40K 8th: Waaaghs, Sisters, Canticles & More

The Warhammer 40,000 floodgates are opening. Here’s a teensy taste of five factions coming this weekend!

There are images dropping like a tidal wave from pretty much everywhere as we move into the week. Let’s take a look at just a tiny taste of 5 factions to get you in the mood.

images via miniwars 5-30-2017

The Orks

Welcome to the Power of the Waaagh!

45 wounds – this is INSANITY!


OK, the Haruspex must be nasty – look how many points it costs!

Adeptus Mechanicus

The Omnissiah gives and the Omnissiah gives even more!

Chaos Marines

I’ll let you all stroll through the Chaos armory and see what you should be afriad of.


Get out your magnifying glasses to figure out exactly what the Acts of Faith do in 8th.

~ Who’s ready for the weekend release!!!? 

  • 301stFeinminsterArmoured

    Sisters are like slightly less reliable Ynarri. OK.

    • Countdiscount

      You can read that blurry mess?

      • 301stFeinminsterArmoured

        Yeah, Basically, each turn, one of your faithful units gets to take an out of sequence action, be it moving, shooting, piling in and fighting, or gets to heal or restore some of its numbers, provided you don’t roll a 1 at the beginning of your turn. Some units give you more Acts each turn (guessing Canoness, Celestians, Seraphim, and the Imagifer).

        • Carey_Mahoney

          The rules for Zealot and Shield of Faith are even harder to read in the image above. Were you able to decipher those as well?

          • 301stFeinminsterArmoured

            Yep. Zealot gives rerolls to hit on any turn a unit with the rule Charges, is Charged, or performs a Heroic Intervention. Shield of Faith grants a flat 6+ invulnerable save and the option to Deny psychic powers on a D6, provided they beat the casting roll.

        • Maitre Lord Ironfist

          Celestine and Imagifier give you another AoF:
          Celestine auto, Imagifier at a 4+ 🙂

          There are some more leaks around. AoF are not the strongest, but i think that sisters are a good Suport Ally 🙂

    • GrenAcid

      So it is avaible for every faitfull unit? Or some points generated and than spend by some?

      • 301stFeinminsterArmoured

        every Unit with the Acts of Faith rule, but usually one unit per turn, and you have to roll a dice at the start of your turn.

        • GrenAcid

          “One per turn” hahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

          • Maitre Lord Ironfist

            it is only at the start of your Turn. Not later , if i read the wording correct.

            But Celestine gives 1 AoF for free to a unit within 6″ of her.

            Simulacrums, sorry i mean Imagifier, give another AoF on 4+ for a unit within 6″.

            I doubt they scale good in bigger games, but the sheer Volume of Shoots a 4 Girls HB Squad with Combiplasma can dish out is funny. Also Seraphims with Clestine next to her might spam so much wounds with Dual Flamers that a hord will jsut vanish. All in all, it looks better and somewhat funny. But in the end it might be midtier. Or a good Ally since you can Focus on 1 Task with the Faits – Like runnig for Objetives, shooting a lot, rushing the Field with Seraphim and Celestine.

            Also, AoF work even if your Army is not 100% SoB – They seem to work even if you include jast Celestine and Seraphime. But i might be wrong the moment i got the book in my Hands 🙂

  • Randy Randalman

    Dedicated close combat units have been cheaper than ranged units. Even the Trygon is dirt cheap. The Broodlord and the Haruspex must be INSANELY good to have those price tags.

    • mrbleak

      The Haruspex picture is floating around the internet. Its really good if it gets into combat but I don´t see he´s price point justified qhen carnifexes are 87 with talons

  • Amdor

    Random canticles? ehh yeah great… nothing better than to get all those close combat boosts when you want to stay away

    • Ben Zagami

      You can pick or roll at the start of the turn. The advantage of rolling being that you can use a canticle that’s been used already.

      • Carey_Mahoney

        Where did you get this info from?

        • Ben Zagami

          dakka and B&C have complete leaks for a bunch of factions

          • Marcus Langdale

            Please send!!!

    • generic eric

      Random? I came here for Canticles of Lebowitz.

  • Gunther Clone C

    So…I’d like some details on the Tyranid Haruspex in 8th edition now. 🙂 I’m asking for a friend.

    • Bran D

      The points have been leaked on another rumor site, cant remember but as far as tyranids go…its looking good

  • Myrfrblx

    LET’S GO BUST OPEN SOME METAL BOXES (SWARM)BROTHERS http://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/6b314cc85f1ab00e21c5422818624ae48778a030f37374c74f5cb92eb7ec8bb3.png

    • mrbleak

      it´s 87 with the basic slashing claw things XD but still, great news for carni players :·3

    • Heinz Fiction

      Also Warriors at 20 points, Raveners at 23 and tyrant guard at 18 seem quite tempting. Althoug I can imagine you’ll have to add 5-10 points vor weapons each.

