Tabletop Crowdfunding Round-Up: April 18th

Rome in ruins, horrible hobgoblins, and dangerous dinosaurs- Come check out this week’s batch of Kickstarter highlights!


Burn Out by Happy Games Factory

Let’s kick things off with Burn Out, a new expansion for the post-apocalyptic miniatures game Eden. This skirmish game has been around for quite some time, and the Burn Out box is designed to appeal to newbies and veterans alike. The box contains simplified scenarios designed to walk new players through their first few games, while existing players can try out the new missions and campaign system. Each box also includes easily assembled cardboard terrain and modular map tiles to play on. There’s new starter sets for the Askaris and Convoy factions as well, with more being added via stretch goals. The Burn Out box by itself costs €39/$41, while the €110/$116 bundle includes the two new starter boxes.

Enemies of Rome by Worthington Publishing

Worthington is back on Kickstarter with their latest strategy board game, Enemies of Rome. You and four friends play as Rome’s greatest leaders in a campaign spanning 600 years of history. Players will have to quell uprisings, drive away invaders, and navigate the complex power politics (betrayal included) of the Roman Empire to secure their legacy. The game features numerous historic events that players will get a chance to deal with, including the Punic Wars, the Gallic Wars, and the assassination of Emperor Severus Alexander and the resulting civil turmoil. You can grab your copy for $65.

Greenskin Wars by Diego Serrate Pinilla

The Greenskin Wars line has returned to Kickstarter to fund more Oldhammer-style sculpts by Kevin Adams. The focus of this campaign is the Mongol-inspired hobgoblins from the mountains of the Far East. The starter bundle includes a hobgoblin lord, one champion, one musician, one standard bearer, one shaman, and three warriors. A wide range of other greenskins and monstrous creatures are available as part of the campaign, including bugbears, feral goblins, black goblins, trolls, and cave ogres.

Dungeon Dice: The Lost King by Potluck Games

Dungeon Dice is back with its final expansion, The Lost King, and a new boxed set of the base game with updated rules and new components. For the unaware, Dungeon Dice is a completely dice-driven dungeon crawling board game. Everything, from monsters to gear, is represented by dozens of custom dice. The base game alone comes with over 100 dice, and each expansion adds about 40-50 more. You can grab the updated base set for $70, or $35 for the new expansion. True dicephiles may want to buy the $200 pledge that includes the complete Dungeon Dice experience.

Bios Genesis 2nd Edition by Sierra Madre Games

The popular scientific strategy game Bios Genesis is crowdfunding a 2nd Edition/new printing run on Kickstarter. Players gather resources to create the building blocks for the very first life forms on Earth. Compete with your friends to create bacteria, parasites, and microorganisms hardy enough to survive the harsh conditions of a still-forming Earth. In the campaign mode, players can transfer the organisms they make to future games in the Bios series. You can buy your copy for $39. Gamers who already own a copy of the original Bios Genesis can upgrade to the new edition for the discounted price of $19.

Dead Man’s Doubloons by ThunderGryph

Dead Man’s Doubloons is a simultaneous action board game where up to five pirates from across the globe collide on their hunt for riches. Players start by collecting map fragments to help them navigate a mysterious island. Once they’ve collected enough of the map, the crew must brave the dangers of the island itself as they search for its hidden treasure cove. Finally, players return to their ships and get one last chance to become the wealthiest pirate on the high seas in a giant battle royale. Death isn’t quite the end though, as destroyed ships return as a ghostly vessel filled with cursed doubloons. Pledges start at €39.

The Drowned Earth by James Baldwin

Finally we have The Drowned Earth, a new 35mm pulp sci-fi/fantasy skirmish game full of ancient ruins and lost technology. The world of Ulaya has been reclaimed by nature. Cities have been flooded, and ruins have been reclaimed by the jungle. Players hire bands of daring adventurers and soldiers of fortune that brave the dangers of Ulaya to uncover forgotten technologies and artifacts. Befitting its pulp inspirations, The Drowned Earth focuses a lot on movement, with rules for swinging on vines, scaling cliffs, and leaping over bottomless pits. There’s four factions so far, each with a starter box that includes five metal miniatures. The £67 pledge would be a great buy for two players, and includes two starters and digital versions of the rules as they go through playtesting.

~Which of these campaigns caught your attention? 

  • marxlives

    drowned earth = sci fi frostgrave, which is not a bad thing.