40K: Tyranids Tear up 8th Edition

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Tyranids swarm onto the scene this week with the latest 40K Faction Focus.

That’s right, it looks like there are a few bugs left in 8th Edition. Where are the roughnecks when you need them? Well…I guess we didn’t wanna live forever anyway. Here’s the latest look at what the Tyranids are going to be like, courtesy of Reece and GW.

First of all, it sounds like with the new large model rules, Tyranids are going to have a lot more units see some play. It won’t just be Flyrants or nothing. Medium-sized ‘nids are due for a comeback, and with Synapse, it looks like you’ll be able to swarm your opponent with an unstoppable tide of chitinous plating and rending claws. Take a look:

via Warhammer Community

The Swarmlord is an absolute beast now, as he should be! With a Toughness value of 6, 12 Wounds, a 3+ save and a 5+ invulnerable save (increased to a 4+ invulnerable save in melee) he is not easily taken down. This can be further enhanced by casting Catalyst on him (and did I mention he’s a potent Psyker, too?) to give him a 5+ save vs Wounds suffered.

But it’s not just defence, oh no, Mr. Swarmlord brings the pain in combat as well. With a base of Strength of 8, 7 Attacks, hitting on a 2+, with an AP value of -3 and D6 damage a pop, the Swarmlord can lay low even Titanic units in a single round of combat. Truly a fearsome adversary.

However, his ability that I have found to be most useful is Hive Commander, which allows a friendly unit to move in the Shooting phase. This is incredibly powerful for the sudden added mobility. For Hormagants, with their blisteringly quick Movement of 8″, this means a potential 16″ move before attempting a charge. Or he could simply use it on himself and move up to 18″

Oof. This guy is a beating for sure. And you’ll have to knock off six wounds to even start having an effect on him–and even then you’re only knocking off one attack and a single point of strength. Makes me wonder what the other big bugs are going to look like.

Genestealers, who are the iconic Tyranid unit in my eyes, are absolutely lethal. Not only are they incredibly fast with an 8″ Move themselves, they can also charge after advancing. With their shiny new 5+ invulnerable save, they’re also hardy, and I often cast Catalyst on them too, because I am a mean, mean man.

But to really crank the power up to 11 with Genestealers, take them in units of 10 or more to trigger their Flurry of Claws special rule, bumping them up to 4 Attacks each. Combo this with the Broodlord (who is also, utterly deadly in melee) to also give them a +1 to hit in the Fight phase. That means a full unit of 20 has 80 Attacks hitting on a 2+. With their Rending Claws – which bump up to AP -4 on a 6 to wound – very few units in the game can withstand a full strength Genestealer charge!

I mean, after all what’s the point of having a swarm lord if you don’t have things to swarm with. And with Synapse rendering friendly tyranids within range immune to morale, it might be a whole lot easier to overwhelm your opponent with a horrifying hormagaunt wave attack.

But Reece also talks about how much he’s been enjoying playing the medium-sized bugs. Which, frankly I’m glad to see. I know a lot of the “medium” models kind of fell by the wayside–but here’s Reece on Warriors:

A Tyranid Warrior with 3 Wounds and a Toughness value of 4 is so much more durable than he was, that it’s incredible. I’ve been using them as midfield Synapse providers who are both good with close range shooting and in melee

And that’s all just a taste of what Tyranids are going to be like. You can read the whole article over at Warhammer Community–but let me leave you with one last word: Pyrovores.

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What do you think Tyranids are going to play like in 8th? What changes are you hoping to see, what do you think needs to happen to make them competitive?

  • GrenAcid

    Im out of 40k for a while now but Warriors with T4 arent rly much of a thred….you can blow them away with anything. Last time I tried play Tyranids thats why remember.

    I dont want to paint a bucket of gaunts, can I be able to put out Medium/big bugs and dont be a shooting practice now?
    8th is coming and Im trying to decide…go back to my old Chaos or DE or try bugs once again?