  • Karru

    So went and checked things over at B&C, my god did I get depressed. Guard Tank armies are basically dead at this point, thanks GW!

    All old blast weapons they had are now D6 Shots, Nova Cannon, Battle Cannon, Executioner Plasma Cannon and so on. Regular Plasma Cannons are D3 shots. Exterminator got nerfed to 4 shots, most likely because GW realised how much more powerful it was than everything else in comparison.

    The biggest insult is the damn Executioner. Primaris are rocking a -4 AP on their HANDHELD Plasma Guns while the Tank version is -3 AP with D6 shots. Literally total and utter bs.

    I guess they want to drive the sales of their infantry units now. That is the only explanation I could come up with why they would basically kill off all tanks in the Guard army as most of them are now worthless. You are much better off with taking multiple Detachments with Infantry units and stack up on Command Points instead of bothering with taking Leman Russes at all. They split up the Infantry Platoon content so now Heavy Weapons are Heavy Support, Specialists are Elites and so on.

    • Marquo

      I’m reserving judgement. I always found leman Russ based armies to be very fragile once my opponent closed the gap or had deepstrikers. Also sponson and hull guns were useless on my favourite variants which is no longer the case. Agreed their damage output doesn’t look amazing but tbh if your opponent was good at spacing their models out then d6 hits doesn’t feel much worse. I just wish it was more like 2d3. Also also those BS penalities for damaged models look brutal. 6s to hit basically renders the model useless.

      Let’s hope the baneblade and family are something to write home about for once…

      • Karru

        Oh boy are you in for a treat.

        I’m going to start with the biggest one:


        Baneblade Cannon is 2D6 Shots at BS 4+ S9 AP -3 Damage 3

        It’s “special big boy” rule is that it can shoot all of its weapons even if locked in CC, but only heavy bolters/flamers can be shot at the unit it is stuck in CC with, other guns have to be shot at everything else. Oh, it also has 2 wounds more than a Knight, has 3+ save and nothing else. It can get +1 from cover if you can hide at least half of it somewhere.

        I just love the fact that this thing is Power Level 30 while the Knights range from 21 to 27. Aaahhh… I love the smell of power creep in the morning.

        • georgelabour

          IF most of what you say is true then there might be reason to put heavy flamers on those sponsons now.

          Auto hits + useable in CC + can fight back + can move later = a major improvement in CC survivability for the baneblade.

          So..silver linings mate.

        • Fraser1191

          Don’t freak until you see army specific command abilities. my skitarii rangers no longer have precision shots or move through cover and cost the same as vanguard. there is literally no reason to take them over the vanguard except the gun which is 30″ S4 ap 0 rapid fire but ap -1 on sixes. so with that i’m waiting till i see these abilities before i shelf my rangers

        • Marquo

          oh.. oh no. I wouldn’t even mind if it was kind of rubbish, so long as it was cheap (true guard player here), but needing 5+ to land an average of 7 hits with your main gun, and for more than the cost of a knight… just painful. Presumably it’s toughness 30 with 20 attacks. Baneblade is the new Bloodthirster 😛

      • 301stFeinminsterArmoured

        Plasma Sponsons are a suicidal choice now.

    • ellobouk

      Except that part where the math says you’d need an average of 36 autocannons to drop one single russ sitting in the open in one turn… They’re tough old birds now, sure they might not be ‘the most dakka’ with the turret weapons, but sponsons and hull weapons aren’t worthless anymore which is going to help in the shooting department.

      • Karru

        So great, your tanks are tough to kill, but the firepower they have is so limited that you basically have nothing to damage the enemy with.

        The problem is that they will price those tanks “accordingly”. I have yet to see their price as those haven’t leaked yet, but if they are not around 100pts with full upgrades, I can quickly see them becoming completely obsolete.

        They might survive better, but at the end of day, they are just sitting bricks. They are hard to destroy, but do nothing back in exchange. The scariest weapon those Russes can now bring is the Sponsons it carries. The main guns are nerfed to the ground. You are far better off taking multiple Heavy Weapons Squads over these guys. Not only will you get orders going for them, they can actually put out some fire. Only the Punisher and Exterminator has some use, thanks to their fixed amount of shots, but even those can get weak fast, as all it takes is a single lucky lascannon hit to cripple them to BS 5+.

