Tabletop Crowdfunding Round-Up April 25th

The Punic Wars, the Industrial Revolution, and the depths of space- Come check out this week’s Kickstarter highlights!

Pictured above: March of the Dead and Significant Seven.

Brass by Roxley Games

Let’s start the week with Brass: Lancashire, a reprint of the incredibly popular and highly rated economic strategy game by Martin Wallace. Aside from a few rules tweaks, this new version of Brass is largely the same as the original 2007 edition, albeit with drastically improved components and all-new artwork to commemorate its 10th anniversary. Set in Lancashire during the Industrial Revolution, players compete to dominate the growing English cotton industry in a time of rapid technological advancement. This campaign isn’t just about reprinting a classic game, however, and also includes Brass: Birmingham, the first new addition to the Brass series since the original. Each game will cost you $59 individually, or $100 for the pair.

The Significant Seven by RBJ Game Company

The folks over at RBJ are back with another new line of miniatures to add to their catalogue. The Significant Seven is a range of seven warrior dwarves, Gwyndolin The White, and their eight animal companions. You can get more than just the dwarves though, including halfling farmers, goblins, and killer hareballs. The full Significant Seven set of 16 miniatures will set you back $80, and includes a free Kickstarter exclusive dwarf tracker with his hunting eagle.

Halfling Adventures by Midlam Miniatures

Speaking of vertically challenged fantasy adventurers, Midlam Miniatures is currently funding a set of six 28mm halflings. The range should cover a good number of your typical hero archetypes and would work great in any tabletop RPG. Each miniature also has a sleeping/dead version that could be used to make dioramas. The whole set costs £21/$27, with a halfling town council set available as well.

Hannibal & Hamilcar by Phalanx

Mark Simonitch’s 2-player game of political intrigue during the Second Punic War is getting a new edition to celebrate its 20th anniversary. This asymmetric, card-driven board game allows players to struggle for political dominance as either Rome or Carthage. Hannibal isn’t really a traditional war game, however, with combat mostly being a last resort after politics have failed. This version of the game also includes Hamilcar, a new companion game set during the First Punic War that adds a naval combat system. Both games come bundled together for £65/$82.

March of the Dead by Philip Hynes

Philip Hynes has teamed up with Macrocosm Miniatures to bring his range of 28mm undead to un-life. The range includes a variety of characterful sculpts representing undead lords and champions, lowly zombies, undead animals, and other monsters like weresheep and crypt ghouls. You can get the entire set for £69/$87, though you can also buy single miniatures.

Rayguns & Rocketships by IDW Games

Rayguns & Rocketships is a miniatures board game for up to four players inspired by adventures from the Golden Age of Science Fiction. Players engage in space dogfights by secretly plotting their maneuvers in advance and hoping to predict their enemy’s movements. Each player also has a board representing the interior of their ship, allowing them to assign their crew to different stations for added maneuverability or firepower as needed. This is also where boarding operations take place, allowing captains to launch daring raids on rival ships. A copy of Rayguns and Rocketships costs $75.

Rude Girls by Rude Minis (NSFW)

Finally, we have a campaign for a new French start-up looking to create his own line of miniatures after years of prior experience sculpting for other companies. This range includes a number of rather savage looking female orcs and trolls. The highlight is probably the war rhino carrying two orcs into battle. The entire range thus far includes 5 orcs, a troll, and the rhino for €85/$91, with stretch goals that add hyena companions, more orcs, and cavalry.


~Which of these campaigns caught your attention? 

  • benvoliothefirst

    Thanks for sharing these, I never would’ve found ’em otherwise. Very happy to add an undead cow to my collection, mwa-ha-ha

  • JPMcMillen

    Another halfling miniature Kickstarter? Geez, those things are breeding like rabbits.

    In truth, I’m glad they are finally getting a wider range of mini’s for players to use. The lack of variety was definitely an issue if you wanted to play one in D&D or some other fantasy RPG.