40K: Blood Angels Rules Bleeding Out

One Lucky Gamer already has the new book and is leaking the new Blood Angels Rules – come take a look!

This one has hit the main vein and the Blood Angels Rules mother-load is here. The Sons of Sanguinius are locked in for 8th edition! We’re just going to showcase a handful of the rules to give you an idea of how this army is going to work. Here’s a hint: Jump Packs…

pics via Valerian (B&C 5-29-2017)

Shield will certainly help with the survival of a unit and Unleash Rage is going to make them very punchy. Combine that with Black Rage and….

Suddenly you have a unit where each model is getting +2 attacks if they charge. Oh and Black Rage lets you ignore a wound on a 6 – not too shabby.

Here’s a good look at some of the Blood Angel’s specific weapons. For some odd reason the Blood Angels have a lot of Melee Weapons. I wonder why…

The Death Company has access to a TON of the special weapons for melee – go figure. This unit will be a murderball no matter how you load them up. Black Rage adds an attack on the charge and even with “just” chainswords, these guys will swing 4 times each when they charge. If only they had ways to re-roll misses…

Commander Dante is no joke! Now that the Axe of Mortalis doesn’t cause him to swing last, his melee currency just shot way up! And that Chapter Master ability seems just a tad handy. (That’s for any to-hit rolls, btw).

Well, if you going to run The Death Company, you might want to consider Lemartes. Re-rolling a charge roll AND failed hit rolls in the fight phase for Death Company makes them more reliable and even deadlier.

There’s tons more for the Blood Angels. I can see using just about every character in the army now and I can’t wait to bust out the Dreadnoughts…


~Have at it folks!

  • Inco Gnito

    Meh… doesn’t matter if Blood Angels are good or bad.
    The Blood Angels get the special rule:”At the end of turn 4, set up Guilliman and 5’000 points of Ultramarines and get someone else to win against your opponent, while you stand in awe and applaud your new best friend”

    • LeroyJenkinss

      Too soon?

    • SWISSchris

      The shame and dented pride from being outshone by the Ultramarines ; (

      • Maitre Lord Ironfist

        be positive, at least you were not turned into Armor Paint, because reasons

    • Alexis Muscat

      I think we could add and a Wrath of Khorne Bloodthirster deepstriking at 3′ of any enemy unit

    • Ravingbantha

      This is known as ‘The Lights Go Out’ special rule.

    • Heinz Fiction

      Bah, they were fine. They just politely spared some tyranids for him.

    • Zingbaby

      When touch-of-downs Frontliners help design the rules – the weaker codex they never dared to consider still get left behind.

      Blood Angels will remain the crappiest SM chapter.

    • Zingbaby

      Don’t forget – just add jumbo marines and leave your Blood Angel stuff in the foam.

      • Marco Marantz

        Yes i think you have dropped a hint at how GW is going to write in the replacement of most of the main chapters normal marine for Primaris….Blood Angels have almost been wiped out, right…Each of the other main chapters will likely suffer at the hands of chaos/xenos in this great conflict that is to come and VOILA! Every chapter will need to replenish numbers and thanks to that Mehanicus dude, Primaris can be made in just 5 minutes in a 1000w microwave!!!

    • SilentPony

      Man, everyone is just so negative in this thread! People just need to cheer up and embrace the complete elimination of all your Marine armies by newer, better and more expensive Marines with the grace and kind spirit GW intends it.

      • Grimbuddha

        For a moment, I thought the Ouroboros had realized it was biting it’s own tail, but moment passed, and the wheel of karma spins on. Someday you’ll break the cycle, buddy, I believe in you.

        • SilentPony

          Funny enough, in person you’d never know. I’m a real glass-half full kinda guy and legitimately love playing 40k. I just have no confidence GW is acting in good faith.

          Remember, this is the same company that only a few months ago posted a video where a guy went “Oh look, Plastic Battle Sisters”. And me and all the other worms(Ouroboros was the worm in Caliban, yes?) were called negative Nancies on this very site for not believing them.

          If someone wants to be excited for 8th, go for it. I simply can’t believe GW is doing this for our benefit or that they really ‘listened to the fans’. Love to meet the fans who said 40k has a lack of Space Marines…

          • euansmith

            Ouroborous in classical myth is the snake that devours its own tail; representing infinity and the endless cycle (that is, of course, the cycle to work on a damp and foggy Monday morning).

          • SilentPony

            Ah! I thought he was referencing the specific daemon from the HH series.

