40K: Top 5 Melee Units Worth Rooting For

7th beat-up Melee units pretty hard – Here are 5 units we want to see make a comeback…or just show up!

It’s hard to argue that Close-Combat took a pretty big back seat in 7th Edition. From the sound of things in the Q&A Melee units just might have a chance at doing quite a number on the enemy this time around – if they can get there. And while the CC weapon teaser was pretty light on “new” weapons it still got us here at BoLS thinking about units we’d love to see again (or for the first time in some cases). Here are our picks in no particular order.

Mutilators & Possessed


“Hey, you cheated! There are two units for this entry!” Yep. It’s Chaos I tell ya.

Let’s be honest, there are a slew of CSM melee units that deserve to be on this list. Khorne Berzerkers need new sculpts, Warp Talons were pretty much DOA, and what’s a Maulerfiend? Still, when it comes to “Units so bad, they are bad” these two take the ugly cake. I’ve never met a chaos player that willing took a unit of Mutilators. I don’t think that a painted unit exists in the wilds!

But when it comes to them and their Possessed cousins, I just couldn’t decide. Rules wise, they each have more than a few short comings. Here’s hoping they get some cool new rules that will help them out.

Blood Angels Death Company

Whoa, whoa, whoa – what’s up with this ‘Bolter’ Business!

Yeah – what is up with this Bolter non-sense. I thought Death Company were supposed to be all roided out with the Black Rage?! They ain’t got time to bleed, much less shoot things! I don’t know a Blood Angels player that willingly gave them Bolters. No, most of the time they were loaded-up with Power Weapons and would tear things to shreds. That’s what I want them to be able to do in 8th, but hopefully with some more consistency. Yeah, I’ve had them tear up a unit or two – but then what always happens would happen. Bullets. I can’t wait for the return of “Sweeping Advance”…

Ork Boyz

Ork Boyz, how they are SUPPOSED to look. Note the lack of shootas.

Where are my Ork Boyz at!? I’m tired of seeing Ork Shoota Boyz – I want some close combat Boyz to take to the table! Can I get a “WAAAGH!-men?!”

Hopefully with the changes to pistols, open-topped vehicles (aka Trukks) and what ever special rules they get, we’ll see the return of “Good Proppa Ork Boyz” again. I thought they liked to get into a slugging match! Where have all the punchy orks gone? C’mon 8th. #bringbackboyz

Genestealer Brood (Tyranids)

From the Tyranid side of the house – not GSC…

When the Genestealer Cult dropped, I was pretty excited! As a ‘Nid player, I welcome our long-lost cousins back to the game. At the same time, it was a pretty bitter pill to swallow to see that the “Purestrain” Genestealers in GCS would pretty much show-up “plain old” Codex Tyranid Genestealers. That’s pretty messed-up! Think about it, the Purestrains get to live on a planet and get treated like mini-gods and get worshiped by the populace. Their space fairing cousins? They are in SPACE – it’s like rough to live out there!

No way should GSC “Purestrain” ‘Stealers be any better than Tyranid Genestealers. Planet life makes them soft – it’s only in the bleak darkness of space where the ‘Nids find strength! Too much biomass makes you fat. That’s just science.

Anyhow, I’m hoping we see the return of Genestealers are a premier Close Combat unit. Genestealers used to strike fear in the hearts of everyone when they were on the board, but it 7th – they ARE a laughing stock. You could hide in a bush with a flamer and no ‘Stealer would come near you. Pathetic. Can we bring the scare factor back, please!?

Striking Scorpions & Banshees

“Hey – you cheated! Again! That’s another two-fer!” Yep. Those tricky Eldar…what can you do!?

I don’t know about you, but I’ve noticed a distinct lack of those specialized CC units from the Eldar. At least in the “Infantry” department (do Wraithknights stomping around count – NO). Banshees and Scorpions represented two sides of the Eldar Close Combat philophsy that never got used in 7th. Scorpions were supposed to be the heavier armored, metal gauntlet to the Banshee’s nimble, swift striking finesse attacks. What the heck happened?

