40K: GW’s 8th Edition “Unboxing” Video


Games Workshop has produced an “unboxing” video for Dark Imperium…

I know I’m pretty excited about the new Boxed Set from Games Workshop for Warhammer 40,000 8th. So when GW put an “unboxing” video up I was getting ready to dive in. Then I noticed that the video only a minute and change long…

via Warhammer Community

“Just opening the box though, is an experience. We gave a copy to our Edinburgh store manager and all round hobby-hero Baz to see what he made of it…”

Ahhh man! Just when it was about to get good. Is GW Trolling us or have they just been taking cues from Xzibit.

To be fair, we’ve already gotten a look at the contents inside the box – painted no less:

See each unit HERE

And we got a quick look at the sprues during Warhammer Fest 2017:

via Garro (Facebook)

At the same time this was a pretty big “tease” from GW. I’ve done a few Unboxing videos in my time and there is a fine line between a good tease and a troll video. I seriously doubt that GW wanted to do anything besides build up some hype for Warhammer 40,000 8th – so take a deep breath and relax. The box is going out for Pre-orders this weekend.

Plus if your google-fu is strong enough, you can probably find an unboxing out there already…it might not be the best quality and you may or may not understand what the person is saying. Or you can just wait a few days for a better one to show up. It’s only a matter of time at this point.


June is right around the corner which means that Warhammer 40,000 8th is too!



  • orionburn

    Having seen virtually everything now the hype is fading, but still excited for 8th. Hoping my local shop will have a box soon to check out. Looking forward to seeing the sprues up close.

    Got my hands on the books last night and they’re nice. The Space Marine book is by far the biggest out of the five. $25 really isn’t bad given everything that’s in it. Still recovering from the heart attack at seeing the increase in points on certain things.

    • Karru

      My excitement started to fade the moment I saw both Ork and Imperial Guard rules. There were so many strange decisions that made me snicker because they were so bad. For example, the Ork Burnas. Ork Flamers are worse than anyone else’s, because Orks that’s why. Sure, they can be used in Melee to get a minor buff, but it really isn’t worth the D6 hits you would have generated instead of the D3. It’s also rolled for the entire unit at once instead for each individual model, which makes it very mediocre.

      Guard were a totally another story. With the price drops for all infantry units and upgrades as well as the buffing of Orders and Morale, while at the same time nerfing most Guard Vehicles, especially Russes, to the ground, I see bad things for the future of 40k. With horde armies once more getting more expensive due to the amount of models required to play them, they will become even rarer. At the same time, they are pushing Guilmarines down people’s throats. It’s going to be worse than before…

      • orionburn

        I’m not ready to throw in the towel before any of us have even played a game. Every Facebook group I belong to has had its fair share of people ready to burn their models and cry foul. Some things have gotten nerfed hard. Other things got a big boost. It’s become laughable at the people saying they’re walking away from their army because they aren’t going to walk over everything now.

        The people that want this to be doomed from the start are going to find a way to make it miserable. I don’t expect perfection by any means, but I certainly am looking forward to it compared to what 7th has been.

        • Karru

          I’m going to try things out soon now that I have all the rules at my disposal. Maybe tomorrow if I have the time.

          I’m just disappointed more than anything. There was such potential but GW decided to ruin it. The fact that blast weapons are worthless is annoying and all the stupid “balancing” acts they did for certain units is annoying. The fact that they are once again doing the extremely stupid “play elite armies and do good with low to medium model count” and “play horde armies, but you need at least 400€ worth of models just for your core units”. This isn’t good for balance in the sense that it doesn’t really encourage people to play different armies. On top of that, the intentional power creep of the Guilmarines is already starting to show.

          • Farseerer

            How can you be disappointed?
            Orks in 7th were a joke. They are not now.

            I’ve had a browse through all the leaked rules and it looks to me like Orks are significantly more powerful than in 7th. Quite a few different builds look viable too.

