12 Creative Uses For Your 40k Templates!

Pimpcron doesn’t want you trash your templates!

Hi people (and non-people)! Tis I, The People’s Pimpcron, and I have some neat ideas for your templates! So set out your craft glue, pipe cleaners, and glitter then roll up your sleeves and have some fun!

Has the death of your 40k templates got ya down? Don’t just throw them in the bin, or toss them in the waste basket, or drop them in the rubbage pale. Be green and find new uses for them!

Beer Coaster

This is an obvious one, but a good one non-the-less! Be sure to tape over the hole in the middle so that it doesn’t undermine the point of a coaster.

Diet Aid

Do you struggle with excessive weight gain? Have trouble sleeping? Or suffer from a techno-organic virus? Well, this wonder product will solve at least one of those problems! This amazing craft project reduces the amount of food you can push into your gullet. No more burgers for you, my overweight pal.

Dog Knight Costume

Oh man, we’ve all been there. Halloween is coming up and you just can’t find the right props to finish your puppy’s Halloween costume before the big dance. Well look no further than your templates! This little dude goes from Sir Dingus McDillweed to Lord Lady Killer in no time! Look how happy a new sword and shield made this little guy.


Nowadays, these kids are wearing those stupid looking black-rimmed glasses with the neon colored arms that people wore in the 80’s. Step out on your own and turn your fashion up a notch with these awesome, hip, tubular, cool, amazing, incredible, neato, bitchin’, amaze-balls sunglasses! I’ll admit that they don’t darken anything really, and I would advise against driving with these things.


Ladies, do you have a hot date but can’t find the right earrings to match your outfit? Well anyone from Martha Stewart to MC Hammer (the only two fashion people I know) will tell you that lime green goes with everything! Grab a couple templates and turn nerd heads all night with these striking earrings.


I’ve been using mine like this for years, do you even know how much I save annually on buying paper plates? Like a whopping $12.50. That’s money in the bank right there.

Pizza Cutter

The local place here in town often forgets to cut our pizza completely. And while my friends moan and cry that the pieces aren’t separate, I grab my cutter! This handy device quickly bludgeons your pizza into cutting with its state of the art flat, blunt edge.

Spare Tire

This is a picture of my car using my nifty spare tire made of a template. Sure, it is a little small, and it makes my undercarriage rub, and it causes a lot of damage to the bottom of my truck, and my real spare tire is probably a better option. But this is a list of uses for these templates, I never said they were good uses.

Prank Snot

Fool your friends and be the life of any party with this awesome giant snot bubble! Gross out your babysitter, teacher, or stuffy Science teacher. They’ll be all like, “Get that out of your nose, I know it’s not real.” And you’ll be all like, “I got you! I so got you! Hahahahahaha!”


What Large Blast Template Plate is complete without the Flamer Spoon? It’s just like a real spoon, except without that dumb indent to hold liquid. Who eats foods that are wet? Gross.

Anime Nervous Sweat Drop

Looking for that final touch for your anime cosplay? Look no further than painting your flame template blue and making a stupid expression to really capture whatever dumb character you are portraying.


It was either that or Prison Shiv, but I don’t think many readers are currently in prison due to prisons not approving of my sassy anti-establishment attitude. Down with the system! Or was it “system of a down”? Or “down with the sickness”? No, I think it was “sugar we’re going down”. Yeah, that one feels right. It’s been a while since I’ve been an edgy teen. So to all of you readers who choose to smuggle in my articles instead of porn or cigarettes, “Sugar we’re going down!” Solid.

Any other useful ideas for templates?

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  • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

    nice one Pimpcron, and thanks for all the time I can see went into those illustrations 🙂

    I’m going to sharpen the edges of mine and use them as shuriken in my other job of high flying international assassin.

    • The Rout

      But what about the flame templates? May i suggest wrist mounted knives? Granted you will cut yourself as often as your opponent but you can use your own blood to blind your enemies! truly an all purpose weapon!

      • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

        good thinking!

    • Thanks! I like doing pics for articles, but they do take a while to make. But it’s a change of pace from just text.

  • The Rout

    im going to make me some neon crotch armour, 1 flame template and 2 large blasts…. maybe the apoc ones would be more fitting but modesty is the aim of the game!

  • petrow84

    You may wanted to joke, but my fellow gamer reached such… erm, “illuminated” state of mind , that he ate his canned bean with a warmachine spray template on a beer&pretzel tourney (oximoron much?).

    • petrow84

      Oh, and there was another one, who used his Hellstorm template as balalaika to break his opponent’s concentration during their turn.

      • Haha is your friend McGuyver?

  • Andrew

    Hahaha, this one was actually really damn funny. Nice job.

  • Tuomas Soininen
    • Wow! Nice one!

    • petrow84

      Gathering Storm IV: End Times – and other great time pieces

  • Matthew Collins

    Going to miss them. It’s the only way I can hit anything. 🙁

    • If it weren’t for auto-hit, you wouldn’t hit at all. 🙂

  • orionburn

    Disappointed that microbeads are a thing of the past? No worries – make your own!

    1) Place templates in blender
    2) Use the frappe setting for 30 seconds
    3) Fill your favorite bath soap with blended bits
    4) Wash, rinse, and repeat!

    If your wife complains about all the blood on the towels just tell her that’s the exfoliating power of 40k microbeads!

    I should probably trademark that…

  • Phil LaFond

    And then they bring templates back in 8.5th edition

    • orionburn

      With a 500% mark-up…lol

  • Desmond Burke

    Flamer templates make great miniature snow shoes.

    • I would have enjoyed photoshopping a baby wearing flamer snow shoes.

  • Nyyppä

    Earrings. I support that. Just saying.

  • Derek Lee

    I guess you can spray pain them white or grey and glue a flamer template to a large blast to make a sundial.

    • I wish i thought of that. Good one.

  • Nate Underwood

    umm ninja stars?

  • Thaaaaaaaaat was my favorite Pimpcron article yet. Thanks homie!

  • Chaos_United_8

    but there still are templates in Shadow War, right?

    • If you’re into that sort of thing.

      • Matthew Pomeroy

        you made that sound sooo dirty 😀

  • Ryan Miller

    You could also use them and play 30 K

    • Whoa, whoa, whoa. I appreciate it and I’m flattered, but I don’t go that way. I’m not of the “30k” persuasion.

      • Ryan Miller

        Eh, just a thought…

        • Just joking. From what I understand, 30k will eventually go the way of 8th edition too. But for now, yeah you can use them.