What ever GW does, I really hope they have taken a good look at BOTH of these units in 8th and have made them worth taking. I’d really like to see them make a comeback. Just because I’m sitting a few units of 10 each has nothing to do with that fact. I swear. Really!

Bonus: Vespids

Are these guys even a Close Combat unit?

Pfft, like I’m going to root for Tau to get a good Melee unit.

The feeling is mutual.

What Close Combat unit(s) are you hoping make a comeback (or show-up at all) in 8th? What’s wrong with them now and how would you fix them?

Editor’s Note: AdamHarry had to choose between picking a Dark Eldar unit and making fun of the Tau. We support his choice.
  • Nyyppä

    Mutilators, possessed and genestealers are slow. No reason to root for slow melee units.

    • Wampasaurus

      Genestealers have Infiltrate, Fleet and Move Through Cover in 7th Edition as an Infantry unit. How in the world are you thinking they are in any way slow?

      • Nyyppä

        Getting marginally closer does not change the fact that they will still be taking 2 turns of shooting. Assuming that they reach their target and survive it’s still unlikely that they can reach the next melee during their next turn.

        So…they are slow.

        Obviously if they are somehow faster in 8th then things might be different for them.

        • Frank O’Donnell

          I’d expect a movement of at least 8″ for these guys, all so you can use them with a trygon out of the tunel to be within 9″.

          • Nyyppä

            You can expect 100″ movement. Until we know for sure expectations are nothing more than that. Those extra 2 inches are also pretty meaningless.

            Using trygon as a taxi is not a part of the genestealer unit. You are now talking about synergies. That does not change their speed in any way.

          • orionburn

            They all but confirmed in one of the articles that Genestealers will have an 8″ minimum move. With universal rules out the question remains on what happens with old things like fleet, move through cover, etc.

          • Nyyppä

            Which article is this? Is there a link?

          • Fergie0044

            In the new profiles one they said a marine will move 6″, that an eldar will move more and that a stealer (or was it guant?) will move more again.
            But yea – wait till you see it in writing before getting excited.

          • Nyyppä

            Guardsmen, eldar, hormagaunts.

          • orionburn

            I’ll have to dig for it. It was one of the articles on the Community page referencing movement. They were saying how the movement stat would better reflect the races, so marines would have 6″, Eldar would be quicker and typically have a 7″ movement, and then they finished saying Genestealers would have more than either of them – thus a minimum of 8″.

          • Nyyppä

            I already did. Guardsmen, eldar, hormagaunts. No genestealers there.

          • Randy Randalman

            You can’t tell someone they aren’t allowed to speculate based on 7th ed movement rules, and then use their performance in 7th as proof they are somehow still going to be slow.

            Regardless, they will now have a save against boltguns and pulse rifles. They will now move faster. They will do more damage once there. Genestealers will be universally faster and better.

          • Nyyppä

            I’m not telling them not to do that. I’m pointing out that expectations may not be in line with reality.

            How is 7th not a valid source of information? Pretty much all movement values thus far have been the same as they are in 7th. It’s not a factually identical to the movement in 8th but the changes seem to be very minor.

            I missed the pulse rifle profile so I can’t really comment on that. Also a save is not a big deal if it’s not a good one.

            How do you know that they will be faster or that they will be better in combat? What is this source I can check the validity of the claims you’ve made?

    • Nathaniel Wright

      But what is really important here is the fact that none of these units matter, because Assault armies are all dead in 8th edition.

      • Ulrik

        Exactly. Only worse thing is, the Assault is inferior to Shooting and Assault armies are useless.

        • Karru

          Well said. We should all mourn the passing of Assaulting in 8th.

      • Nyyppä

        If they keep this line of design that is what it is.

    • Spacefrisian

      Mutilators deepstrike and charge.

      • Karru

        9″ charge doesn’t really sound that powerful.

