40K RUMORS: Post 8th 2017 Plans

There is a new set of 40k rumors covering what Nottingham will be focussing on after 8th arrives.

Everyone and their brother knows Warhammer 40,000’s 8th Edition is on the way next month.  The big question is… THEN WHAT?

Industry professionals tell BoLS the following:

Look for a focus on the big villains of the Grimdark this year – Chaos and their struggle against he Imperium

GW is working to make Chaos return to their rightful place as the primary antagonists of the Grimdark.

GW is liking the 3-model “Triumvirate” sets, so look for these to return after 8th launches later this year.

Ranges mentioned for particular attention this year are:

  • CSMs
  • Astartes
  • Ad Mech

Next year will see attention moving to popular non-Imperial armies who have been long neglected by the Studio.

~Start saving your pennies.

  • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation


  • Blackfel

    That’s really bad news for Chaos players. When GW launched 7th edition, the first few armies were relatively weak because they had nothing to compare themselves against. After that, power creep kicked in, and by the end (with some exceptions of course) the final armies became so overpowered that the original armies really couldn’t compare. I have no doubt the same thing will happen in 8th as well, so the first few armies are going to get screwed.

    • Karru

      Exactly. That’s my worry as well, because even if GW takes input from the outside, it doesn’t mean they will act on it. Let’s say Chaos gets a book but after 6 months of power creep it becomes almost completely useless against other armies and people mention this to GW, they won’t act on it. They’d rather release a new army or book for an army that doesn’t have one because people already bought the CSM book so who cares?

      • vlad78

        Given that all armies have to get redone and GW is working 2 years ahead of time, they probably have designed quite a lot of them.

        Besides, we’ll see if GW keeps on its promise to have a living ruleset which will include corrections if one faction is too weak or too strong.

        • kingcobra668

          Did gw promise this or are these words fans have used? I don’t recall gw actually saying anything about a “living ruleset.”

          • ZeeLobby

            Ofcourse not. Nor is there any evidence that they spent significant time in two years developing the new system, short of weekend invites to tourney organizers. But I imagine the imperial soothsayers and hopefuls will be out enforce proclaiming so. Can’t blame em too much, im pretty excited as well.

          • Frank Krifka

            From what I understand, they’ve announced internally that there has been significant play testing with the units in 8th. Well over two years worth. if the recent battletome releases for AoS are any indicator each factor should be quite strong in their own right, but every faction will be able to compete. This is pretty easy for them to do since everything currently released will go live all at once.

            I expect as new factions are released they will shake up the meta, but will find their place as players learn to deal with whatever they bring to the table.

          • ZeeLobby

            Im hopeful of this too. Just have yet to see GW do it with a system out the gate. Don’t get me wrong. It’s definitely a challenge to do. Let’s just say I won’t be shocked if there’s random jank everywhere for the first 6 months.

          • orionburn

            Don’t recall if it was in the FAQ / live stream thing they did or elsewhere (there’s already been 10 billion articles about 8th ed.) but they did say they would follow the AoS model with an annually updated General’s Handbook type deal. I wouldn’t constitute that as a promise, but it is what they are aiming for.

          • Walter Vining

            that was something they said at the launch of 7th

      • AEZ

        It’s not really a problem. Strong profiles aren’t a problem when then get large point values.
        Yes I agree powercreep will always be there… but usually that was only reset at new editions but now points can be balanced every year.
        So this year they will be strong. Next year the new armies then will be strong (and CSM relatively weaker) and the year after some other armies will be strong.