          • euansmith

            It probably is 😀 GW do like their classical references.

    • Mr.Gold

      or a Bloodthirster…

    • Agent of Change

      Well Y’know it’s amazing how Pappa Smurf ended up on the other side of the rift “dividing the imperium” How divided is it if the crusade can cross back and forth?

      Just BS lazy hack fluff writing.

      • Mr.Custodes

        Because the BA summoned a Khorne Daemon to help them out, obviously.

    • Nathaniel Wright

      Wouldn’t be an issue if you played better :3

    • Marco Marantz

      I thought a certain Bloodthirster played a big part in the Blood Angels survival by wiping clean the ‘nids from an entire planet? I would LOVE to see this bloodthirsters stats…i bet a lone bloodthirster in game wont nearly be as effective 😉

  • Vepr

    8th edition might just be enough to make me play an underrepresented army like space marines. I was going to dust off my nids but I am tired of fighting all those nid on nid battles. I am going to roll with red or maybe blue marines. If I am lucky I might get to face a yellow or green marine army on occasion.

    On a serious note this is the first time since 4th edition where I felt like starting marines. There is still a lot left to be seen but so far it looks like GW is going to revitalize the game. So far kudos to GW, there will never be true balance but so far it is looking like they are bringing back some parity and fun while disposing of the bloat.

  • OrksIsMadeFerRockin

    D.C. Are worse now all around. Unless I’m mistaken they used to get five attacks on the charge 2+ pistol ccw+ 2 black rage. Fnp is worse and now they can runaway

    • Dunmer

      Don’t forget everyone used to get +1 attack on the charge, not that is not the case. So regular marines got 2 on the charge, now its only one. So by comparison its the same.

      Nevermind taking points into account and the fact you swing first

      • OrksIsMadeFerRockin

        Still next to units like khorne bezerkers not going to stack up. Already usually swung first. And a unit so deep in the throws of slavering murderlust they have to be sedated between battles to say Jims dead I’m going to run away now just feels wrong. I get it don’t have ALL the info yet but they look worse or at the very least less interesting.

        • Only run away if you want them to. There is no fallback due to morale anymore

          • OrksIsMadeFerRockin

            But you lose models equal to what you failed your ld by I think. representing individuals abandoning their unit. won’t be too bad with the reroll and if enough are dead to make you fail that test by a lot it won’t matter that much with the squad size.

        • Hakumei

          You could write them off as succumbing to the rage and running headfirst into the enemy ranks only to be destroyed. Models left on the table would represent those marines that you can still control and give orders to.

          • Porty1119

            That is a very fluffy and cool way to think about it.

    • Zingbaby

      Khorne Bezerkers are so much better actually and hit twice, and cost less, AND somehow are considered a lower Power rating.

      When WAACers who play Khorne are in on the ‘balancing’ this is what you get.

      • Marco Marantz

        Can you please add the link to Berzerker stats. Ive not seen them….didnt know they were out.

  • Ian Plumpton

    The Axe Mortalis was an initiative weapon in 7th anyway. That was the beauty of Dante; he was attacking at AP2 at I7 on the charge.

  • Rajak

    And they shall know no fear is just a reroll on Moral. This pleases me.

    • OrksIsMadeFerRockin

      And they shall sometimes know fear

      • KingAceNumber1

        “And if they know fear, they can try again to not know fear, and sometimes they shall know fear, and other times they shall know no fear. So sayeth the Emperor of Mankind.”

        • Trey

          some times they shall know wisdom, as in the better part of valor.

        • euansmith

          Fear is the mind killer.

          • Patriarch

            And the little death that brings total oblivion…

          • lorieth

            Now I’m worrying what happens if a lasgun hits a unit with Shield of Sanguinius…

          • Patriarch

            Kaboom! Everyone in the battle dies and their remains are eaten by the Mawloc of Shai-Hulud!

  • BaronVonYoloing

    This seems reasonable.

    Speedboat Guilliman being over 350 points is pleasing. It at least placed him amongst the other Lord of War choices in terms of points.

    I do find it weird that I now have to flick between pages to cost basic wargear on top of the points of my squads. Hope they make some cards or other reference like chart for ease of use.

    • scan and print?

      • BaronVonYoloing

        Eh. Maybe. I don’t actually have a printer at the house (don’t need one. Usually…) but I don’t consider it THAT big of a deal. Just a minor annoyance.

    • Yea, I really don’t know why they did that. I mean splitting gear and base-costs up in general. It’s just an annoying sales-point for any army-builder-app out there.