      • Nyyppä

        They can try. They are still slow though.

  • Can someone enlighten me about what parts I am missing which may bring back CC in 8th in particular? So far I didn’t see those.
    What I realized so far:
    – You only need to get 1″ close
    – You get the initiative if you charged
    – You still charge with 2D6
    – You don’t get a bonus attack from pistol+CCW anymore
    – You can use you pistol in shooting phases in CC (IF your enemy didn’t withdraw)
    – You still get +1A for charging
    – Power Swords are -3, so MEQ get a 6+ save in 8th where they didn’t in 7th
    – Every unit can withdraw in their own turn to leave CC voluntarily
    – Assault from vehicles may be back

    But those alone don’t kinda make me feel like CC got any better overall. So what am I missing? There must be something.

    • Brad Parks

      I don’t think you get +1 attack for charging anymore, I thought they said the chance to strike first was the only bonus. You’re missing the entire rest of the rule set however. Static hit numbers and weapons that can do multiple wounds help a decent amount though.

      • As far as I know they confirmed it on facebook that you do get +1A for charge. If not, things look even worse.
        The units and CC-combinations I am thinking of in particular will not deal multiple wounds damage and will hit the same as before in the same initiative step. So no boost in this regard.

        • sjap98

          I thought we won’t get +1A for charging (like in AoS)..the bonus is in Attacking first when charging.

      • Spacefrisian

        Chance indeed, Slaanesh gets quicksilver so they always go first, i guess Eldar get that as wel.

    • electricsheep89

      I think the general gist is that units – particularly melee units – move faster, get into combat more efficiently, hit harder especially when charging, are more survivable with potentially more wounds and armour saves where they maybe didn’t used to get one (no more insta-kill with small arms fire on 6+/5+ saves). Plus, no more removing models from the front and being able to consolidate into a new combat. Better melee units can kill multi-wound models more efficiently, the new bravery system will also dramatically change how combat resolution pans out. Remember, a lot of movement/melee specific rules will be on data-sheets so we’ve not seen everything yet.

      I think the important thing is to not take snippets of rules like we’ve gotten so far and put them into context of 7th edition. 8th is looking likely to play very differently, even just based on missions alone and the fact they’re introducing 18″ distance during deployment. If the whole game is reworked and balanced differently – rules that don’t seem any better may contextually be more effective.

      • Yea, the context may help improve them. But the units and CC situations I think of will not gain any (and even won’t be benefiting from) doing multiple wounds damage or hit harder or be more survivable at all either. Quite the opposite, the situations I think of (basically Baneeshees or Storm Guardians vs. Marines) will lead to the fact that the Marines come out ahead far more in 8th than in 7th. And I really yet can’t believe that GW will nerf Banshees/StormGuardians even further. That can’t be right.

        • Karru

          Well, that has more to do with GW heavily favouring elite armies, like the Space Marines overall. This edition is all about high saves and high bs. Everyone else will be a notch worse while Marines will reign supreme thanks to their mid-level pricing and high quality stats.

          I mean, they really have to somehow push those Guilmarines to people and the best way to do that is to make an entire edition just point at them in a way that makes it clear who is the “top dog” in town.

        • Finn

          I don’t know if cc itself is getting deadlier so much as delivery systems (deep strike and vehicles) are getting more reliable, and combat to combat consolidation has become viable.
          While shooting gets stronger with armour reductions, the addition of cover as hit/armour modifiers strengthens defense of units using it significantly.
          I’m waiting to see how these interact before I say melee is dead/op.

    • Karru

      You seemed to forget that now you get +1 from having a CC weapon, so the “losing 1 attack from having Pistol+CC” weapon isn’t exactly a downgrade. If you get the +1 from charging still, that means you have exactly the same amount of attacks than before. It only affects weapons that it didn’t make sense with, like Power Swords and Bolt Pistols.