    • Karru

      Well, AoS has shown that “Monster only” lists are pretty powerful as Beastclaw Raiders are useful.

      Equipped with tons of wounds, one can expect that Nidzilla lists can be quite powerful indeed in the coming edition. They are not “I win” army, but they aren’t most likely going to be total trash either. You should be able to use them.

    • SiggisMarines

      Like Karru said monster heavy lists can really command the field when it comes to killing. As he mentioned Beastclaw Raiders are incredibly powerful at killing their opponents on the table, but be careful as they struggle more in objective heavy games. I agree with him though, I think the Tyranids will see an increase in power in this addition. I also think they will be able to build versatile lists considering how they have monsters, massed units, fliers, the cool tunneling ability that was teased earlier, etc. I say if you like Tyranids then now would be as good a time for them as any to build them up.

      • Viper666

        I don’t see monster heavy list command the field that much…..Shooting will still be strong with double shooting from TL, multi-damage heavy weapons. In this edition, MCs won’t survive a charge from a CC infantry unit (mass attacks that strike first, multi-D weapons included). And if they survive, they’ll get degraded stats. They’ll be good distraction units though.

        • Rob brown

          As a long time despairing Tyranid player I don’t mind that so much, because the same will apply to my unit of hormagaunts charging SM’s.

          MC’s will be far enough back that assault units have to either have to charge through a swarm of gaunts or they’ll be far enough forward that they will be doing their own charging.

        • Walter Vining

          there are no more D weapons. unless your use of D is for damage.

    • DaveWeston

      But indications are Instant Death from S8 is no longer a thing. So, although the stats haven’t changed for the Warrior the rules rule have that mean they’re likely to be more durable

    • generalchaos34

      Lets not forget, synapse makes you immune to battleshock, which is HUGE. not having to lose models every turn will be a huge boon in tyranids favor so you will need all the synapse you can get. Even if the warriors become target #1 that means they arent shooting your hordes of hourmagants and genestealers

      • Gunther Clone C

        It says immune to “morale,” does that mean battleshock too? Or is battleshock it’s own morale check?

        • Randy Randalman

          Battleshock is most definitely and exactly a morale check.

        • Battleshock is an AoS term for moral-stuff. It’s not 40k term as far as I can tell.

    • Randy Randalman

      There is no Instant Death for being double toughness anymore, so even that Meltagun will now only kill a Warrior 50% of the time instead of every time. What’s more? Catalyst now works as a save after damage, which means they can still survive even if it wounds them.

      Tyranid Warriors are infinitely more survivable in the new setting.

      • S8 still wounds T4 on a 2+ in 8th, because it’s double strength. S7 only wounds T4 on a 3+.

        • euansmith

          Yeah, but in 7th, doesn’t Double Strength Insta-gib targets it wounds?

          • Rob brown

            I never had a problem with Lascannons killing warriors – it can can kill a tank, it should be able to take out a warrior. My issue was missile launchers!

          • Yea, it does. Wasn’t my point though as he was correct on that 😉

  • Karru

    Suuuuuuuper happy about everything in this faction focus. It really sounds like they brought ‘Nids out of the pit of despair they were lying in for the longest time. I mean, they fixed the Warrior problem, they made Genestealers scary again and they already answered the problem horde armies will have in 8th regarding Morale. Combined with DS rules, I can see Tyranids become extremely fun army to play. I just might have to dust off my ‘Nids after all, unless Orks get some major buffs.

    • VanosOfManos

      I haven’t played bugs since 3rd/4th, but running mixed big bugs with swarms of hormagaunts was one of my favorite things ever. I really like what I’m seeing here: I’ll almost certainly be getting the Tyranid band back together now.

    • Rob brown

      I agree, there’s nothing but good news in there.

      3 wound warriors with a half decent save should last a damn sight longer than they do now.