    • Cergorach

      If 8th will follow AoS, as has been hinted at before, we’ll get a yearly new “general’s handbook” with rebalanced points, scenario’s etc. So if CSM get left behind, it isn’t for years and years, just until the next General’s handbook…

      • silashand

        Exactly. I hated AoS at first, but that was mainly due to a lack of balanced play. With the General’s Handbook it’s a lot better. 40Kv8 looks very much like AoS 2.0 which is a good thing. They seem to have taken some of the best elements of the old 40K system and added a few tweaks to make it more enjoyable without losing any of the elegance of AoS. Now if they would only do a 2.0 of the base AoS rules as well. Would love to have that new to wound chart there as I think it would be a lot more appropriate. JMO though…

    • Drpx

      Chaos complains when they get ignored, then they complain when they get attention.

      • Argh arcturus

        Chaos doesn’t complain when we get attention. we complain when the attention means we’re getting the shaft. It’s imperial players who cry like they’re six year old kids who just dropped their ice cream cone. remember the late 3rd edition CSM codex? Remember what all the imperial players did in reaction? so yeah, go back to sucking on your momma’s teat.

        • Alpharius

          Where did the space marine touch you?

        • Ross Allan

          Yeah they do. ‘We don’t want to be just spiky Maureens’ – GW make them more than spiky Maureens….’OMG I CAN’T BELIEVE WE’RE NOT SPIKY MAUREENS! WE DEMAND EVERYTHING WE HAVE, EVERYTHING THEY HAVE, FOR LESS POINTS AND A LOWER AP

        • NNextremNN

          Really a “your momma” insult?

          Well Horus was a disgraceful spoiled brat too so I guess that fits.

        • Walter Vining

          all the chaos players in my area cry more than a new born. who needs the teat now?

      • kingcobra668

        No, really just some of the more vocal fan base.

    • Argh arcturus

      However, if the WFB replacement is the business model they’re choosing, armies will no longer remain static, so armies that are suffering from creep will see love later on.

    • Ak318

      If they follow AoS’s model early armies are the ones you wont have to worry about. When it launched khorne and stormcast got books then as soon as the meta for how books came out got updated GW releaunched the older books updated to the new standard before getting out more for armies who dont have a battletome yet. and now stormcast and khorne both have some amazingly powerful books int the meta.

      • AircoolUK

        If anything, now is the time to start getting your favourite Codex’s on Android or iPad. They’ll be updated regularly.

      • ledha

        Stormcast book is very strong, while not amazingly powerful. The khorne book is good, but not in the same power range than the stormcast or sylvaneth

    • Andy Wise

      May have missed your point on this and apologies if so but doesn’t the phrase ‘GW is working to make Chaos return to their rightful place as the primary antagonists of the Grimdark.’ something to offer hope for CSM players?

    • AircoolUK

      No such thing as power creep in AoS. Living Rule Book, annual updates (General’s Handbook), Warscrolls and regular FAQ/Errata see to that.

      I can understand the concern, but you’re placing too much emphasis on how things used to be.

      Also, the releases will have been planned for at least the next 12 months by now.

      • Muninwing

        so there can be power creep, just less before it’s realigned.

        provided GW doesn’t change the direction, this will be a pretty good model. then again, they always had the ability to do this with FAQs etc and just haven’t, so we’ll see how it pans out.

        • Tiernoc

          It really seems like the new leadership at GW is putting the focus on creating a quality game for their customers. This is damn fortuitous timing for them as well, as their business model will likely be seriously threatened by 3d printing and recasters in the near future (if it’s not already) and having happy and loyal customers will likely be what keeps GW in business.

    • Hussein Alobaidi

      But there are no “first” armies in 8th, all armies, every model has been reworked from the ground up points wise, essentially everyone in on a level playing field. Additionally they will likely make amendments to units on a more frequent basis since rules are “free” and available online.

      • ZeeLobby

        Kind of extremely early to make such claims, just FYI. Making fast amendments will be key as things are quickly broken though.

    • disqus_yyglaTdo9o

      “we want new stuff”
      ok, here you go
      “no, not NOW!”

      My nurgle, what an annoying person you must be.

      • Muninwing

        that was exactly what the reaction was to so many of the new initiatives.

        “we want faster releases!”
        – new codex each month updated –
        “we cannot keep up!”

