaster at your side and this blaster adds damage with a random shot at removing and opponent’s die outright. I can get used to that…

The Support


The E-Web Emplacement is all about adding firepower.  And you can always use more firepower! And if you happen to control a battlefield it makes your ranged attacks on this die get even better…

Hey, extra resources are always welcome and that’s exactly what this die allows you to do.

The Events

Lockdown allows you to take control of a battlefield without claiming it. Why would you want to do that? Well it would allow you to use cards like E-Web Emplacement immediately – Ambush allows you to take another action. Talk about a surprise…

This card just removes the resource cost from a dice – that’s not a bad trade off and the more expensive dice the more efficient this card is.

This is a pretty powerful card because for 2 resources you can change 4 of your dice to damage sides – and you get to choose which side that is! Changing Blanks into “Max damage” once is good – doing it 4 times is GREAT!


This location will certainly help you change the tempo of the game up and drop some serious damage with an “out of activation” attack. Could be useful for getting the drop on an opponent, especially if you combo it with “We have them now” from above…


These Red Villains have some dirty tricks up there sleeve. What out for them when Spirit of Rebellion hits shelves!

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