      Other than that, there is some things that does help assaulting units in this edition. The Assaulting from vehicles is a huge buff for many armies and units. Especially now since it takes a lot of fire to bring down even the most basic transports, so rushing your opponent’s line with 3-4 transports filled with assault units can be very effective tactic.

      My only real issue is that they didn’t fix the “balance” issue with Melee vs Shooting. You still have to go all out or none at all. There is no middle ground. If you take 2-3 Assault Units, the enemy can just annihilate them once they are close enough. You need to be able to charge multiple units at once in order to make the Falling Back actually mean something bad for the opponent, otherwise they will just fall back with their single unit that you locked into CC and watch as your unit is lit up by the remainder of the enemy army.

      • Charon

        You do not get +1 A from having a melee weapon. You get +1 for the chainsword. The power weapons for example lack this rule.

        • Karru

          Which is the name for a Space Marine CCW. Choppa will most likely also have this, same thing with Eldar CCW, Dark Eldar and so on. They don’t give it to Power Weapons and such, as I pointed out, because it made little sense. Why would your Bolt Pistol suddenly posses the power of a Power Weapons in CC?

          • Charon

            That is a whole lot of baseless assumptions.
            There is no indication that the CCW of old (used by Wyches, CSM,…) get suddenly special rules.
            Also there are loads of power weapon users that were not good in the first place and are nerfed even more by this.

          • Karru

            Except, you know, for the reasons that it wouldn’t make a lick of sense why suddenly Space Marines have +1 attack from having their CCW while CSM wouldn’t get one from theirs.

          • Scatter 667

            i think that we have to get away from the way of thinking in universal special rules. These are gone for the most part. Unit specific weapons and rules will now be really specific and not something across the board. This means that different approaches can be taken now to balance things.
            I actually don’t see the choppa as an equivalent to the chainsword with is rotating teeth, so most likely it will not grant an extra attack. But maybe boyz get +1Attacks across the board or choppas grant +1 strength, who knows. but i think the new system allows for much more balance points wise, since units have specific rules for them and are not stuck with BRB USR rules costs which might not benefit there playstyle.

          • Karru

            Never looked at how AoS rules work then? They are named differently, but 90% of the time they are basically the same thing over and over again, especially with weapons. Most of the time, they just take a rule, give it some fancy name that sounds more thematic and boom, you now have “different weapon”.

            Special Weapons might differ, considering that we have already seen a few things, first of all Power Weapons are called Swords, Axes and Staves still. The Rubric Marines didn’t have something called “Chaos Power Sword” or something, it was just Power Sword. To me, this sounds like generalisation, they give similarly named weapons with very few exceptions. The basic CC weapon will most likely have +1 attack and then some units get something special, like the Scorpions and their “special” chainsword or the Chain Axes of ‘Zerkers.

        • Spacefrisian

          Good to be a SW player than frostblades are chainswords in the lore afterall.

    • Cergorach

      Tanks: Drive me closer, I want to hit them with my sword!

    • Siruswraith

      The thing is we dont know all of the spec rules that are gonna be for each unit. We already saw in Faction Focus Drukhari that 1 of their units has a 50/50 shot of preventing the disengage. That is huge!

      • Charon

        a 50/50 chance on a special rule you pay points for on a unit that can not afford to stay in a prolonged fight is not “huge”, quite the contrary.

        • Scatter 667

          i would think that you of course pay points for, but the cost will reflect the 50/50 chance, so it will be cheaper than a straight up ability. i think its not really posible to judge anything before we see the pojnts in context.

    • Matthew Hoag

      You can consolidate into a new combat.

      • But that is very easy to avoid, since you can clump up units in 8th. You can easily stay away 4″ from a CC.

    • Koonitz

      – The normal 3″ pile-in may be used to engage otherwise unengaged units.

      – You can consolidate into a new unit if the distance is far enough to get within 1″.

      – You can charge out of deep strike. This implies, heavily, that the ability to charge out of reserves, including outflank, will be allowed.

