Warmachine: Convergence’s Time is Nigh

CoC is starting to place in tournaments and Axis is leading the way. Take a look at how they got there.

The Perfect Clock Storm!

You may have been following some recent tournament results and CoC is way up there. Doing well at Adepticon and The Crucible this last month. At the start of MKIII people did notice that the TEP(Transfinite Emergence Projector) got a decent buff from MKII. However, it still was supsceptible to being shot down.
The 3 little guys in front of the TEP could easily be removed and then you could shoot it with your big guns. What was a poor Convergence player to do. Then as a beacon of hope theme forces were on the horizon. When Destruction Initiative hit it seemed good at first glance. But, as players put 2 and 2 together it became obvious that the TEP could be kept alive with a large amount of servitors swarming around.

The Destruction Initiative gives all the servirtors shield guards and you get a bunch of free ones to boot. This means you have to do a lot of clearing before you can even hope to get a real shot off on some of the CoC important pieces.


Why Axis?

Axis is a control caster. His countercharging field marshal makes it difficult to get clear paths to important models like the TEP or Invertors. Throw in a feat that prevents charging it can be almost as debilitating as Haley2’s feat. If you can’t charge and are -2 SPD you are relying on your guns to get things done. But, when everything you want to shoot has 3+ shield guards around it , it can be almost pointless.
Axis’ feat also buffs his army to the tipping point. The TEPs gaining 2″ of additional threat is ball busting and Inverters hitting at POW22 can threaten even the highest of armor! Even galvanizers can dink away at heavies when they are POW14.

Can You Slow the Storm Down?

There are some things you can do to mess with it.

AOE: Large templates drifting around can kill servitors in droves. The Khador mortar is a good example. It probably won’t hit its target but it can kill all the little bots flying around.

Electricity: You can’t shieldguard electro leaps. StormLances or Circle’s thunder chicken can clear out droves of servitors.

Spells: The TEP can’t shieldguard spells targeting it. Spells like obliterate can do that last 5-8 boxes on the TEP if you got to it and need to finish it off.

Spread: Axis will most likely be centrally located. If you can swarm the sides of his army with cavalry or fasty infantry he will have a tough time effecting all of them with the feat.

Infantry Spam: Fight cheap models with cheap models. The TEP exceeds at killing expensive models, it can kill cheap ones too but at least it will have a tough time targeting all of them.

Play Issyria or Mcbain: Issyria’s blinding light is a great way to make the TEP real sad! Mcbain’s countermeasures spell on a unit of Kayazy can shutdown the TEP.


Revenant’s Final Thought:

The Axis double TEP list is a hard nut to crack. Hopefully with a little luck and some thought out lists you can overcome the clock power!


~Please share your comments below.  Do you have a way to take on the TEP Axis Theme?

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  • ZeeLobby

    I still don’t like theme lists. I just don’t think they’ll ever get them to a place of balance. It’s too difficult to balance unit restrictions with free/point reduced units. Is not being able to take unit X really worth a free unit Y, and what happens when unit X or Y is errataed?

    • wibbling

      You’re missing the point. The game is to have fun, not massage your ego. Balance can – and should – go hang. All it seems to mean is ‘how can I twist the game to win.’

      When you reach that point, why bother playing?

      • ZeeLobby

        LoL. Why are you even here GWibbling. Go back to your cave! Back! Back! Yah! *swings torch*

      • Txabi Etxebarrieta

        I like how your idea of having fun is telling people the way they have fun is wrong.

      • marxlives

        I agree, theme lists are going to be the competitive norm. And this is not a bad thing. The variety of models in Warmahordes is huge and themes give a nice way to navigate the range, while still building something competitive and thematic. This will make armies look less like a hodgepodge on the table, even within faction. If PP was the kind of company that updated their FAQs every couple of years, I would way more concerned. Because the themes can use any caster that gives the players freedom to explore how to make the themes effective with the unit choices available and that is kind of a self regulated balance.

        I was thinking about this yesterday but it really is very brilliant on PP’s part. The themes:

        1) Help new and old players navigate the range

        2) Without the warcaster restrictions allows us to develop their effectiveness overtime (and PP to umbrella balance the themes rather than individual models)

        3) By finding the best warcasters for theme we will also find the best unit combinations to go with that caster, we as players will create the thematic presentation of not just factions (which PP controls) but armies within faction (which we control) In couple of years will you be able to look at someone’s army and instead of saying “oh you playing faction X” you will say “oh is that the X theme?).

        That is what I love about PP, they do these little things that really shake things up and move the game forward.

    • Drpx

      Yeah, when I started WMH I was hoping to get away from 40k’s formation madness, but apparently PP did it first lol.

      • ZeeLobby

        Haha, yeah. I mean I understand why these companies love it. It’s a way to shovel models to people who already own them, but I just don’t see how they’ll ever get the cost associated with them right.

  • banana raccoon

    There’s a lot more to fighting Destruction Initiative.

    First off, going into an Axis match means you’ll have to closely watch to not lose on Scenario. A bunch of AD reflex servitors and counter charging light vectors with bulldoze does a very good job at keeping you far away from a zone. Blast damage will work only against the TEP servitors which does basically nothing to slow them down. At best you’re going to simply kill a servitor, but if the Convergance payer needs them in that position, they’ll shield guard it to a free one nearby. You’ll inconvenience the TEP for a turn. The Reflex Servitors, however, will be advancing and digging in, becoming immune to blast and will be one of the biggest threats to a scenario win. Playing an infantry spam into Destruction Initiative, especially with multiple TEPs is basically giving them what they want. You need to deal with at least 2 units of the servitors as you advance up the board and after you pass the speed bump there’s these battle engines pooping out multiple sprays each. Yes, weapon masters will do the job, but you need to actually get them there. The final difficulty you’ll face is Axis being on ADR, and many players have an extra TEP in there. 2 TEPs and 2 Ciphers are going to kill infantry in droves and kill stealth models easily.

    This matchup can be a pain in the butt unless you’re extremely prepared.

    • ZeeLobby

      Yeah, it’s surprisingly strong on scenario, just so much to get through.

    • marxlives

      I feel you man, CoC is limited release as a faction but man, I always sweat fighting them. Go in not paying attention and you get floored.

  • Walter Vining

    such a balanced game.

    • marxlives
      • Walter Vining

        such a great video. explains all of the games we beg for balance in. just wish certain people would understand it.
        btw, my comment was in total snark.