40K: Sly Marbo Sneaks Into 7th

The Man, The Myth, The Legend has returned to 40k – Sly Marbo now has updated rules for Warhammer 40k!

In the last days of 40k 7th edition, a true hero of the Imperium has returned. After being sent on a secret mission to Armageddon, he was thought lost to the annals of history. But after seeing the state of the Imperium he has emerged from his ambush position to once again strike fear in the hearts of the enemy. Sly Marbo has returned to 40k – and he’s ready to kill them all.

via Warhammer Community

“A few of you got in touch yesterday after the veteran Catachan Devil, hunter, and all round hero of the Imperial Guard, Sly Marbo, was revealed to be on Armageddon, waging his own personal shadow war against the invaders.”

“And because you all asked so nicely, here are some rules to use him in games of Warhammer 40,000.”

Download the rules HERE

While Sly’s model is no longer available, part of the fun is converting him up using existing kits. The Catachan Jungle Fighters or the Command Squad are both good starting points. But there is no reason you can’t dip into the Space Marine Scouts box for some extra bits. Really, Sly Marbo is a master of infiltration so you could have him decked out in whatever you wanted.

I must admit, I never thought I’d see an updated Sly Marbo for 7th. But now that we’ve got one I’m actually kind of glad. He’s always been a nod to Rambo and the action movies of the 80’s, which I’m pretty fond of for their over-the-top action and one-liners. So welcome back to Warhammer Sly, you’re just in time to save us all!



What do you think of the return of Sly Marbo. Also, 25 points?! SOLD!

  • Maitre Lord Ironfist

    For 25 Points he is just amazing. Not good at killing though targets but for some Soft thingies he is gread

    • Djbz

      Well he’s almost certain to die to the first thing that looks at him.
      But 25 points nice and cheap.
      And that he could threaten vehicles/monstrous creatures may make him a good distraction

      • Haighus

        At least his rules allow him to deploy out of LoS easily.

    • J Mad

      No demo charges…. No fun

  • SprinkKnoT

    Regardless of whether he’s good or not, his rules match how I imagine he’d play exactly. And for 25 points, why not take him?

  • SilentPony

    Yup. Classic Games Workshop.

    Hey, you like this guy? Well here, have an update 2 years into the edition!

    Oh and 8th edition starts next month and all these rules will be obsolete! Ciao!

    • Bakvrad

      Since some people will stick to the old edition anyway, I think it’s ok ^^

    • bfmusashi

      I thought classic GW would have put it in a $5 dataslate 🙂

      • SilentPony

        Nah, that’s ‘New’ Games Workshop

    • Haighus

      Well, seeing as it is totally for free and only a side note after they included him in the rules for Shadow War Armageddon, I don’t think this really means much. They are just throwing people a bone after they added him to a different system.

  • Camisa

    No demo charge!! Cant assault when arrives… so he appears and dies… and do nothing…. old rules where better….

    • Thomson

      They removed his only useful ability. He has a 75% chance to inflict one wound on MEQ, 25% for two.

      He has 25% chance to earn his points back vs anything interesting.

      In the past people where very afraid when he appeared.

      Now he is a joke. GW Game Design at his premium…

      if this is an indicator what they do for Astra Militarum in 8th…

      • TenDM

        He’s not Commisar Yarrick, he’s Sly Marbo, a joke character for Imperial Guard. For 25 points he’ll use booby trap to keep your opponent off three bits of your terrain. Then he’ll get into combat with five (six on the charge) I5, WS5, Poison (2+) Attacks, and either win or Hit and Run to go off the board to safety. Toughness 3 with 2 Wounds isn’t fantastic, but played well it should do a good job of mopping up the guys who are about to break you.

      • ledha

        back in my days, for 25 pts, you had one assault marine with a chainsword and a pistol bolt. Today, you have two necron warrior. I think for the price of two necron warrior, he is pretty awesome

    • Andrew B

      He has Melta Bombs and where does it say he can’t charge?

      • Camisa

        Clearly you dont know how marbo was….

  • ZeeLobby

    Really hoping that’s a conversion.

    • Haighus

      It is- they mention as much in the pdf. Or it may have been the Community page article.

      • ZeeLobby

        haha, phew. LoL. I was like, GW you’ve come so far, and now this!?!?

  • Rieks Visser

    I only just realised Marbo is an anagram for Rambo… :O

  • zemlod

    In the bottom pic he looks just like Wayne Campbell…

  • MechBattler

    Looks to me like he’s best used in combination with a hard hitting assault unit like Ogryns or Assault Marines. He can provide cheap support to dump some easy extra wounds onto the target.

    Alternatively, you can use him to lock down or distract a powerful shooting unit like Broadsides for at least one phase. I’d gladly expend a 25 point model to keep Broadsides from shooting something more important.