            I have no interest in getting into the nitty gritty details. All I’m saying is that generally, on initial impression, Orks look significantly better than in 7th. Enjoy that fact. Looking across different forums and facbook groups, it looks like the majority of Ork players are.

            The subtlety and fine balancing will come with the release of the codex.

          • Karru

            I am disappointed for the reasons I stated.

            Orks are now better than before, this is true and I won’t argue with it. My problem was the stupid decisions they did. Burnas being Assault D3 and not D6 for example, while still costing 14pts per model.

            Pretty much all Ork Blast Weapons are now dead and buried, Stompa is still unplayable and Boys lost their ‘Eavy Armour.

            Now, there are things that I found interesting. Mek Guns for example. At first I looked at their stats and went “welp there goes these things, you just look at them funny and they die”, yet they had a nice rule attached to them. They can only be targeted if they are the closest target.

            It is mixture of frustration and disappointment. There are some absolutely golden rules and mechanics everywhere, but then you come across this completely and utterly bs thing that just hits you like a truck. Like the Leman Russes and their uselessness or the utterly pointless Burna Boy Assault D3 nonsense.

          • Farseerer

            I bet you I could name at least 20 good changes for every thing you think is bad.

            Do you not think sifting through all to good to find the few bad things so you can get disappointed and frustrated is possibly the wrong way to go about looking at 8th?

            GW have make a fantastic start with these indexes. Getting it perfect from the start would require orders of magnitude more playtesting. D3 or D6 burna boys is irrelevant right now when you consider the bigger picture.

          • Farseerer

            Before the rules came out, your biggest concern was that Trukks would be even easier to pop than in 7th because we saw the stats for a Starweaver.

            This is definitely not the case. Trukks are significantly buffed now while still being fluffy.

            Now burna boys are the big issue. You’re sounding like the Chaos players who are unhappy about the slight nerf Oblits got while CSM as a whole are without a doubt massively buffed.

          • Karru

            I’m going to answer to both of your comments on this one.

            Burna boys are not the big issue here. They were an example of one of the extremely stupid decision GW pulled with the entire game. The big issue is that this game had tons upon tons of potential that GW just threw out the window because reasons.

            Instead of making some units of the army strong while making others completely irrelevant, they should have done a better job at testing to see how to make everything usable outside ultra niche situations or just outright worthless in general.

            Case in point, all Blast weapons. This has nothing to do with how the armies were build, this was one of the many generalisations that GW pulled in this edition. D6 or D3 SHOTS per gun? Really? It was clear that they didn’t test this one at all outside Elite armies with 3+ to-hit. Ork Blast Weapons are even more worthless than those of Guard. D6 or D3 shots that need a 5+ to hit, anyone who has played Orks knows that you don’t get that many hits when you are trying to hit with 3-4 dice.

            They could have easily made them good and relevant. That’s the frustrating part. All they had to do was make them regular weapons that if they hit get 2D6 or D6 (Large Blast or Small Blast) hits on the target. If they miss, you get D6 hits or D3 hits on the target.

            Then there is the entire thing going on with Characters, units and force organisation. Basically, almost every single “character” or “special model” has been separated from the units and given their own slot. Apothecaries for example are now Elite choices, while Guard Command Squad is at least 1 Elite and 1 HQ or 2 Elite slots if you wish to take them as the Commander is now on his own. This makes them super weak to Sniper Fire.

            Finally, the rules themselves. The disappointment came from the fact that armies like Guard remained the same with no changes except nerfs. Tanks and artillery are now useless, so Infantry is the only real way to go now. Problem is that Guard Infantry is so damn cheap that you need a stupid amount of them. That is not good, because it forces a certain army on people while simultaneously discouraging people to play them due to high entry cost.

            Yes, armies got better as a whole, but ignoring why they got better and what the “sacrifices” were in order to achieve that should never be ignored. Guard was made Infantry only, which makes it very unattractive to new players. As a whole, it was clear that GW wanted to increase sales again through focus shifting. They changed many core armies in a way that would ensure that people would have to buy completely new stuff to play properly.