        • memitchell

          Yeah, I was barely finished brushing away 19 years of accumulated dust from my Genestealer Cultists when the Codex hit.

    • NNextremNN

      Wow pleasing a chaos player seems very hard.

      Chaos: Chaos is bad all others are better!
      GW: Well Deamons are pretty good.
      Chaos: That’s the wrong chaos …

      Chaos: We don’t get anything!
      GW: Okey here new models for sub faction.
      Chaos: But I don’t like that sub faction …
      GW: Okey next time you get another one.
      Chaos: It’s still the wrong one …

      Chaos: Our Codex is so old that’s why it’s bad!
      GW: Okey your Codex will be updated next.
      Chaos: I don’t want to be the first the first ones are always bad …

      Orks, Tyrannids and Dark Eldar also had it rough, get way less attention and still cry less than you guys.

      • JJ

        To be fair.. gw was turd polishing with the supplemental chaos codxes.

        No matter how may supplemental books that you release it would have never fixed the issue. Especially when the issue was that the core codex needed updating.

        • memitchell

          After waiting 19 years for their FIRST codex, my Genestealer Cult who are a disenfranchised band tired of bowing and scraping to over-entitled bureaucrats that are thousands of light years away, truly sympathizes with CSM’s plight. 😉

      • Goatsplitter

        I; while a passionate CSM player who understands the almost no-win situation GW is in, do get the whole ‘Daemons are not what I want’ gripe. My army, has major political disagreements with how the Imperium is run in the 41st Millennium (I almost wished I painted them purple because clearly someone got into the memberberries.) We represent a disenfranchised band who are tired of bowing and scraping to over-entitled bureaucrats that are thousands of light years away. So yeah, we wallow knee-deep in heresy, but we don’t truck with daemons either. Plus, we hate the Traitor Legions, F those guys. Especially Word Bearers– lapdogs. So my army is very themed in a way you would just call them vanilla marines with horns.

        Back to the no-win situation. GW makes such wide variety of themes possible with Chaos, so you know something is going to be relatively underpowered to others. I just remember GW didn’t put a gun to my head and make me theme my army without heldrakes and daemons, but you want to be competitive too.

    • Kinsman

      This hasn’t happened in AoS, yet. So I’d say GW has learned some lessons and I’d be (gasp) willing to give them the benefit of the doubt this time around.

    • Bryan Ruhe

      What a pessimistic view!

    • Manuel Bateman

      dont worry to much! gw wanted stormcast and khorne to be the main antagoonists in AoS and both keep getting new stuff to make sure they stay up there.
      the game is pretty decently balanced anyway if you only count new armies with a own battletome.

  • Abz Hasan

    If AOS is anything to go by, then all armies should be balanced for majority part. Every single army is getting built from the bottom up. This time round public feedback is being used heavily for GW to cater for the community as well as making profit.

    • Farseerer

      I think you’re mistaken. This article clearly outlines how Chaos Space Marines will be the weakest faction in 8th.

  • Emprah

    Oooooh Admech.

    • orionburn

      While I’m not happy to think that Nids won’t get any real love until next year some new AdMech stuff will tide me over nicely until then!

      • Farseerer

        While I love nids, the idea of the hivemind having some new characters might be a bit difficult to justify.

        I’m all for new kits but I’m not sure if the triumvirate suits them.

        • dark-tadpole

          I don’t know, a box with a new Old One Eye, The Red Terror and Deathleaper would be quite nice.

          • Farseerer

            we can dream bud

        • Goatsplitter

          I don’t know. Always evolving? They probably are an easier reach lore-wise than a decaying Imperium, who has so little grasp over the technology of their ancestors, coming up with new things.

          • amaximus167

            And yet, the Marines seem to keep finding new vehicles and equipment just laying around…

  • Kritarion

    Long neglected Xenos…. Dark Eldar, Orks and Tyrannids?