      It also looks like rend is a separate thing to AP still which is interesting. Rending Claws at -4 is pretty damn nasty. Swarming over a tank through weight of numbers.

      I’d be interested to know how big a difference between the swarmlord and a normal Tyrant is. It would be so good to be able to take a walking tyrant and not have him shot off the board round one.

      I think the most exciting thing will be finding out what the weapons can do, now that it isn’t AP 3+ or nothing.

      • AircoolUK

        Rend isn’t a thing. It’s a rule ‘Rending Claws’ for that unit. However, I’m sure plenty of other units will have their own ‘Rending Claws’ rule.

        • Rob brown

          I referred to the fact that lots have people are calling AP, rend, because thats what its referred to in AOS. I remarked that rending still may be a separate rule – which it is as above. I agree that lots of weapons will have a rending ability added to their profiles.

          • We should stop calling 40k-things as they get called in AoS. Like rend or battleshock. It just confuses people.

    • Nyyppä

      I’d like to know if other things HQ than swarmlord still have a place in the lists.

      • Karru

        Most likely. They mentioned that the Swarmlord will have the Hive Commander ability, something that could be available to Hive Tyrants as well. In the current Codex, Swarmlord has the “Swarm Commander” ability, which allows him to give a unit within 18″ one special rule from a list. Hive Tyrants have access to “Hive Commander” which allows a Troop unit to Outflank.

        It is possible that Hive Tyrants will also have this ability. It is somewhat unlikely, as the rule sounds more similar to the Swarm Commander ability than the Hive Commander.

        Other than that, I am sure the Hive Tyrants will still be useful. I’d like to see what they’ll do with the Primes, as those are something you never saw.

        • Nyyppä

          Let’s hope so.

          • Karru

            But I do see that the Swarmlord power will be ridiculously powerful. Trygon tunneling unit of Hormagaunts or, if possible, Genestealers. Move them 8″ right next to the enemy unit(s) and laugh as you charge multiple enemy units at once.

          • Nyyppä

            Yet all it takes is 2 lasc hits and it’s gone…in theory.

            It’s great but thanks to having more than 10 wounds it’s also incredibly vulnerable.

          • Karru

            They did mention that Tyrant Guard will have rules to help them defend the “leaders”. I have a feeling those will help quite a bit in the defence of the Swarmlord.

          • Nyyppä

            Quite possibly.

          • Pascalnz

            thats what tyrant guard and catalyst are for 🙂

          • Nyyppä

            If they are good enough, yes.

          • Viper666

            If the Swarmlord is a Character, you won’t be able to shoot it if he’s protected by another unit.

          • Characters with more than 10 wounds can be targeted anyway.

          • Nyyppä

            12 wounds. It can not hide. The ones can are 10 or less.

          • Viper666

            Forgot about that…..this thing wont make it past turn 1, it will be a bullet magnet

          • Nyyppä

            Or the tyrant guard are really tough.

          • Brandon Anders

            Those Lascannons will be pricey if Multi-Meltas being 27pts now is any indication. And you’re being super generous with the odds. Odds show it will actually take 3-4 Lascannon shots to get even one shot through to the roll Damage step, and that’s not considering Catalyst or Cover or Tyrant Guard tanking for him.

            Lascannon vs Swarmlord
            3 (shots) x .66 (BS 3+) x .66 (Wound 3+) x .66 (5++ Save) = .86 successful Wounds (off a bit due to simplifying) doing D6.

          • Nyyppä

            All true.

          • Nyyppä

            That’s the theory. It’s just that SL can’t hide like rowboat or such so it has to have those tyran guard with it and those might not be good enough to make it last. Then again they might be…

          • Karru

            I have a good feeling about the Tyrant Guards. I have always found them to be useful when I play against my friend’s Tyranid army who uses them with his, hold on to something, non-winged Hive Tyrant. Then again, we weren’t the type of players who just spammed Grav or Scatbikes, so that might make them a bit more interesting right out of the gate.