        • AircoolUK

          If anyone makes a video of themselves burning their stuff, I hope BOLS posts it.

          • UnpluggedBeta

            Did they do that for AoS? I remember seeing at least one youtube instance of that.

      • Drew_Da_Destroya

        What’s the deal with Burnas? Do they do less damage than a standard Flamer now? They were always comparable before, although you could use them as AP3 weapons in Melee.

        • Karru

          They are now similar to how Deffguns of Lootas worked. They are Assault D3, Strength 4 AP – and Damage 1. They roll once for the whole unit, just like lootas.

          They get -2 AP in CC.

          • Red_Five_Standing_By

            Did you expect to roll the number of shots individually? Because that would be madness.

          • Karru

            Actually, yes I did. I expected that they would be D6 hits like all flamers and that you rolled for them individually.

            I have used Lootas quite a bit and I have seen how mixed their usage is. That D3 hits for the entire unit is very bad, because even at full strength, you are looking at 30 hits max, and that is only 33% of the time. Most of the time you are looking at 10 to 20 hits at full strength, which isn’t that great for a weapon that requires the unit to be located within 8″ of the enemy and has only Strength 4 and no AP. Even against Guard or Tyranids those weapons are pretty unreliable. For 14pts a piece, those things are pretty bad all things considered.

          • Red_Five_Standing_By

            Yeah, rolling 10 dice for 10 different models’ shots would bog the game down. No way that was every happening. The most we will likely see is two or three individual rolls. More than that and it just becomes too cumbersome.

            Having 10 d6 shots would also be really powerful. Would you like the Orks to be more expensive to compensate?

          • ZeeLobby

            haven’t looked at their points in the new system, but burna boyz were always overpriced. I wouldn’t mind if they stayed expensive but actually got lethal.

          • Karru

            Considering that they already are quite expensive all things considered, yes, I wouldn’t mind them being more expensive to compensate the fact that they would be useful.

          • Maitre Lord Ironfist

            maybe maybe not. The Index is so barebones, nice to start with, but nothing for the long run.

            Would not burn stuff yet. Also the Weirdboy is good now, “da Jump” :,D – Also no complain on the stupid Tankbustas? If they hit they die. [Play that Loonytunes Endjingle] – Thats even more stupid. The Burnas got a Flamer like veryone, exept for d3 per Model. And at they same time it is a pwoer Sword. at S4. But still 104 P for 5 Boyz with Scorcha i can not say atm if this is to expensive, also add at least 1 Trukk.

            but it would be fun to me to throw around the Killakans or 30 Boyz :,D

          • Drew_Da_Destroya

            I’m seeing that same setup for Wraithguard with D-Scythes… I guess Mass-Flamethrower options get D3 hits per dude to keep them from getting too many hits.

            Pretty lame, but I guess it is what it is. Can Kommandos still take Burnas? Or any special weapons?

          • Karru

            Kommandos can take Burnas. Still a D3 for them, which is preeeetty lame.

          • Drew_Da_Destroya

            Ouch. Well, I’m glad they can get them. I liked using them as power weapons in past editions, so the -2 AP will still serve for that. The D3 hits are pretty meh, though.

      • wibbling

        Some cheese with your whine?

        Stop trying to bend the rules to suit yourself, accept the changes and play games with the new rules.

        • ZeeLobby

          I really hope you get good money for boting like this.

      • Jay Barton

        So…don’t dust off my orks, tau and chaos… got it!

      • UnpluggedBeta

        I stepped back in for the first time since 3rd because of the greater hype surrounding this edition, but this kind of thing has me worried.

    • Farseerer

      The points increases seem fair enough to me. The poster boys have gotten too much for free or cheap for too long if you ask me.

      Eldar have seen Increases too and both factions still look decent.