    • el_tigre

      Obviousley Squats.

  • Herbrecht Von Jeromen

    I think 40K is clearly going the 30K/HH direction, thus mainly Marines/Chaos Marines.
    I wouldn’t expect much love for other armies in the near time.
    Perhaps there will also be some major “squatting”.

    • ZeeLobby

      I’ve long said they’ve been moving towards FW as it continued to succeed with HH.

  • Edouard Decaen

    Do my armies plz

  • ZeeLobby

    Hey, if the updated rules at least make Xenos armies comparable, I don’t mind waiting a year. If Xenos just spend the whole year getting stomped by Imperial/Chaos armies, it’d be a pretty poor indicator of their desire to make a better game.

    • MPSwift

      With everything getting reset to ground zero to start with I would like to think that the xenos armies will have a good level of external balance on release with the near future campaigns and the like mainly focusing on the Imp/Chaos divide.

      • ZeeLobby

        Yeah. This is what im hoping for. Fingers crossed. AoS didn’t really start out balanced and is still imbalanced to some degree, though it is in a much better place than 40K has probably ever been. But if it’s a year long slog til we write their Commissar’s Dataslate #1, my group will probably fall back into playing something else. Hope they did their homework.

        • MPSwift

          Considering the song and dance that’s been made about the excessive play testing and trialing of the game I’d say you’re in safe hands. Orks and Nids have always been 2 of my favourite armies to play against and to see on the tabletop so I’m really hoping they get some rules to back up their fluff.

          • ZeeLobby

            Yeah. Me too. Would love to play my Nids again. My friend started Orks and quickly quit the game altogether with how poor their balance was. And DE have always been a favorite of mine as well. So like I said, fingers crossed.

            If PP has shown us anything, “excessive” playtesting can mean many things, and still pales in comparison to community gaming. Them bringing in tournament organizers for a weekend here/there is hardly playtesting, and their internal development team hasn’t had to do any real playtesting since probably 4th edition 40K (not to mention they let go of many of them), so I’m always skeptical of any playtesting claims by GW. This would be the time for them to prove me wrong though, haha. When you look at the sheer number of factions they had, and the multitude of new ones they added, all during an era of total balance ignorance, I’d be shocked as heck if it came out even remotely balanced.

          • MPSwift

            From what I’ve heard the tournament organisers/community heads of large, well known tournaments have been doing the lion’s share of the testing. There was a post from one of the testers saying it would frequently take 6-7 hours on a Sunday just to write up all the feedback from that week’s games and play tests let alone actually play enough games to generate that kind of feedback. Plus being in that position of running those kinds of events under previous editions would have given them a considerable feel for what needed changing in 8th. All in all, I’m loving the changes we’ve seen thus far and I’m hopeful that the army rules will be equally cool.

          • ZeeLobby

            Oh. No doubt. Like Ive said, it’ll be the most balanced edition of 40K probably ever. Still, even if they had 50 pro organizers (who’ve spent years still running imbalanced events) submitting updates every week, the first week of 1k+ games will find many things they never considered. We’ve seen this happen before. It really hinges on their speed at adjusting more than anything else.

          • AEZ

            Thing is at the time the input for AoS was asked the community had already had time to play the sandbox rules without points.. so relative powerlevels where known. Might be this first edition will not get the same level of balances AoS GHB 1 has… but after a year most of the units should have known powerlevels and then it can be balanced better.

          • ZeeLobby

            Oh. I totally agree with all of what you said. I just think people claiming that the game will be balanced cause it was redone from the ground up just have little idea how possible that even is. Especially considering the 20+ factions that need to be taken into account. I could work on a system straight for 5 years and still miss massive issues. That’s just the nature of the beast. That said, fast fixes are what the game needs more than anything else.

