40K: War Zone Cadia – Not Done Yet!

Cadia might have fallen, but the neighboring worlds haven’t -GW has more details about War Zone: Cadia!

Did you think Games Workshop was done with the Cadia system? Think again! Just because Cadia fell doesn’t mean the war is over – on the contrary, it’s just getting started! GW is back with more info on what is sure to be a hotbed of conflict for the new edition.

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Abaddon was successful though, and following the fall of Cadia (and possibly, because of it) a great warp rift rent the galaxy in half, allowing the forces of Chaos to launch their attacks across the entire length of the Imperium.

As they dispersed, though, their strength around the Cadian Sector – as well as in and around the Eye of Terror itself – thinned. Many warbands of Traitor Legionaries and renegades, some in direct disregard of the Despoiler’s orders, used the opportunity to bypass the defenders of the Gate entirely and launch their attacks on more vulnerable worlds elsewhere in the galaxy.

This has left huge numbers of Imperial defenders deployed around Cadia awaiting a coordinated Chaos second wave that may never come. There are whispers in Imperial Sector Command of the possibility of retaliatory strikes, of claiming back some territory lost in the recent war, and even of reclaiming the ruins of Cadia herself.

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There are legions of troops waiting to take the fight back to the enemy. Space Marines, Knight Houses, and the over 200 regiments of the Astra Militarum’s Cadian Shock Troops ready to enact some vengeance upon their foes. Could Games Workshop be setting the stage for a new summer campaign? It sure looks like a possibility to me. We have 3 zones of conflict, just like the AoS summer campaign did. We have lots of different planets to fight over as well…

From the sounds of things, the fight is just getting started.


Are you ready for the next chapter in the 40k saga? Which side are you going to fight for in the 40k Summer Campaign?

  • DeCold

    I wonder if GW realise that they killed all suspence for summer campaign? Because once again anything significant that happened in previous campaign was undone with this talking about Cadia.

    • Haighus

      In what way? There is now an extension of the Eye of Terror that runs across the Galaxy. This is a very big thing for Chaos, because formerly very large forces had to exit through the Cadian gate, into a natural, well fortified bottleneck. Now massive forces can easily escape along the length of the Galaxy, making them much more threatening and mobile. This is a massive change, regardless of whether the smouldering ball of rock that was once Cadia is retaken. Cadia is no longer so important.

    • Ulrik

      Whole galaxy is cut apart from Eye. Cadia was overrun, its purpose (guarding galaxy) failed. Many fortress worlds fallen or under siege. Worse, Creed is MIA, Abaddon marching forward…
      From description, Cadia as system is set up for some desperate fighting, many Amrageddon-like settings and, Cadia itself, with its pylons and of course recruitment, still destroyed.

  • Brian

    I was kinda hoping we’d be moving away from Cadia-centric IG, er, I mean, AM models.

    • Haighus

      Me too, although I can understand why they wouldn’t want to drop them when so many people have invested in the models.

      The way I see it, they could probably quite easily start a new model line for IG in conjunction with Cadians though- the molds for them must’ve been paid off years ago in profits now, so any new models wouldn’t really be cannibalising on them much. Any Cadians sold now are turning a full profit anyway.

    • Spacefrisian

      Well they did make new rules for Sly Marbo, so Catachan might get some GW love.

    • luke-vdv

      The Cadian style armour was adopted by lots of other worlds according to the lore, so just because Cadia is destroyed doesn’t mean Cadian style uniforms will be.

  • Kevin Maloney

    Wait, how can the Imperium “reclaim” Cadia? I thought it blew up.

    • Donald Wendt

      According to the map conveniently posted above it was St Joseman’s Hope that was blowsed up.

    • Haighus

      I think it has been destroyed as a life-supporting planet, but still exists as a devastated ball of rock.

  • EwanPorteous

    Just found this on the GW Website;


    Is it an accidental release of an 8th edition vehicle dataslate?

    • Charon

      No. Rules for the Skycloud attack game that never got popular.

    • KarnageKing

      Stormcloud game

    • Nyyppä