        Also, the sponsons don’t benefit from the Russes special rule that allows them to fire their heavy weapons without penalty. It only benefits the Turret, so they have the same mobility potential as Heavy Weapons Squads.

        Finally, as I pointed out, you are far better off taking multiple cheap Heavy Weapon Squads to fill out your mandatory Heavy Weapon slots in the big detachment. Guard can stack Command Points like crazy thanks to their cheap infantry, which is now more scary than before thanks to the benefits they now enjoy, such as the ability to wound anything and getting their orders through automatically.

        • ellobouk

          I think we’ll have agree to disagree, until I have the full rules and points for both options in front of me. Happy to admit that seeing it all may change my mind… but…

          Using current points values as a basis, you can get 2 heavy weapon squads with autocannons/bolters for every russ with bolter sponsons (and have 20 points left over, so in a larger scale you’ll have more squads, not disputing that).
          However, I’d rather have a multi wounded T8 hull and a 3+ save over a half dozen T3 W2 5+ save base that loses a gun every couple of hits. In terms of averages, that Russ will destroy 2 autocannon squads and take maybe 2 or 3 wounds in return.

          • Karru

            The rules and points are up over at B&C. I can’t link you there from here, for obvious reasons, but you can google your way over there.

            Yep, Russ is dead. The basic Leman Russ Battle Tank is 163pts minimum. With Full sponsons, it’s 179pts.

            Heavy Weapons Squads are a joke. 4pts per base + their weapon. 24pts per Missile Launcher that has Strength 8, AP -2 and D6 damage sounds pretty good to me, considering it can also shoot D6 shots at Strength 4 should you need to assist other units take down any weak targets.

            So for every one “fully” loaded Leman Russ, I can take 7 bases worth of Heavy Weapons, 9 if I take Autocannons. So, right out the gate, I have better odds of doing damage, have 2-3 separate targets for the enemy to shoot at and I can hide them better.

            12 Wounds is pathetic amount, especially when you stop to think that the tank is crippled to kingdom come after it is reduced to 6 wounds, which isn’t that difficult in this edition. On top of that, all the “good” weapons it has will kill it outright. Executioner is a death trap. You get 1D6 and 2D3 shots, but if you roll a single 1 to shoot, you suffer 6 mortal wounds, or D6 in the case of the Executioner Plasma Cannon. Roll a singe 1 and the tank is useless.

            So yeah, the tank is pointless to take now. You are 10/10 times better off with taking Heavy Weapon Squads as your Heavy Support option.

    • GrenAcid

      I dont want to burst your bubble but Armoured Company is dead since 4ed, I know cuz I had one.
      It was fun army not meant to be victorious constantly.
      WIth all new wounds and splitfire, that battlecannon is IMO a cherry on top and not main treat. But I might be very wrong.

      • Karru

        Well, my friends Armoured Company has worked wonders all the way to the end of 7th. I personally preferred Infantry Heavy force myself, but I liked to sprinkle some tanks there every now and then.

        • GrenAcid

          IIRC there was no rules for regular AC till some 6/7 ed mess outside Forge World.
          And most people around my store didnt want to play any list containing even 1 FW mini.
          So kida dead for me.

    • Spacefrisian

      What stopping us from fixing this and bring back the blasts ourselves in 8th, its not that they and the scatterdice magicly dissapear.

      • Karru

        I was talking in general sense. For my group, we’ll most likely try out my way of handling blasts, which was much better and simpler than the one GW used.

        Using the Battle Cannon as an example:

        72″ range, Str 8, AP -2, Damage D3, Heavy 1 (2D6)

        You roll to hit normally. If you hit, you roll 2D6 hits on the target. If you miss, you roll D6 hits.

        Old Blast weapons, such as Plasma Cannons and such, have D6 shots if you hit and D3 if you miss.

        The removal of templates and scatter isn’t that bad to me. It speeds up the game a bit, which is nice. The real problem I have with it is the fact that they made blasts feel unrealistic and very weak.

    • Stealthbadger

      I’m going to reserve judgement until I’ve played a few games.

      FYI on the plasma gun thing for tanks, just give them the order to re roll ones, I mean why would you ever really use the other two?. Passes automatically now too.

      Overall I’m a bit disappointed that guard really actually haven’t changed that much. They benefit from the overall vehicle buffs but other than that it really still smacks of the studio having no real interest in the army. Plus they’ve now officially deleted vendettas.

      • Karru

        If you are taking the Tank Commander, you really aren’t going to be taking any other tank, that’s for sure. The price and damage potential makes sure work of that.