      – You can fight from within an open-topped transport that has engaged, or been engaged, by enemy models.

      – Your large and/or powerful melee units cannot be tar-pitted.

      – We have not heard of any other rules regarding 8th edition.

      If you wanna doomsay, then go doomsay. Us reasonables are going to actually wait to hear more.

    • Scatter 667

      Back in the day rhino rush was a thing so assaulting from vehicles. For what we know now, i would put my guys in rhinos, drive them up, disembark, shoot. Then with the new rule i would first charge with the transport to soak the overwatch and hope to make it in. second i charge my berzerkers in. Maybe assault troops get to re-roll the charge, we don’t have the unit data sheets so we don’t know. In the fight phase i can pile in 3″ and i try to surround the enemy unit and i most likely can strike first, depending on unit special rules. If i wipe them i might consolidate into other units or reposition the rhino to hide my dudes behind to weather the storm, maybe even reembark. With the troops and the rhino i might be able to deny the fall-back or streight up have a special rule.
      I agree that the ini loss in combat is bad for high Ini units, but daemonettes got the strike first even when charge, so that might be a thing for more units.
      For lower Ini units its better, since now all the boyz strike before they get wracked by the marines as it was before.
      Consolidating into the next CC might be huge and cause really trouble and panic in the enemies ranks.
      The moral can help to, since when charging or with special rules you go with all your guys and might kill more troops than your enemy. Even marines can now lose troops to the battle shock which might just be enough to wipe them or bubble wrap them to deny fall back.
      A lot of things but i hope some of the glory of rhino rush will return;-)

    • Alpharius

      With fixed to hit values its generally easier to hit now. WS4 now equates to WS3+, (better against WS4 or higher), for example.

      • True dat. At least for some units this will be benefitial.

    • angelblade

      only 1 change that makes CC army’s deadly again is Assault from vehicles is back. and i dont know if you played the game in the days of rhino rush but the strength of a CC army isn’t in wat each of its units can chew through in a turn but in the speed with which it can engage the most deadly shooting units. my turn 1 charging DE and Nid army had no power weps in 90% of the army and relied on a sole unit usualy to kill big combat units but it would turn 2-3 table shooting armys simply because once a CC army is engaged even its pritty much game if you dont have some counter assault or trick

    • Heinz Fiction

      Some more things to consider:

      – You don’t remove casualties from the front. So lightly armored melee units don’t have to add 4″ of distance everytime they get shot at. Plus assaults don’t fail due to overwatch killing the closest model
      – Higher Movement values for a lot of assault units
      – charging after Deep Striking is possible (although the odds are slightly against it)

      • ‘Higher Movement values for a lot of assault units’? Where you take that from? I wonder if Boyz or Wyches or StormGuardians really will get a higher movement value. If you’re talking for Hormagaunts and Banshees only, they were also fast in 7th and it didn’t help them much.
        To utilize deep strike, your unit first of all must be able to deep strike which many units aren’t capable of either. I’m not talking about deathstars which could in 7th, I am still hoping for 8th to bring back non-viable units back to the table, but so far still don’t see it happening.
        Thanks for your input though, those things probably may help a few units here or there.

    • highwind

      you are missing that CC was viable in 7th, beside everyone claiming the opposite… wolfstar, superfriends, screamerstar, kdk, gsc just to name a few.

      • I think you’re missing the point here. I was talking about units that were not viable in particular.

      • Spacefrisian

        Reaver jetbikes with cluster caltrops….Nvm how dare i mention afunctioning DE unit.

        Talos …Wut doing it again.

      • Karru

        Something to note here. All those units can options you listed have one thing in common, go big or go home mentality. Some people would like to see Assaulting become balanced again with shooting. Currently you go either all in or not at all, if you go half way, you lose.

        Also, Wolfstar, Super Friends and Screamerstars are now gone. That leaves KDK and GSC to your list, not really that populated, now is it.

    • petrow84

      On the flipside, 2+ armor now gets a 5+ save, while earlier they kinda just laughed at AP3.