      • Walter Vining

        because it makes adjusting points cost a lot easier

        • Really? How is that exactly? And now, they shift the difficulty of messing with points to the customer instead, potentially creating lots of errors in people’s army-sheets?

          • Walter Vining

            there were already errors in peoples sheets, so you cant use that. with a section at the back they can just annually print a new one (GHB) with a points change instead of printing new codexes.

          • Right. But in order to print a new points sheet, you don’t need to split up points for dudes and their weapons. You could just put their full points (including default-gear) right in the list. I’m thinking for example of Fire Dragons here. Instead of 22 points it will say 12 points a dude and 10 points the gun. Or even worse: 8 points a dude, 10 points the gun, 4 points the Melta-Bomb – which they all have to take anyway. Now I can potentially do double the amount of errors when calculating the damn points for a Fire Dragon. It’s not a too big thing, I’m gonna use my own app anyway. But it’s still annoying.

          • Red_Five_Standing_By

            it is kind of annoying but it gives GW more options when it needs to adjust points. It can reprint a datasheet, the unit cost chart or the weapon cost chart.

          • And you think they will ever re-print them separately?

  • Deacon Ix

    The Axe Mortalis was not Unwieldy in the last Codex, and at I6 with +1 on the charge (if in the correct detachment / formation) it was not often that he went last

  • faeslayer

    Who is that a picture of at the top of the article?

    • OrksIsMadeFerRockin

      I think that’s the generic ba jump chaplain model

    • Commissar Molotov

      It’s a Blood Angels chaplain from the cover of the “Angel’s Blade” campaign supplement.

    • Shawn

      I believe that is Chaplain Lemartes

      • Pascalnz

        incorrect 🙂

    • Orblivion

      His name is Daenor, he was part of the Angel’s Blade supplement.

  • Ryan Miller

    Iron hand chapter rules now please… and named character on table!

    • BaronVonYoloing

      Can’t speak for chapter rules but going on the link on the beginning of the article which has the points of the standard marine stuff there is no new characters there for you. 🙁

  • GrenAcid

    Funny but Death company have no powerfists….dont know for sure but some folks gonna be pissed about it.

    • OrksIsMadeFerRockin

      Lol nice catch

    • PanzerDan

      It says powerfist in the wargear list silly

      • OrksIsMadeFerRockin

        lol even nicer catch

      • Patriarch

        Yeah, DC can have them, but the poor guys don’t know how they work!

    • Neal Laxman

      May swap chainsword for … power fist

      May swap bolt pistol for … power fist

      You can totally get fisting with this. Plus extra power for when your fists need a bit more oomph

  • Chet Atkinson

    What’s this ‘Power’ business? Is it the new word for ‘Points’?

    • 301stFeinminsterArmoured

      Power is a rough way to balance your army against another without delving into points. Don’t worry, point values are still a thing, and no one in the tournament scene will use anything else.

      • Trey

        I doubt any army will show up after 2 weeks that is not power level and pointed.

    • Xodis

      Power Levels are an estimate of strength with a decent load out. Mainly used for quick games.
      Points function like before so you can break down each model to its bare point minimum.

      Its the difference between paying a flat tax rate and doing itemized deductions.

      • stinkoman

        Yeah, i bet everyone will be calculating both just to be prepared for pickup games. We’ll hear endless bitching about it soon enough.

        • Xodis

          I prefer to stick with Power Levels since the minutia of points cost on everything bores me.

          • Ronin

            To give a rough estimate, 2000 points is roughly 100-110 power.

          • Neal Laxman

            Same. List building was always tedious to me.

            I like to play with my toys, not look longingly at them while performing mental arithmetic.

      • Chet Atkinson

        Gotcha! Thanks 🙂

  • 301stFeinminsterArmoured

    Hand Flamers and Inferno Pistols look viable now, what with how Pistols function in game now. Not an auto-include, but viable.


    Can someone one post some space wolves stuff..come on guys puppy’s are hungry…

  • Defenestratus

    I don’t really find anything here objectionable, but it all seems rather boring.

  • Trey

    (Frag Cannon) Can my guard get a Canister round for battle cannon ? heck the usa had one for 37mm in WW2 maybe get one for Auto Cannon. (dakka preds would like some too)

    somthing like….
    Battle Cannon Range 12 S 6 2x of what ever a Battle Cannon auto hit.
    Auto Cannon Range 12 S 5 d4 auto hit

    maybe some NEW TECH like Claymores . use the frag cannon but only fires in overwatch.