  • Here’s a good look at the contents


    • stinkoman

      proper unboxing without all the drabble that comes from the person doing the unboxing.

  • Slaanesh Devotee

    At least this pretty much told us that the reason that big thick rule book doesn’t crush the sprues is because it’s in its own separate boxing inside.

    • orionburn

      They did pack everything nicely. I always worry that the books will get marked up/torn if they’re lumped in with the sprues.

  • Karrasa

    They goofed up and replaced the short video with one that is over 8 minutes long shortly after.

    • Post has been updated to reflect that.

  • Knight

    So is there no campaign with this box? Like 6 scenario or something to recreate the fights of the plague wars?

    • wibbling

      Almost certainly, but if those aren’t to your taste, invent your own?

    • Farseerer

      Clutching at straws there.

    • NNextremNN

      I think they are part of the rule book.

  • Ben Paine

    When we were complaining about the gutter stomp GW gave Warhammer Fantasy by destroying the entire world, shoe horning what are effectively space marines into the setting, dumbing down the rules to 4 pages, discontinuing half the model line, giving everything stupid names, and turning it into a skirmish game, a lot of 40k players accused us of overreacting when we voiced our concerns. Now GW has made some comparably minor changes (yes, they are pretty minimal compared to the fantasy changes) to 40k and the 40k players are getting the torches and pitch forks out. Oh, the irony.

    • Farseerer

      Looks to me like the vast majority of players are happy.

      • UnpluggedBeta

        Yeah, even old timers like me are infected with this hype and are thinking about coming back to be honest. Rules are always a crapshoot with new editions, but all the things they’re doing for this new one to make sure it’s fun has filled me with a lot of hope.

  • Chuck Marcinko

    I will be making my mind up this weekend, since my local comic/gaming store is suppose to have a box set to open and show off like a demo kit. There are doing this to gauge interest if they will be enough players to restart the 40K gaming there or not. Right now there is no 40K community within about 70 miles and ours had been dead for close to 2 years now. As far as this kit goes I’m not really interested in the Death Guard, but the Primaris I interested in am and want to see them up close and how easy it would be to convert them to Dark Angels Primaris. Since that’s the only faction I play. There Index book I do plan to order, but not sure about this box or should I wait and just get them a couple months from now online when they should be cheaper.

    • NNextremNN

      Depends on how much you think “converting” Space Marines into Space Marines with robes is necessary to present them as Dark Angles.

      Oh and I doubt single Primaris will actually be cheaper than the ones in the box. and I further doubt the starter set will drop in price.

  • James Tompsett

    Monopose can suck my balls. I’ll wait for the multipart kits and get a set of hardback rules, that I’ll never finish painting, or use to actually play the game.

    • euansmith

      You paint your rules? Tabletop standard or Golden Demon?

  • euansmith

    Its nice to see the old “Emperor on the Throne” artwork again as the first picture in the new rule book.

    I thought that the rule book was supposed to contain points for the entire mini range, or are they coming out electronically?

    • orionburn

      I think it was assumption that the points would be in there since everybody was comparing it to the AoS General’s Handbook. I haven’t heard any confirmation on what the long term goal is. Perhaps once all of the codices are released the points will get moved to the main rule book and the new index books will go away.

  • Ryan Miller

    But no Iron Hands!! Did my chapter get squatted? I also would like to see what makes each chapter different from the others, besides color.

    • Blackmane

      Squatting a First Founding Chapter that just had a new novel released recently?

      Seems unlikely.

  • Luc Voyer

    8th is too much of an AoS parody, and I wont take part in that. Gdub lost me years ago and sadly wont bring me back. If they want a whale back they actually better work for it as this lazy 8th just wont cut it.

    • Nicolas M


  • Nicolas M

    So yeah, for the people that thought the “primaris” weren’t just gona replace ALL space marine, here you have it, they even come with jetpack in the most hideous fig models I’ve ever seen…