  • Graham Bartram

    I’m drowning in the amount of 8th edition Ad-Mech news we’ve been getting…. .so much I can’t take it in. All the info on Fires of Cyraxus has just added to the overload from GW, it’s too much.

  • Ghaniman

    Stompa is 900 points before any of the numerous weapons are added to the cost.


    EDIT: He then notices some of the weapons are free…

    • Karru

      So still worthless, great.

  • Patriarch

    Steeds of Slaanesh have to pay extra points for their “lashing tongue”? The mind boggles…

    • thereturnofsuppuppers


      • Keith Wilson

        i see what you did there

  • Stephen Sigley

    weekend release?, i thought it was the 19th of june?

    • orionburn

      Shops are getting demo copies that people will be able to look at this weekend, but they are not available for purchase. Pre-orders start this Saturday and release is on June 17th.

      My FLGS got their copies in yesterday and I was able to get a sneak peak at them. Talk about information overload.

  • Bootneck

    Blast weapons in general are dead in 8th, having to roll for shots then rolling to hit is a big fail to start.

    Mech lists will just be Punishers and Vanquishers, with Stormlords as LoW.

    Ofc they want us to buy infantry, its useless so ou have to buy hoards of it to be effective = more sales £££ cha ching.

    • GrenAcid

      Wut? they dont autohit like flamers?
      Well….thats sad.

    • georgelabour

      Anyone who’s played a guard army for any lenght of time likely already has an infantry horde. It’s kind of been a thing for them since…1989.

      So I think you can leave off the tin foil hat and stop shouting ‘cashga4bzlol111 conspiraceez111’ when it comes to the rules on blast weapons.

  • Kalips

    Everything has been leaked. What are you waiting for!

  • Bootneck

    On the plus side I’ve now seen the Dark Angels sheets, and im pretty happy all my termies are immune to morale.

    So much for morale in 8th; Nids immune to morale in synapse, Necrons LD 10, DA have immunity’s. I’am sure orks will in large numbers.

    • Vicent Martín Bonet

      Shoot the big bugs and they are no longer inmune. This has been the adage always.

  • BaronVonYoloing
    • MechBattler

      They’re such d1ckheads.

  • mrbleak

    Can´t believe the Ork Spell for telleporting is not called “´Ere we gooo” such a dissapointment

    • Drew_Da_Destroya

      It’s admittedly been called “Da Jump” for a few editions now, although I do agree that ‘Ere We Go would’ve been better

  • Keith Wilson

    canticles are weak

  • Xodis

    BoLS if you need me to start doing to “leak” articles let me know. Almost the entire Grey Knight list has been released already along with more Deldar and TAU.

  • MechBattler


    Not in their own army…..


  • piglette

    Don’t worry guys. Plastic Sisters are coming next quarter or the one after. GW just needs to work out the bugs of casting plastic robes and hair.

  • Rayna M. McCowan

    Well, my idea to take Sisters as allies to my IG is sounding better and better. Though, probably do Dreamforge conversions for them, while I love the old pewter stuff price is just too stiff for me to swallow. But, yeah, Sisters look good as a support ally, sad that they are kind of relegated to that, but, better than where they were for the past few editions imo.

    Also Chaos Havocs with 4xMeltas in a 5 man unit is 5*13+4*17 with a powerfist +20 putting it at 153, throw in an icon of if one gives FnP (because more saves is good single wound guys costing 30 points each) and it is 163, 30 points less than a squad of 3 Obliterators (which are effectively equipped with Assault 2 Plasma guns due to their min roll is the same as a plasma gun). So Havocs can in theory put out more consistent death, but, die easier, but, are also cheaper. Both units though can be stuffed in a Rhino, though, two Havoc Units can share a Rhino which is a big plus, or Chosen + Havoc unit.

  • Stealthbadger

    Leman russ is still 4+ base for shooting, where are you seeing 3+?

    • Karru

      The Tank Commander most likely.

      • Stealthbadger

        But that’s just for him thoguh right? He doesn’t buff other Russes (beyond reroll 1)?

        • Karru


    • Rayna M. McCowan

      Was looking at tank commander, didn’t realize it, was not fully awake and mistook it for the demolisher entry.

  • Karru

    After reading the Guard part of the Index, I can safely conclude one thing.

    W. T. F. GW?!?

    Manticores are quite nice. 132pts for 2D6 Strength 10 shots with AP -2 and D3 damage. Unfortunately, they still are BS +4, so you are going to get half your result in hits at the end of they day. Still, it has some potential and doesn’t cost too much.

    Deathstrike is worthless. You need an 8 to fire it, meaning it cannot be fired on turn 1 and requires a 6 on turn 2. It is still one shot, costs 162pts and does a whooping 3D6 Mortal wounds to the target it fires. Yes, on average it can barely cripple a knight.

