2017 Warmachine Hordes Steamroller Rules

The new Steamroller rules are around the corner. We look at what has changed in the 2017 format today.

2017 Steamroller will be around all year and the boys at Privateer have really shook some things up on the tournament front. 2017 scenarios are deviating a big way from the previous years.


Killbox is now in effect at all times. This is a big change but, Killbox did get a little bigger. Instead of last years 14″ up the field you only need to be up 12″. That is barely outside player 2’s deployment zone.


Objectives received a big change. No longer is there a lengthy list to choose from. But, a simple list of 3 objectives to plan your gameplay around.

Each of the 3 type’s of objectives give a single ability to a lone model within 4″.

  • Heal d3 damage: This is really powerful for warjacks that are not near a mechanic or casters like Harbringer that teeter on low life.
  • Pathfinder: This is again really powerful ability. Many casters do not have pathfinder on a stick. Giving warjacks and warbeast pathfinder without a spell or animus can be game changing.
  • Magic Attacks: This is probably the least useful as it is only 1 model. But, if you can get it on a spray attack it could clear out some incorporeal black banes if the universes align.

Scoring Zones:

Rectangle Zones: are now warjack and warbeast city. Infantry can just look around in sadness as they will see no points from controlling a Rectangle zone.
Circle Zones: are now warrior model and battle engine scoring only. This means heavy warjack/warbeast lists will struggle to score points in the circle based scenarios.
Flags: Warcaster/Warlock are the only models that can now score a flag.

Point Totals and Turns:

You now need to outscore your opponent by 6 points to win. This leaves the first to 5 in the dust of 2016. I believe this gives advantage to shooting lists to have more time to wear the opponents army down.

Turn 7:

There is only so many turns. That’s right if you get to turn 8 the game is over. No more indefinite amount of turns to get things done. This can push the action to score points because if your opponent has more control points at the end he wins no matter how much stuff you have killed.

The Big Fiasco:

Measuring tools came under scrutiny during the CID for how many can you use. Proxy bases, melee keys, measuring sticks, and even fingers came under fire during the rules testings. How many is to many? Privateer even suggested you ask your opponent to let them borrow their’s if you needed more then 1. It seems a little foolish but, coming from old school warhammer I still dislike premeasuring a bit and can see a whole turned mapped out in proxy bases taking fun away from the game.


~What do you think of the 2017 SR changes?  Did it effect your list creation?  Please share in the comments below.

  • Drpx

    Oh good, more objectives and points for me to ignore as I skew for assassination.

  • m3g4tr0n

    Under the Big Fiasco section, you have the following sentence:

    “Privateer even suggested you ask your opponent to let them borrow their’s if you needed more then 1.”

    That should be corrected to “than.”

    Pre-measurement in Mk. III really killed it for me. Watching my opponent plan his entire turn, instead of just learning to gauge distance, was when the game stopped being enjoyable.

  • Sparowl

    I like how you’re declaring all this like it’s set.

    Not like “oh, hey – this is what was being tested. We don’t know what they’ve changed.”

    They already made changes to the measuring tools within the CID.

    So how about we hold off on this article for a bit, yeah?

  • Nosebleed

    7 Turns? I think you meant 7 Rounds.

    Ending on the 7th turn means the game ends at the top of Round 4. Does not make sense to me that way.