  • Redhatter

    So we can lose Death Company to morale? damn that sucks.

    • Patriarch

      We are back to the olden days, when any Fearless unit like DC took casualties instead of running away. Only now, everyone does it.

      Still a big improvement IMO.

      • Red_Five_Standing_By

        Plus, I am betting one of the BA HQs will have a fearless bubble.

        • Death Company Andro

          Yup. It’s Astorath who makes DC units within 6″ automatically pass morale tests as well as re roll to hit also randomly buffs a unit you choose within 6″
          D6 roll
          1 Unit takes 1 mortal wound
          2-5 unit adds 1 on to hit rolls
          6 unit adds 1 to hit rolls and gets 4+ invulnerable save

          • Pascalnz

            the sang guard ancient also stops all moral in 6 inches

  • knightsanguis

    I still have some unassembled Death Company. Good to know they’ll be able to take a wider variety of melee weapons.

    • OrksIsMadeFerRockin

      Pretty sure most if not all of those options were already a thing

      • knightsanguis

        I think power axes were a thing, although I definitely know they don’t come with the kits. I can’t remember power mauls being on their wargear list at all, but I could be wrong.

        • OrksIsMadeFerRockin

          Power weapon was what they got access to so all three plus lance

  • Matthew Manall

    Dante didn’t swing last in 7th either. They updated it not be unweildy didn’t they?

    • Kami Alan Cheale

      yep dude dont know the dex as it stands

  • Kami Alan Cheale

    guy doesn’t know his rules Dante doesn’t hit last in combat his axe isn’t unwieldy so as ever FACT CHECK

  • Evil Otto

    Emo Cutting: One Blood Angel HQ model with more than one wound cuts himself on the arm, taking a wound. All enemy models within 12″ must take a morale test or be shocked at angst radiating from the model and may not advance. This check is at -1 Ld if “Crawling In My Skin” is playing in the background.

    “No one understands our suffering!!!”

    • Gunther Clone C

      I’m so sad with their new album…they sound like a pop boy band now. 🙁

  • MrLodgik

    I was really expecting them to be real combat beast this edition like the khorn berzerkers. I’m kinda disapointed about this

    • Defenestratus

      BA were never really combat masters except in certain cases like DC.

      • Zingbaby

        Except in all of the fluff going back to 2nd edition as well.

    • Zingbaby

      Yeah Khorn Berzerkers are cheaper and have less Power rating, but hit twice and are otherwise better in all regards.

      So much for a balanced edition.

      • Pascalnz

        amazing how the options for those berserkers include infernus pistols and thunder hammers… oh and how they can get jump packs…

        • Zingbaby

          amazing how the options for Death Company are free right? …I mean the unit is already more expensive to begin with and thunder hammer replaces both weapons now but at least they are free right?… oh jump packs are free too right?

          • Pascalnz

            they sure aren’t, but taking non of the options is not that great. compare a tactical squad with all bolsters vs one that has taken pistols heavy and assault weapons. more points, but boy can they do lot more with them.

            If DC could only be taken with bolters and there where no bonuses specific to them from other characters in the book. sure, they wouldn’t be that great.

            but they have options, really good ones. and that’s why they cost more, it’s the opportunity cost.

  • euansmith

    “I see you’ve got a Blood Boil, Angel; fear not, the Dark Eldar are here to lance it.”

  • Anton

    Damn, they still can’t make the rules clear… does the black rage 6+ work on charge or always? I can already see that this needs a FAQ

    • TheCrimsonFist

      Idk to me it seems clear that the 6+ save is always applicable

  • 3dken

    I just want to know if the army is still fast for it’s vehicles!

    • euansmith

      Why this Rhino is automatic
      It’s systematic
      It’s hydromatic
      Why it’s greased lightning

      • Matthew Pomeroy

        can we be expecting a blood angel techmarine with John Travolta’s head?

  • euansmith

    I’m hoping Pedro Kantor makes it in to 8th and that Dorn’s Arrow can lay down a Chapter sized can of high-cyclic-rate whupass.

  • Rafał Pytlak

    Dante lives!

  • Roman Himmelhan

    Dante’s Axe Mortalis already did swing at his full initiative even in the last codex. Guess why Dante was that beast. Even more so in Apocalypse with a relic weapon…

  • Orblivion

    Kinda surprised/disappointed that Dante has no unique abilities, he still seems to be pretty good though.