    I literally tilted off the face of the planet once I saw the Sentinels. Scout Sentinel is 35pts, Armoured Sentinel is 40pts. Difference? Armoured Sentinel has a 3+ save and 8″ of movement. Scout Sentinel has a 4+ save, 9″ of movement and can move 9″ at the start of the game. It also doesn’t count as moving, as you do it before the first turn begins. Why would anyone ever take Armoured Sentinels any more?? That +1 Armour Save is meaningless compared to the ability to move 18″ on the first turn and the fact that these things are 5pts cheaper.

    There were so many stupid decisions all around the book that it just made me lose hope for the game again.

    • Stealthbadger

      As I said, the disappointing thing seems to be whilst other armies got buffed guard have just been kept the same.

      I’m looking forward to playing though but all the things that cause guard difficulty in 7th are still young to here. Tau out shoot them, everybody out melees them.

      • Karru

        That’s honestly my problem as well. Having browsed quickly through all the indexes, most armies have changed in some way. They have been given very interesting rules and nice mechanics to play with. Of course, some got nerfs as well, but still, they get something new going for them.

        Guard? Nothing has changed in the mechanic department. Instead, they removed rules that the units already had. For example, Infantry Squads can no longer combine to form bigger units.

        The army remained the same and got worse in many ways. Meanwhile they buffed the one aspect that many people didn’t prefer, Infantry hordes, while nerfing the major appeal of Guard, which was Tanks.

    • Rayna M. McCowan

      Yeah Deathstrike lost pretty much it’s entire reason of existing, clearing segments of the board. That blows. Manticore is at least usable, the changes to the Sentinel are WTF worthy, Armored Sentinels I guess are okay, meh, guessing no difference in what payloads they can take which would be the main deciding factor. With facing out being able to get within range to fire off your strike round one before you die horribly is worth while vs the 5 points for a +3 on the armored sentinels.

      Seeing Veterans as Elites also made my jaw drop, and made me rather frustrated as someone who ran vet groups only for my troop choices. I don’t have access to the full book, just a small leak so no idea of the rumors of a way to take Vets as troop choices is true or not (like Chaos taking Cult Marines as troop choices with special HQ’s).

      • Karru

        As far as I know, only Troops you can take are Infantry Squads and Conscripts.

        To be fair, the real reason why Veterans were made troops earlier was the Infantry Platoon. Guard lacked a way to bring a “small” army to the board in the past that wasn’t 3 squads minimum per choice. That’s why they introduced the Veterans as Troops in 5th and 6th edition. You can now just take the Vanguard Detachment, which requires 3 Elites and 1 HQ if you want to run Battle-forged army that has Veterans as its core.

        You no longer have Platoons, you take all pieces individually. Heavy Weapon Squads are Heavy Support for example, while Special Weapon Squads are Elites.

        Guard are most likely now meant to spam the heck out of the Detachments. Bringing the Brigade is super simple for them and doesn’t require too many points from Imperial Guard.

        • Stealthbadger

          Tempestus are now troops. Yes this makes no sense.

          I don’t see it as too bad just yet, I may change my mind after a few games. They are very cheap on points so maybe sheer numbers will be the key.

          The vendetta thing is the worst bit for me personally. Yes they don’t technically make the sponsons but I mean cone on its 90% a stock kit.

          The Valkyrie drop rule is kinda cool though and scions look ok to me.

          • Karru

            I really hated the fact that they removed Carapace Armour from Guard. Especially since now Commanders are bought independently, meaning they are nothing but target practice for snipers. With a 5+ save and nothing to protect them rules-wise, they’ll die in droves.

          • Rayna M. McCowan

            The complete loss of Carapace and doctrines in general for Guard sucks. Hell, there aren’t even camo cloaks now either, or camo nets, so there goes another layer of protection they had, let alone the loss of doctrines for Veterans. IG feels really, well, bland atm, which is a shame. At this point why play guard when you can take them as allies for and instead play Genestealers or Sisters of Battle (SoB have their own issues but at least retain more of their flavor I feel, then again, hard to lose flavor when most of it was stripped for several editions)?

        • Rayna M. McCowan

          True, and now with being able to bring what is it 6 elites with the Vanguard Detachment, required 3, can take up to three more? You can take your vets then slot in a commissar, Pimarus Psyker (though IDK if there is still access to divination or equivalent for those lovely re-rolls), and war priests or tech priests. Though, given I didn’t see access to storm troopers I get the feeling IG lost access to tech priests as well, because lol why not.