          • Nyyppä

            Absolutely. Leave the broken things home and it’s instantly good.

  • Karru

    Suuuuuuuper happy about everything in this faction focus. It really sounds like they brought ‘Nids out of the pit of despair they were lying in for the longest time. I mean, they fixed the Warrior problem, they made Genestealers scary again and they already answered the problem horde armies will have in 8th regarding Morale. Combined with DS rules, I can see Tyranids become extremely fun army to play. I just might have to dust off my ‘Nids after all, unless Orks get some major buffs.

  • Heinz Fiction

    To bad they wasted half of the preview talking about a special character instead of regular HQ choices. However Genestealers and Hormagaunts with movement 8 sound fine. Warriors still not T5 is disappointing on the other hand. At least they won’t get executed by everything S8 or higher meaning their 3 wounds will actually have a value.

    Synapse giving complete immunity vs morale checks comes surprising as they stated earlier that morale should matter for everyone. Well I’ll gladly take it. No mention of instinctive behaviour though. Hope it’s gone or reworked significantly.

    • Karru

      Warriors only needed the Toughness 5 to begin with because they were instakilled left and right before, so it isn’t surprising that they didn’t get an upgrade on that front.

      The Synapse giving Immunity against Morale isn’t surprising. It makes sense in terms of fluff, because ‘Nids don’t really do the whole “running away” thing as long as they are within Synapse. It makes the game much more interesting in my opinion anyway because now those playing against ‘Nid players will have to play a little mini game called “snipe the synapse” during the battle.

      I also hope that Instinctive Behaviour is gone as well. Synapse Web should be reward you from having it instead of punishing you for not doing it.

      • Heinz Fiction

        The warrior models do look as if they had T5 though and they could use a little buff apart from not being instakilled. (with the new wounding table it woldn’t have been that much of a deal anyways).

        Synapse remaining unchanged sure makes sense fluff wise, yet GW stated the times of whole factions circumventing the morale rules will be gone. Apparently Tyranids didn’t receive the memo 😉

        • Karru

          Well, they have already shown that Morale will only really affect Horde armies and armies that are supposed to be able to take casualties while Elite armies will have no problems with it, so I really don’t care what GW says about the Morale system.

          • Maitre Lord Ironfist

            a lot of stuff like Warriors/Canoness etc might just not die that fast. With instand Death gone (double S over T) and the less flat out ignoring Armour, they might survive more now. Since a 4+ is now worth something.

          • Tomoyuki Tanaka

            Wouldn’t Tyranids still be affected by morale if the Synapse creatures are killed? It isn’t so much as circumventing the morale rules as it is giving a whole new strategic layer. If I want to maximize my damage, I’ll have to aim for the Synapse creatures with my Guardsmen and Leman Russ tanks, which credit to Games Workshop, is very fluffy.

          • Heinz Fiction

            In theory you are right. In practice (as of now) when your synapse network breaks down, you have lost all your important units anyways and morale checks only add insult to injury.

          • Ragnar_Blackmane

            Yep, pretty much. I expect very low Leadership values on all non-synapse creatures, so if the synapse bubble gets busted your fodder units will desert left and right.

    • Munn

      Special characters are cool and should represent the hammer of a faction while generic hqs excel in tactical flexibility .

  • Hendrik Booraem VI

    To be perfectly honest, that didn’t tell us ANYTHING about how Tyranids are going to play in 8th edition. That told us what Frankie thinks of his experience play-testing Tyranids for 8th edition. There weren’t enough specifics to actually say anything about how we can perceive Tyranids as working in 8th edition at all.

    • Karru

      That can be pieced together from “hints” from this article and the ones we have already seen.

      Monsters are going to be more durable, especially if taken in larger numbers. This is something Tyranids can do, so one can assume it will be one of the core mechanics they use.