      • Yea. I hope charging 2+ units will be viable and not suicide, but we’ll see.

    • Sure

      We’re still waiting on the withdrawal mechanic, right? Maybe it isn’t automatic. Also, I’ve heard that they’re bringing back consolidating from combat into another combat. That one mechanic is huge – back in 4th edition one squad of assault marines could wipe out an entire Tau army.

      • It is automatic since Wyches add a role you need to succeed for. But that’s a special rule for Wyches and vs. everyone else, you simply move back and you’re out.

        • Sure

          I just get the feeling they haven’t dropped the entire rule on us yet. There may be more to it somehow.

          • I think you and me we both hope there is more and we will both face disappointment.

        • Sure

          I also get the feeling that, with the new rules, a unit weak in assault has little chance in surviving a charge from an
          assault-oriented unit…this would also make the withdrawal rules less potent.

          • Dunno where exactly you get the impression from that assault will be more deadly than in 7th. Neither are more attacks involved, nor did weapons get stronger. And most of the time, the assaulters probably were hitting on 3+ already and had the higher initiative too. So, I’m not sure on what your feeling is based on. Care to elaborate?

    • Sara

      -You can charge after deepstriking
      -You can control what turn deepstriking units come in
      Also, pretty sure we’ve heard you pick what models get removed for casualties so no more losing a charge because overwatch killed two dudes and set you back an inch.

      • Too bad Banshees and Storm Guardians can’t deep strike 🙁

    • Vachones

      Well charging from Deep Strike can be done (yes, its a 9″ charge), and we don’t know if there are still limitations on scout or infiltrate or outflank or whatever alternate deployment they come up with.

      Vehicles look to be tougher and we don’t know what limitations assaulting from vehicles will have, so there may be better delivery options than in 7th.

      For that matter, you can assault WITH vehicles, and it looks like there will be equipment you can purchase to make them better.

      My sense is that New 40K will encourage the use of transports and vehicles rather than just melee units on foot or on a bike.

  • Gavenga323

    Pfft, obviously, IG conscripts are the greatest CC unit. This current list is a mockery of the human race. inhuman/10, IGN rating.

    • Lion El’ Jonson

      7.8 out of 10 too much Xenos

  • Karru

    Going from top to bottom.

    First we have the Mutilators. Just looking at the models you can see problems, but lets look past that and go straight into the rules. First of all, they are slooooooow, melee only and weak as heck. They suffer from a similar position to Centurion Assault Squad where they really don’t bring that much damage either. On the charge, Mutilators are looking at 4 attacks each, which is very, very bad for a 55pts model. You have countless other options over these guys when it comes to dedicated melee units. Especially now that the Legion rules are out.

    To fix them, I would give them 4 wounds each, 4 attacks base and the ability to DS within 6″ of something and attack it. I would increase the price to 75-85pts a piece.

    Possessed. The problem is price and RNG. Again, another unit that is only Melee oriented and on top of that doesn’t know beforehand what it can do once in CC.

    Extremely easy fix is possible here. 3.5 Codex. Make Chaos Mutations upgrades, not a massive RNG table, and give them to Possessed. People can kit their own “Elite” melee unit from scratch. Ranging from giving them 12″ of movement to simple stuff like +1 attack and +1 Strength. Then giving them a way to have great Rending would be amazing, -2 AP base for example.

    No comment on Death Company as I have never used them nor faced them in 7th.

    Ork Boys. It was understandable that Shoota boys would take over Slugga Boys thanks to the way 7th edition hates Assaults. I still use them with my Trukk horde and have found them quite powerful. They need some major buffing though in the coming edition if we wish to see something other than the Trukk boys.

