SW ARMADA: New FAQ Now Available

In the new FAQ for Star Wars: ARMADA, Fantasy Flight Games clears up a LOT of issues.

It’s been a long time since the last SW Armada FAQ came out – but never fear, FFG’s knocking out tons of pesky rules issues that have been bugging players for months.


Download FAQ Version 3.1.1 HERE

(high res version)






The lion’s share of this FAQ deals with issues brought up by The Corellian Campaign and all of it’s missions and pilots. It’s nice to see the Ared Station formally FAQed – becasue that thing was SCARY before…

You also get several questions resolved that involve how special abilities work after a unit is destroyed during a turn. Here’s just one example:




 ~Let us know what you think is the biggest change in the comments below.

  • Jeremy Larson

    Only question they missed was if you can Snipe at range 1.