      They said Hormagaunts and Genestealers are much faster and can be made even faster with commander abilities. To me, this would indicate that Tyranids still rely on their bigger bugs to buff the little guys. Also, they are meant to close the gap between your table edge and the opponent’s pretty quickly.

      Finally, the Trygon DS we saw earlier.

      Basically, everything we have seen here and before would indicate that a proper balance between smaller bugs and larger bugs, mixed with support bugs, will make Tyranids an army meant to give you board control. You can flood the entire board with small bugs, appear basically wherever you wish and your opponent will have a hard time killing off everything if you protect your Commanders well.

      • Viper666

        Tyranid MCs wont be more durable if they stay at T6, even if they triple their wounds: S4 will hurt them more easily, and multi-damage heavy weapons will hurt them more quickly than before (a D6 D heavy weapon strips wounds 3 time faster than before). Add to that degrading stats at 50% and 25% wounds (which didn’t exist before)….all will depend on that T value

        • Ben Smith

          They actually have an invul in the army now, we haven’t seen their psych powers yet (which they get to choose between). Most importantly with an 18 move and average 8 charge (don’t forget the phantom inch) thats huge threat range. Or let something come out of trygon hole swarmy lets it move in shooting phase to be in mnimum charge range. Looks to me like with their speed most oponents are going to be forced to choose who gets assaulted and what they get assaulted by.

        • Karru

          Something to note here. First of all, it seems that monster needs over 10 wounds before it starts to degrade. The chances are that pretty much all basic Tyranid Big Bugs are below that, making them not suffer from the degrading wound system.

          Secondly, as Ben Smith mentioned, we haven’t seen the Psychic Powers for the army yet. There might be some juicy ones amongst them that makes the big bugs very scary.

          If nothing else, let’s see how many Bolter shots the enemy will lay on your Carnifexes when a unit of Genestealers appears right next to them on turn 1 and charges in using the Swarmlord’s Hive Commander Ability.

    • Parthis

      I hate to be that guy, but first it was written by Reece, secondly it told us a ton; morale ignoring, hard-hitting horde army with interesting deployment options (tunnels).

  • Farseerer

    I know all the forces are meant to be balanced against each other this edition, but if Nids were the slightly more powerful faction around in 8th, I’d be ok with it.

    Might have to start me an army of gribblies.

  • Maitre Lord Ironfist

    Well, i struck me more that there are still the Metal SoB

  • Minyiki

    Aren’t those exactly the same stats on the warriors as they are now, plus with the new d6 damage weapons they are slightly more survivable but a lascanon (and probably still a Krak missile) will still one shot them most of the time, even a Krak grenade can now

    • Heinz Fiction

      They will one shot them only about 2/3 of the time compared to everytime. Thats a noticable improvement…

      • Minyiki

        Oh I agree it is certainly an improvement but I wouldn’t call it incredible given that nothing has changed

        • Xodis

          I would. Having a discussion about needing some of the most effective AT weapons to be able to take out a single Warrior in 1 shot means a lot IMO. Especially since its not even guaranteed.

          • Minyiki

            Sorry I don’t think I have been clear, I am by no means saying they aren’t tough, more that the statement that the stats make them so much more durable should be taken with a pinch of salt as the stats themselves haven’t changed (although things like combining with and venomthrope and the fact they now get saves against heavy bolters will help a lot)

          • Jens Hahn

            The thing was/maybe is, that your AT weapons against tyranids are free to use . You have nothing of note to shoot at .. so why don’t blow Warriors to pieces. Cause you don’t waste shots.

            You aren’t forced to shoot at a shiny 72″ inch super-gun tank thingy, because it does not exist. You have at least 2 to 3 rounds of firing before you realy should remove a greater threat, which you can do in one round. Asuming you have a mix of rockets, Lasers and or Grav/Plasma.