          • MPSwift

            Can’t find a fault with your logic, I’m sure once it’s out in the wide world there’ll be people that find loopholes/breaks in the system that weren’t intended or similar faults. Hopefully the reaction time for fixes will be quick though. Regular FAQ/Errata and an annual clean up would do wonders for the game.

          • AEZ

            Yeah I think the game is to big to really play test in house. Just make it fairly balanced and then wait for community input next year. I know you don’t favor community input (as in.. you think a game should be well made by the developer or they’ve been lazy.. think you said stuff like that) but for 40K it’s just not possible. Good listening and improving is a good 2nd best.

          • ZeeLobby

            Yeah. I mean in order to really do good in-house playtesting, they’d probably have to reduce the number of factions, and in all likelihood it looks like they’re going to continue adding to them. So that’s something I doubt we’ll ever see.

            I’m just not sure a game can survive when 95% of the balancing is done by the community. Unless the ruleset is constantly updated based on results, the player base will have to wait each year to get a rebalance. There’s a high probability that throughout the year GW will release units/factions that aren’t balanced well. I don’t know if the community will enjoy this yearly “creap” (could be in either direction), with eventual fixes. Sounds like a rollercoaster to me. I mean I doubt they’re considering a character released now and it’s buff’s effect on a planned release 6 months from now. It’s hard to do those things when internal playtesting is limited.

            But who knows, it may just work out, and maybe once they embrace digital as a primary, we’ll see book updates throughout the year above and beyond FAQs/Erratas (which usually aren’t focused on balance).

          • AEZ

            One new faction that is slightly to strong or one model that is slightly to strong in one of the armies won’t be that much of a problem I think. Sure people will abuse them.. but in the grand scheme it’ll probably not be a real problem, let alone on the scale I hear 40K is now.

          • ZeeLobby

            Just depends on the player. Arguably WMH has always been for more competitive players, but one broken model has been enough to drive people away from the game, especially when it has a large impact. We’ve seen this many times in 40K 7th and 6th. Imperial Knights for example. It sounds insignificant, but it can be damning.

          • AEZ

            Completey wrong view. WMH is for paupers who like 2nd rate mini’s.
            I think this will not happen here.

          • ZeeLobby

            Lol. Still doesn’t change my point. One OP unit is easily enough to ruin a game if suitably OP. And I’ve enjoyed playing WMH way more than 6th/7th 40k. Looking forward to dust off my armies in 8th tho.

          • AEZ

            If you say so.. as long as you don’t say you like looking at those armies better than looking at your GW armies I’ll not even contest the statement 😀

          • ZeeLobby

            I dunno. I feel like i did a pretty good paint job on my cryxian horrors!

          • AEZ

            Well that probably migitated the damage to your eyes and brain.

    • Sebastian Rubio

      not even a year, way less, Gw never releases new armies in summer and december, basically have to wait 6 month then it’s xenos time.

      • ZeeLobby

        That’s true. GW has shown their willingness to push out multiple factions in a short span though. Plus with the new 40K Stormcast eternals, who knows how far that’ll stretch into the Xenos year, lol.

  • Christie Bryden

    so nids next year then… as the main non imperial army that didnt get any attention, well that and every chaos legion bar thousand sons (though can we get more for them too, some legion exclusive vehicles, magnus has made his own small empire there… wait , how far away are the tau from them… TO THE MAP!)

  • Derek

    If this is true, look like people who like to see new Sister and Eldar set will need to wait another year…

    • EnTyme

      Well, Sisters are Imperium, so they may get updated this year.
      Sorry, couldn’t keep a straight face. Yeah. Still waiting for one of my favorite factions to get an update.

  • BaronVonYoloing

    Oh boy more Chaos.

    Whilst I like the attention being moved away from the Imperium armies why shift the attention to Chaos. All I hear is whining because whatever they release isn’t 3.5 (clean off the lenses people that book was an organisational mess for people trying to learn the faction not to mention the power abuse available).

    They should make new Tyranid, Ork or Dark Eldar books. They have such issues they have no way to go except upwards in terms of quality!