    First of all, they NEED to return the old Mob rule for them. As long as the unit is over 11 models, you ignore Morale. No “+1 to Ld for every 10 models in the unit” BS, because it won’t work at all. The biggest issue with all armies that are used to sustaining casualties in the coming edition is morale. The enemy no longer has to wipe out your entire unit to guarantee destruction. Around half is enough in most cases due to low Ld and since the Ld benefit is counted AFTER Casualties, it won’t help the unit. From there, just basic stuff. Give Boys better save to compensate the loss of Cover Saves, make ‘Eavy armour cheaper and make Nobz more powerful. Giving Nobz 4 Attacks Base and making the Claw have no -1 to hit would be a good start.

    Genestealers just need to get back their 5th edition mojo. Give them an ability to appear out of reserves in some way to charge the enemy careless enough to allow it to happen. Allow them to appear in any piece of terrain if not within LoS of the enemy. Otherwise the old 9″ rule applies. Genestealers are great in CC, if they ever get there, which doesn’t happen often. They are extremely squishy and expensive, so the enemy can just nuke them before they get to do anything. They should be a punishment unit, like they were in 5th edition. Outflank/Infiltrate against an opponent that didn’t cover the board well enough or tried to turtle in a corner? Send in the clow…. I mean Genestealers.

    Finally, Eldar. If you are one of those Eldar players that realise there are more units than the Wraithknight/Warp Spiders/Dire Avengers in the book, you know that Striking Scorpions are actually quite powerful. Infiltrating right next to the enemy army and laughing as they attempt to shoot at your 2+ Cover Save unit and then just charging the enemy the next turn is very fun. The Scorpion Claw is extremely powerful weapon, especially against characters, since it is a Power Fist that hits at an Initiative. Only thing I might do for them is give them some more speed, but other than that there really is nothing that needs to be done to them.

    Banshees. Where to even start. Squishy, expensive and worse than Striking Scorpions about covers most of their problems. Since they can’t Assault from a Transport any more, their effectiveness has dropped like a sack of bricks. Strength 3 is the thing that holds them back the most in my opinion. They are an Anti-marine unit, but they wound them on a 5+. They get less attacks than Scorpions (as Scorpions have Mandiblasters), on top of wounding their targets on a 5+. On top of that, they have only 4+ save, which makes them extra squishy has a single Heavy Flamer or even a regular Flamer causes problems for this unit while Striking Scorpions are rocking a 3+ save.

    To fix them, a lot of things are needed. First of all, price needs to drop, especially since they are now worse against Marines than they were before. Assaulting from transports will help them a great deal, but giving them +1 Strength on the turn they charge would make them very good Shock unit.

    The unit I’d love to see take the field for the first time since their release is Ogryns. They are way too expensive, have little to no survivability and very weak damage output. Make them a lot cheaper would fix a good deal of their problems. The other thing is to remove Bullgryns and just make one entry that allows you to make your own Ogryn unit with mixed equipment.

  • Tshiva keln

    Bonus game, just for fun: top 5 articles trying to draw us in (but which we still read; probably for the comments section)

  • Hamidreza Mohammadi Khabbazan

    you put vespid but not dark eldar whyches or Incubi, what the f***

    • Alexis Muscat

      Because GW already gave us a sneak peak on what they are doing in 8th ?

    • BClement

      Reading is hard:

      “Editor’s Note: AdamHarry had to choose between picking a Dark Eldar unit and making fun of the Tau. We support his choice.”

  • Colin Clarke

    Mutilators are great, stick ’em in a Landraider, with a dark apostle and they’ll tear through most things. I’ve gone through knights, Typhus and plague marines, large mobs of ork boyz, necrons. It’s rare they fail to deliver.

    • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

      I use them as solo models to fill the FOC of my Iron Warriors.

      They are relatively cheap, great harrassing units, resilient as part of target saturation alongside other 2+ save models. Their slowness isn’t a great problem if you use them in the opponent’s backfield, if your opponent moves his Devastator squad or artillery to get away from them you’ve won, and people have to stand still to score objectives.

      Having to stand around uselessly for a turn after deepstrike is more of an issue.

      They got even better with the new Iron Warriors rules, as they are Ob Sec and Troops.