          • Xodis

            You don’t think that giant 12″ tall ‘nid might be a better choice for that AT weapon? What about all of the giant flying monstrosities? I can think of at least 6 models that would warrant attention from AT weapons long before I ever considered shooting a Warrior….and congrats, as was said now you only have 2/3 of a chance to take him out even with a Lascannon.

          • bobrunnicles

            Plus you can’t target those warriors if they have some little friends along in front of them to soak wounds. Watch as that lascannon blows away a hapless Termagant instead.

    • Maitre Lord Ironfist

      to be fair, a Lascanon will onehit a lot of stuff

    • Karru

      They are more survivable. No longer can someone just pop a Battle Cannon or other Strength 8 shot at them and just say “would you kindly just remove them so we can save some time not rolling dice?”

      Now they can at least soak some fire.

  • Dan Wilson

    I would have thought Warriors would have 4 wounds…but we shall see…

  • Tushan

    “But to really crank the power up to 11 with Genestealers, take them in units of 10 or more to trigger their Flurry of Claws special rule, bumping them up to 4 Attacks each. Combo this with the Broodlord (who is also, utterly deadly in melee) to also give them a +1 to hit in the Fight phase. That means a full unit of 20 has 80 Attacks hitting on a 2+. With their Rending Claws – which bump up to AP -4 on a 6 to wound – very few units in the game can withstand a full strength Genestealer charge!”

    No problem, we now have the utterly leeethal new flamers that can kill a whopping..2 genestealers a turn. Tadaa!

    • TheFunnySide

      If a Flamer does D6 hit and is str4 then on average it kills 1,16 Genestealers. To be fair that is the counter to stealers.

      • SprinkKnoT

        In previous editions genestealers cost as much as marine, so losing any on average to a flamer it pretty good.

      • GrenAcid

        I rly think flamers and heavy flamers should be 2k6

        • Karru

          A simpler solution would have been to make them do D6 or D3 per 5 models or something. Would have made a lot more sense and it would have been more “realistic”.

          • Pascalnz

            actually flame weapons in current armies can change the spread of the fire, a long line or the classic template look. so being able to adjust spray to make the best use is realistic enough.[imagine using a hose with different nozzles]

          • Muninwing

            2d3 isn’t a bad number… better average…

      • Spacefrisian

        Good thing that 1,16 is 2 than, cause models and such.

        • That’s not how math and statics about average works. It’s more like it will be 1 most of the time and 2 or 0 20% of the time.

      • Tushan

        So your counter to melee hordes is now a flamer that kills one of them from suicide range and then the entire flamer toting squad gets slaughtered in asssault the turn after.


        • Munn

          Play it first, then whine.

          • Tushan

            Ah, I need to play something in order to experience obvious math. K.

    • Viper666

      Flamers and Blasts won’t be reliable vs Hordes anymore because of the randomness (but they’ll be awesome vs low-count/single targets), but BS3+ TL will….

      • Tushan

        So razorback spam, now no longer free 😛

  • Xodis

    So from the sound of it, ‘nids really are back and scary as ever…hmmm guess the sky isn’t falling.

  • TheFunnySide

    I would have loved to hear more about my favourit model the Tyrannid Warrior. Getting one shooted was not their only problem last edition. They were in this niche where everything but Grav was good against them. And based on what we have seen they still are in this horrible spot.

    • Heinz Fiction

      Yeah, I’m not yet convinced they will be in a good spot from what we know so far. But it all comes down to point efficiency at the end.

    • Munn

      Don’t compare them how they work in 7th. It’s like trying to compare them in 7th to a warmachine or AoS model, apples to oranges.

  • shady

    My tervigons are spawning in excitement 😵 this is good news though, im ready for some close combat carnage💀💀

  • Nyyppä

    Ok, so, it’s designed so that you are going to have to play SL. Other than that it has potential.

  • neshta

    I hope warriors stay as troops

  • J Mad

    Warriors for the past 2 rules been 3W 4T ….. unless shooting is toned down and they get a 9″ movement How are they better?

