Tabletop Spotlight: Ferratonic Furnace

Make your tabletop look like it’s straight out of a Grim-Dark Factory with the new Ferratonic Furnance kit!

The Tabletop Spotlight is on the Ferratonic Furnance which is part of a series of new Sector Mechanicus Terrain. Our Friends at Dragon’s Lair Comics & Fantasy brought this one over because it’s available in stores right now:

I feel like I’ve talked-up this terrain enough. I’ve been gushing about it ever since we got our hands on Shadow War and I assembled the Terrain. I think the main reason is because the possibilities of this terrain are pretty bonkers. Do you want to construct a massive oil rig? You can. Do you want a sprawling factory floor? Done. Do you just want a few extra set pieces for your collection? Naturally! And I might not be a huge fan of the special rules, you can always just run them as ruins.

Really, this is the first terrain kit we’ve seen from Games Workshop in a long time that seems like it’s been designed to retro-actively fit in with the previous kits. The Promethium Pipe Relay, I think, was the first hint at what could be for GW’s terrain. Fully modular (in it’s own way) and it would “Fit” with other kits of the same set. The Sector Mechanicus set is the same, only extrapolated out to some fantastic new places. I’ve mentioned the “locking” mechanism before but it’s worth repeating. That design element is what allows this kit to be modular.

Different Kit – same idea

If you’re a hobbyist, then this set of terrain kits is going to be the bane of your wallet. “I just need one more kit and I can do [fill in the blank]” is going to be your biggest problem. I’m not going to lie, if you were a “Lego Kid” you should probably run from these kits. Otherwise you’re going to want to keep purchasing them and eventually you’re going to drown in plastic. It happens. It’s not pretty…But it’s pretty awesome to dive in and just build and let your creativeness take over.

We’ve already started putting paint to the kits and I must say, I’m even more impressed than I was before. Why? Because after a primer coat, base coat and a quick wash these things already look cool. If you’re looking to just get the kit table-top quality it won’t take long. Now, I’m far from done with the kits – I still want to dry brush some silver/metals in and then probably go back with a tertiary color and do some detail work, too. What’s great is that these kits are pretty tough to screw-up when painting – as long as you’re going for an “Industrial Look” which makes sense visually. Oh and thin your paints…

“Happy little thin coats.”

If I was the owner of a game store I would buy these kits in bulk and organize a terrain builder day for my store. I’d invite the community in to help me join in the fun (and get some volunteer labor out of it). The upfront cost might seem a waste at first but I promise if you get your community invested in the place they play at it will pay dividends. People will invite their friends and people will point out the terrain that they helped build – I’ve seen it happen! You (the store owner) will end up with some awesome terrain and the players will want to take better care of “your” stuff because they helped build it. Plus you’ll all have a great looking play space once the terrain builder is over. That sounds like a winner to me!

Now, if you’re the type that likes to game at home (and who doesn’t like gaming in comfort?) then you’re going to want to plan out your Sector Mechanicus purchases and assembly a bit more cautiously. Think about storage post-assembly and painting! It’s a ton of fun to build a 4-foot rig, but…uh… where you gonna keep that thing?! Keep in mind if you don’t glue everything down, you can break-down the parts and store them – I recommend a plastic tub or some type of storage bin if you plan on getting a board’s worth of terrain (or more). Think about all those Legos you had as a kid – if you could better store them, then how would you? Plan ahead!

Overall, I’m still pumped about these kits. This is just the first wave – we’re getting a few more in May! I can’t wait to see what the community ends up doing with these kits. If you’re working on these as a project log please share the links (or pics) in the comments below – I’d love to see them!

Sector Mechanicus Ferratonic Furnace $50

An incredibly detailed, striking scenery set, the Ferratonic Furnace is a modular plastic kit compatible with the entire Sector Mechanicus range – detailed, configurable scenery that will help you play games on a multi-level environment!

A large silo possibly filled with unmentionable chemicals, toxic waste or items too sinister to dwell upon, the Ferratonic Furnace provides an excellent platform for miniatures to battle on – as well as being stackable, and usable as supports for walkways. It’s covered in incredible details, with armoured panels and turbines making up the bulk of the structure. The door to the silo itself can be modelled open or closed, with the detail on the door being an especial standout with its complex locking mechanism visible. There are plenty of pipes, chains and winches included, which can be clipped in and out of place wherever you like using the plug-in holes beneath the gantries, and each piece of the kit features an Adeptus Mechanicus maker’s plate. Rules are included for using this scenery piece in games of Warhammer 40,000.

This kit contains 2 frames of plastic components – one featuring the silo, and one filled with platforms and walkways – and is compatible with every other kit in the Sector Mechanicus scenery range, meaning massive, multi-level-labyrinthine structures can be built for your battle to be fought on. They can even be combined with the Haemotrope Reactor, Promethium Relay Pipes and Void Shield Generator. Your imagination is the only limit – no two gaming tables ever need look the same!


What crazy projects do you have planned for Sector Mechanicus Terrain? Moonbase? Yeah…Moonbase!

  • Would buy if Necromunda is ever re-released. Will not buy otherwise.

    • It pretty much IS Necromunda, so…yeah.

      • Hmm…no gangs…not set in Hive Necromunda…features Orks vs Space Marines in the box…doesn’t feature the same or extremely similar progression system…yep…pretty much

  • Ish

    Or I can get much better looking terrain –meaning every last millimeter isn’t choked with skulls, cogs, buttons, and other gribblies – at a fraction of the price from any of the dozens of MDF terrain makers out there.

  • Oggthrok

    I’m like, super late to this post. But, I just wanted to say I like this terrain a lot. It’s gothic, versatile, I’m glad they made it. Will buy. Thanks for the video, be sure to post what you guys make out of your sets!