    • Defenestratus

      The silver lining of this system change is that no longer will the Chaos players be able to whinge about their beloved 3.5ed codex since it is firmly trenched in an old system – never to return again.

  • Boreno

    So… No Sisters of Battle after all the rumors and official confirmation?

    But happy for the Admech attention 🙂

  • Mike

    …but….but what about Imperial guard and nids! They’ve been waiting almost as long as chaos!

  • Daniel Enos

    Dear god so much crying in the comments. If I’m not mistaken all current models will get new rules out of the gate. So any “creep” that is involved would be with newly released models.

    So this “I don’t want to be first” crap is total horse poo

    Then theirs the yearly rebalance.

    Seriously people cry about GW not listening, then when they do listen people cry about that too.

    • Hrudian


      • dave long island


        • Goatsplitter

          And the other

          • AEZ

            The ugly

    • Goatsplitter

      The yearly rebalance. That’s the key in my book. I will be very curious to see AoS generals book 2 looks like. Do the underpwereds get buffed. Does beastclaws get a nerf?

  • Vachones

    This rumor is so vague as to be worthless. What do they mean by “get attention”? Rules? Army books? Models?

    The hope with 8th or New 40K is that at release every army is viable because they all “got attention.” From a rules perspective, it should not matter who is first to get their codex if they follow the same pattern with AOS, where the alliance books still let you construct a decent army and every unit has custom rules.

    If by “get attention” they mean new models, then Chaos most definitely need some love, along with anything in Finecast (Eldar comes to mind).

    The Triumvariates are cool, but my concern is they are pushing new models without going back and re-designing some really dated 3rd edition sculpts. I know why they would rather sell new stuff, but I’d love to see some badly needed updates. We all have in mind what models need the new plastic treatment, and its a long list at this point.

  • piglette

    2018: Da Year of Da WAAAAGH

  • memitchell

    Now that the Galaxy is torn in half by what will soon be known as “The Nasty Gash,” I want to give a shout out to what is now the first and last Genestealer Codex of the 30 years of 40K. And, now sit back to listen to how EVERYONE else’s armies have been, and will soon be neglected. Resume whining…

  • PlasmaCow

    so still no Sisters then eh?

  • Fomorian

    So no new SoB then in the near future 🙁 !? …

  • Nyyppä

    So many people are complaining that their faction does not get new toys at the beginning of 8th makes me think that 2 things have been forgotten.
    First….wait for it….everyone gets an update. Literally every model they are selling gets rules, including FW.
    Secondly the power creep is real. You want a mid edition codex because almost every codex is slightly better than the ones before so to avoid the fate of the current CSM and Necrons you should be hoping for a codex that is released after GW has finally chosen a style for that particular edition’s armies.

    For CSM players this is a nightmare like in 6th.

    • Brian Griffith

      I’m hoping with costing/balance getting revisited yearly power creep is going to be less of a factor. 6th/7th was a nightmare because we got our codex right at the start and no matter how many formations/detachments/supplements they tacked onto it they just wouldn’t adjust points costs and for the most part the freebies were never worth enough to make up for that. The idea of adjusting matched point costs on a regular basis like they are in Age of Sigmar is huge and a big part of what we were asking for.

      • Nyyppä

        Yeah. The frequency of that adjustment is not enough for AoS either. I have a FEC army. No point in deploying in most matchups. The opponent just wins and barring awesome luck there’s nothing I can do about that.

  • AnomanderRake

    Given that their last attempt to return Chaos to prime-villain status involved a dragon monster with skulls for acne I’m not sure this is a good thing.

  • Logan Miller

    Astartes, then AdMech, then “popular non Imperial armies” next year. Crossing my fingers for Plastic Sisters for 9th Ed, but I know that’s a bit to hope for.

  • onlyonepinman

    Yay. More spehz Mehrens. Because we haven’t seen enough of them.