Warpath: New Veer-Myn Starter Force

A fearsome horde is preparing to take over from the shadows…

The new army boxes for Warpath are jam packed with options – they’re a great choice if you want to get in to the game or start up a new force.

The secretive Veer-Myn have quietly expanded across the universe, and are ready to strike. This set includes 51 minis – the largest of the army boxes – that will give you a powerful horde to run on the tabletop.

Veer-Myn Starter Force – £59.99

  • 40 Hard Plastic Nightcrawlers/Stalkers with Weapon and Command Options
  • 8 Hard Plastic Nightmares with Weapon Options
  • 2 Plastic Progenitors
  • 1 Plastic Night Terror with Weapon Options
  • 25mm, 40mm, and 60mm Round Bases


Mantic gives us a preview of what this force is capable of…

The main core of the force is made up of Nightcrawler infantry. Rather than being fielded as large units as you might expect, Nightcrawlers are instead limited to small teams of five. On the tabletop, this plays in an odd way, saturating your opponent with more targets than they could possibly hope to counter. Whilst each unit is weak on their own, when used in cohesion they can be very powerful – this is the basis on which the Veer-Myn force is built.


[The] Starter Force also includes eight Hard Plastic Nightmares. These are Large Infantry, who are both more powerful and more resilient than their smaller cousins. Each one carries a Chem-Thrower and Combat Drill as standard, wielding one of each of these cumbersome weapons on each arm. Like many Veer-Myn units, they are good in close range with short range weapons and powerful melee attacks. You can take these in large units of up to six, which a range of upgrades available.

The Night Terror is a double-edged sword… The key to fighting with the Veer-Myn army is to hide from sight and get in close, whether this is using terrain, or your own units as cover. The Night Terror exemplifies this with its Unseen Terror special rule; a Night Terror, cannot be targeted by shooting attacks if it is within six inches of at least three Nightcrawler units.

Finally, the army set includes two Progenitors – one armed with a Spitter Rifle and another with a Chemical Grenade Launcher. These are upgrades to Nightcrawler units, providing those valuable Command Dice and orders to coordinate your force as a whole.

As with the other armies, the Veer-Myn have a new character kit out, too. This set lets you build either a Master Creeper or the infamous Hacker Half-Tail. Both of these are commanders designed to mess with objectives.



The force is up for pre-order now along with the Master Creeper/Hacker Half-Tail and all of the other new army sets. They’ll be available in stores next month.

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  • vlad78

    I really really like them. I think they are one of the best army Mantic has to offer.

    • marxlives

      I agree, the Mantic Warpath forces are looking good. From reviews though, it seems like Firefight and Deadzone or the better option than the huge wargame version.

  • Nero Hairetikos

    Soon my Hruud will be realized!

  • Captain_Garadon

    I’m still thinking of playing the Veer-Myn as Hrud in 40k using the Genestealer Cult rules to resemble to hideousness and menacing touch they’ve got.

    • petrow84

      Funny thing is, that the new hard plastic 3rd gen kit is almost tailor-made for GS cult.

      They have HMG, grenade launcher, flamer, and all the custom mutations, plus their rag-tag weaponry looks real nice. The mortar can also be converted to a mining laser with little effort.

      The only problem is the scale-creep; they are HUGE, especially beside the old gene-stealers.

  • Jay Shepherd

    Paint jobs on those are sweet.