    The Swarmlord and H-gants look much better, genestealers will be slightly better now too, if they can DS/Outflank of any kin they will be back on the table for sure.

    • Munn

      The can’t be instant deathed and very few things ignore their armor. Like I tols the others, comparing these stats to 7th version doesn’t tell ypu anything because of how different the game is.

      • J Mad

        Im not comparing them from 7th to 8th.

        With Flamers, Current Blast weapons, many Heavy weapons all having D3-D6 wounds and rend, plus the fact that everything can split-fire now. Bolters on gants, D6 Rending weapons on Warriors.

        Synapse will be HUGE to get rid of, sense it ignore Moral tests and Nids will be in melee in 8th. Players will for sure kill Synapse 1st.

        Im just saying from a Shooting standpoint Warriors still seem to be bad from the info we are given.

        • Jens Hahn

          As i stated somewhere earlier. It all comes down to .. how much of a threat are those other units. The biggest Problem of Warriors were that the enemy hadn’t anything else todo but to blast them away. Because they were better targets .. expensive, easy to kill, synapse (aka shoot me buff).

          The biggest buff for Warriors are the new charging rules. Because now you can’t ignore 2/3 of the nid army with your AT weapons for 2 or more turns.

          The thing that your devastators can’t reliably take out 100 – 130 points a round in warriors

          because of the new buff and that they should realy shoot something else is a good combination for them.

          My fear is that Autocannons maybe the new rocketlauncher to warriors. Because the meta change. But we will see.

          • J Mad

            I’m thinking Flamers/HF, SM-Salamanders might be the SW of 7th ed. Land Raiders with 4 Shots of HF’s, TL- Assault Cannon and MM.

            It seems like that is going to be extremely strong.

  • Jabberwokk

    Well color me interested. I still have it in the back of my mind where “ok if we get this good thing that means everyone else gets more good things so we get stomped”. I think I might have beaten Gaunt syndrome.

    Also glad they got a Nid player like Reecius to do this. He was being very kind in saying “On the tabletop, Tyranids have had their
    ups and downs. Their most recent iteration has struggled to keep pace
    with some of the more powerful armies, and for many Tyranids players,
    the Winged Hive Tyrant with dual devourers has been the unit carrying all the weight of the faction on his back (its wings must be pretty tired!).”

    Also hey look it’s M$th3r F$^%ing Reecius. How about that eh? Suck it haters.

    This combined with Trygon’s and maybe my Ravener/Warrior Army has new life in it.

  • Marco Marantz

    Melee and certain units are looking nastier but I have to say having examined shooting more closely particularly with multiple damage weapons, shooting is still very strong. Glad tyranids are being made viable.

  • mrbleak

    You know what Tyranids have needed since 4th Codex was killed? Correct points costs, not stats. A Carnifex for 160 points with nothing but a 3+ and 4 w was Hatefull and mean. Not everything is about stats, Tyranids used to be good when they had options and when point costs where fair.
    Really glad about Genestealers though, looking forward to reviving my Broodlord.
    Deathleaper love anyone? xD

    • Jabberwokk

      I sure hope so

  • Evil Otto

    Hey, I might have to break out my ‘nids again. The poor dears have been sitting in their cases, patiently, waiting for the time when the rules didn’t screw them over.

  • MechBattler

    SWARMY!!! You’re finally the bad@ss murdering machine you always deserved to be!

  • Gian Carlo Peirce

    swarmlord plus a gargantuan level type monstrous creatures for the lols

  • Visgluigers

    Im really starting to feel that Imperial guard will be in serious trouble. Potential 31′ turn 1 charges, assaulting transports and what would seem like pretty major nerfs to battle cannons etc. Im am bit worried.

  • Rob brown

    I wonder what will happen with venomthropes. They aren’t currently characters but will the same rules apply.. as in ‘can only be shot if they’re the nearest creature’? Applying a minus to hit across the board could be very useful!