  • highwind

    what exactly is the use of this article?

  • Balor

    Fayed Ones also as they could really use some love.

  • grimsmite

    The problem with melee units is balance. No matter how good they are in combat if they get shot before they engage then they are useless. In a universe with powerful shooting weapons this is always going to be a problem…as it is in the real world. Short range vicious firefights are much more likely than hand to hand.

    • SiggisMarines

      Ya I agree with you and if forced to pick one and side with it I would definitely go with shooting, but as Hendarion’s comment thread discusses below the delivery system for CC is way better. Being able to charge from transports will be huge in this edition.Will it make it perfectly balanced? Dunno (probably not as it is near impossible to make anything perfectly balanced in a game with so many variables), but I think we are going to see some pretty solid armies formed up around transports filled to capacity with CC troops. It was quite deadly back in the days of rhino rush and I think it will be again. Vehicles seem to be getting stronger as most have said (more wounds, a save, and no more one shot lascannon destruction). Also, no more deep striking and sitting there for a turn just hoping half your unit survives to do anything, now it can deep strike and attack (I see this being super deadly against a lot of back field heavy vehicles if they can get the 9 inch charge off). Movement characteristics are improving and becoming greater for CC dedicated units. So all in all, a CC army with transports will probably lose far fewer on the the slog up the board than we fear. getting off even a few charges at first will be huge. If even three of your opponents units fall back so you can be shot you have still canceled out, for the remainder of that turn, a significant chunk of their shooting (barring apocalypse in which their are sooooo many on the board 3 would be laughable). So ya I think shooting will still retain it’s top spot, but I personally think, from the tiny snippets that have been fed to us, that the gap between CC and shooting is being closed. We will also have to see what the rest of 8th ed brings and individual datasheets. It is difficult to contextualize the effectiveness of CC and shooting because we shouldn’t take the bits of 8th we have and put them (in a replacing capacity) straight into 7th. 8th seems to be pretty drastically different from 7th so we will have to see.

  • edmundblack

    No mention of Shining Spears? Faster than infantry, tougher than most Eldar, decent save and hit like a train. With no penalties for assaulting into cover without grenades now they’ll be massively improved. Looking forward to breaking mine out for once.

  • Talos2

    Mutilators are amongst the worst gw models currently available, so if they don’t improve modelwise I’m not hoping to see more of them any time soon

  • LordKrungharr

    I’ve used Mutliators with Kharn in a Dreadclaw! But yes, they were unpainted, then I sold them.

  • Dr.Clock

    No wyches? Haven’t worked well since the ‘new’ version came out >: ( – soon enough hopefully.

  • amaximus167

    5 units? I count 8 in this article…

    • BClement

      That’s the joke…

  • Braden_Campbell

    Sister Repentia…?

    • MechBattler

      Sisters, PERIOD.

  • MechBattler

    I have Mutilators. I nurgle them up, deepstrike them with Typhus, and watch them chew up and spit out most things I throw them at.

    I just don’t get the Mutie hate. Is it the point cost? They are steep, but they really do murderfy lots of things in CQC.

  • cuda1179

    what? No mention of Ogryn?

  • Robert Thornton-Kaye

    “Khorne Berzerkers need new sculpts, Warp Talons were pretty much DOA, and what’s a Maulerfiend?”

    That would be the regenerating walker with 12″ movement and an invulnerable save which consistently kills things. Give them tentacles to tie down a squad’s power fist or hero and let him mash opponents to pieces.

    Also Possessed are much nastier right now against Marine armies if you use the legion rules as they get Hatred. Re-rolling to hits and to wound is a great way to maximise casualties in assault.

  • John Barber

    People take Death Company. Especially in DC Strike Forces. What you don’t see that much is Sanguinary Guard. Even the Golden Host doesn’t really help them. Sure; you get Deep Strike+Charge, but you lose Furious Charge, you know the Blood Angel ‘thing.’